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Elementary Riddle

Elementary Riddle - 25 April

You enter your friend's room. He is not in his room. Although you see that on the bed are two dogs, five cats, two giraffes and three pigs. Also, a couple of chickens and ducks are flying in the room.

Calculate the number of legs standing on the floor.

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  1. 2 which are mine ... if the riddle is taking it too far then 6 ... which are mine and that of the bed assuming there is no other furniture to be considered in this situation

  2. If we are considering an ideal case and we have to calculate the maximum score, we will assume that the batsman hits six on every ball. But then, at the end of every over, the strike will change. But we have to make sure, he gets to play maximum number of balls to score maximum runs. Thus, the batsman will hit six in first five balls and will choose to take 3 runs in the last ball so that he retains the strike in the following over.

    Total runs per over in that case = 6 * 5 + 3 = 33.

    But in the last over (50th over), he don’t have to worry about keeping the strike and thus, he will hit six even on the last ball. Therefore, the maximum runs that a batsman can score:

    33 * 49 + 6 * 6 = 1617 + 36 = 1653

  3. 2 legs (only your legs) as other animals are either on the bed or are flying...

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  5. 2 + number of legs of the bad = 6 or 8 or........................... who will consider the other things it is not mentiond that legs have to be of living beings

  6. But I entered the room in a wheelchair?