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world's trickiest riddle

worlds trickiest riddle - 18 April

The doctor prescribed you to take one pill from the bottle every half an hour. The bottle is now left with only three pills.

How long do you think you have before you run out of pills ?

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  1. You have one hour before you run out of pills. However, I have a feeling there is more into it.

  2. 1.30 since it say does't tell us how many pill did doctor give

  3. Between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on when you took your last pill.

  4. It depends on when you took your last pill, and what the definition of "you run out of pills" is:
    a) glass empty
    b) you need to take another one but don't have any left
    c) your body runs out of pills and you need to take another one

    If you just took your pill, and we go with definition b) it will be 2 hours.

    If you go with c), it at most 30 minutes, depending on when you took the last one

    I would therefore claim that the riddle needs some more clarifications ...

    1. If patient follows medical prescription...take pills every 1/2 hr...he has 1 hr 29 sec

  5. it depends on whether you have already taken the pills or not .

    a) if you have taken a pill , and 3 pills left
    - you will have to wait for 30 minutes to take another pill
    -thus you will need 1 hour 59 minutes and 59 seconds for the pills to wear off

    b) if you haven't taken any pill and 3 pills left
    - you will have to take 1 pill , wait for 30 minutes and take another pill
    - thus you will have 1 hour 29 minutes and 59 seconds

  6. any fraction of seconds or we can say depends at when i answered the question... coz i will b out if pills when i would take the last pill,, let me assume that i m giving this answer 1 sec. before having my last pill . so at that time i have 1 sec before i can run out off pills..