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Fun Quick Riddle

Fun Quick Riddle - 17 May

Ok before we begin with the puzzle, do keep in mind that you have to answer it quickly.

You are participating in a car race. Seeking the perfect moment, you overtake the second person in the race. What positions are you in now?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. Second.
    I love riddles....but this you just HAVE to see...

  2. If I overtake the second I will be in the second position, the first will remain in the first position

  3. second.....answered in quite a second

  4. i bet u guys looked then answered lol, whatever.But i also got second,my friend thought it was 1st because she thought if u were to overtake some 1 in a race that was in 2nd u were go into 1st.Then i explained to her why it wasn't 1st,Then she got y its 2nd