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Tricky Picture Puzzle

Tricky Picture Puzzle - 16 March

In the picture given with this question you will find a square piece of a paper with a hole that is denoted by the circle on the top right side.You have to cut the paper in a manner that it forms two and only two separate pieces of paper and then rearrange the pieces in a manner that the holes comes in the center of the paper.

Can you do it?

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  1. Cut it from left & bottom side.Then join the bottom side with up side & the left side with the right one.

  2. There is only one hole. You can't make two from one.

  3. Cut a hole in the middle identical to that on the original one and then use an adhesive material to place the circular piece of paper in the place of the old hole :p

  4. You must cut a "┌" shaped piece starting from the top right part of the paper, flipping and turning this piece will place the "hole" in the middle of the paper