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Critical Thinking Riddle

Critical Thinking Riddle - 16 May

Bill bought a new car. He has a habit of eating ice cream from a particular ice cream shop while returning home from office. Whenever, he eats strawberry ice cream, he faces no problem. But whenever, he eats chocolate ice cream, the car starts giving problem. At first, he thinks, it is just a co-incidence but when this awkward incident happens for 3-4 times, he reports this problem to the company.

The mechanic of the company checks but finds no problem at all. The next day, when he stops by to eat chocolate ice cream, the car again starts giving problem.

Can you find the possible reason ?

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  1. This may be surreal but I really thought hard and I was not able to find a logical reason except this: when you eat chocolate ice cream you get something like a funny moustache on your face. Probably the car has a face recognition software; when he has this funny moustache on his face the software does not recognize him. Strawberry ice cream is light coloured so it will not have an effect. I want to know the solution so bad :p

    1. I do not think it is a car's problem. Chocolate ice cream probably causes a disorder in his mind that makes him think the car has a problem.

  2. If engine getting cold is the reason then he should observe this atleast twice everyday, once while leaving for work in the morning and second in the evening while leaving office.

  3. Maybe, if eating chocolate, the engine will become choke...