#1 - Matchstick Tricks Puzzle

Can you place six matchsticks in a manner that each of the matchstick is in touch will the other five matchsticks ?

Matchstick Tricks Puzzle

The given solution in the figure is not the only one. Can you find another way?

#2 - Visual Thinking Puzzle

Ten coins have been arranged as you can see in the given picture. In this arrangement, a triangle is formed pointing upwards. You have to invert the position of the triangle and make it point downwards while just changing the position of 3 coins only.Can you do it?

Visual Thinking Puzzle

See the picture given. It is self-explanatory. Just move the coins as shown and you will get the desired result.

#3 - Good Critical Thinking Question

There are a certain number of blue balls and a certain number of red balls in an urn. You pick up two balls from the urn randomly. If you find that they are opposite in colors, you throw them and put a red ball in the urn. If they are of same colors, you throw them and put a blue ball in the urn.

Thus you are reducing the number of balls in the urn one at a time no matter what the case is. After going through it again and again. Only one ball will be remaining in the end. If you are told the respective number of blue and red balls at the outset, will you be able to predict the color of the final ball ?

Good Critical Thinking Question

Whenever you are drawing the balls, the number of red balls can decrease by either 2 or not decrease at all. However, in the case of blue balls, at each drawing, they can either go down by 1 or increase by 1.

Therefore, if the outset is assumed to begin with at least one ball in the urn to begin with and the number of red balls are 0 or even in number, all the red balls will finish and a blue ball will remain at the end. In the other case, one red ball will remain.

#4 - Easy Matchstick Puzzle

In the given figure, you can see that four match sticks are used to form a square. Can you form five squares by using six matches?

Easy Matchstick Puzzle

Simple answer :=)

#5 - Brainy Game Question

You are playing a game with your friend Jack. There are digits from 1 to 9. You both will take turn erasing one digit and adding it to your score. The first one to score 15 points will win the game.

Would you want to play first or second?
PS: The sum should be exactly 15.

Brainy Game Question

Suppose you are player 1 and your friend is player 2.
You pick up 9, then your friend will choose 8.
Now you won’t be able to pick up 7 as then your sum will be more than 15 which will make you lose. But then your friend will pick 8 and will win.

Thus you will start by picking 1. If your friend picks up 2, then you will pick 3 and your friend will pick 4. Now this will force you to pick 9. The score now becomes 6 to 13 and you have no chance of winning. Thus you pick up 9 after your friend picks up 2. Then the player 2 will pick 8. The score will now be 10 to 10. Thus you pick the number 3 as picking 7 will throw him over 15. Your friend will pick 4. Now you will have no move, thus your friend will win. So it will be wise to play second.

#6 - Relationship Puzzle

Nicholas is my uncle's sister's granddaughter's son. What is the closest possible relationship I can have to Nicholas?

Relationship Puzzle

He's your grandson.

This is because:
Uncle's sister would either be your mother or your aunt. But since you have asked for the closet relation, it would be your mother.
Your mother's granddaughter would be either your daughter or your niece. But daughter is the closest.
Further, your daughter's son is without a fail your grandson.

#7 - Lolz Riddle

He shaves every day but still he has a long beard. How?

Lolz Riddle

He is a barber.

#8 - Fun With Matchsticks Riddle

As we can see there are seven square in the picture below.

Can you move four match sticks to form 9 squares ?

Fun With Matchsticks Riddle

The Matchsticks Riddle can be solved as shown below.

#9 - Trick Mind Teaser

What is made up of 4 letters, still made up of 5, occasionally written with 12 letters and rarely with 6, but is written with 3 letters at none of the occasion

Trick Mind Teaser

The statement is true.

What as 4 letters.
Still has 5 letters.
Occasionally has 12 letters.
Rarely has 6 letters.
But has 3 letters.

#10 - Triangle Number Puzzle

Can you find a relation between the given figures and find the missing number?

Triangle Number Puzzle


The center number is the product of the largest cornering numbers minus the square of the smallest one.

Thus the number is:
45 – 16 = 29