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Mathematical Logical Puzzle

Mathematical Logical Puzzle - 17 April

Consider the situation that there is a pond where some flowers have grown up and some bees are hovering over the flowers. Now read the following statements carefully:
1. If each of the bees lands on a flower, then one bee does not get a flower.
2. If two bees share each flower, then there is one flower left.

Now, can you calculate the number of flowers in the pong and the number of bees hovering over them ?

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  1. 4 bees hovering over 3 flowers

  2. no sorry its 3 bees hovering over 4 flowers

  3. 4 bee and 3 flowers
    this is basically a system of equation problem, set up two equations, solve it

  4. yes absolutely 4 bees and 3 flowers

  5. Easy equations, let's say B=#bees, F=#flowers
    1. corresponds to B-F=1
    2. corresponds to F-B/2=1

    Solve this an you get F=3 and B=4