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Wise Man Story Riddle

Wise Man Story Riddle - 1 March

An old man had three sons. He was dying and wanted to leave all his property with his wisest son. So he call all three of them and gives them equal amount of money and asks them to buy something from that money that can fill their living room entirely.

The first son bought straw but due to shortage of money, he was not able to fill the entire room. The second son bought sticks, but again they were not enough to fill the room. But the third son bought two things that filled the room completely.

Can you find out what did he buy?

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  1. I think one of them can be a light source such as a lantern (if they were living before the discovery of electricity) or a light bulb. Probably smoke as well, an ignition tool being one of the objects and fuel (wood etc...). This can also fill the room with light.

  2. the third son would have bought candle and match sticks, so by lightening them he filled the room with light.... this indicates his wisdom

  3. The third son bought a candle...

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