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Relationship Puzzle

Relationship Puzzle - 30 June

Nicholas is my uncle's sister's granddaughter's son. What is the closest possible relationship I can have to Nicholas?

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Lolz Riddle

Lolz Riddle - 29 June

He shaves every day but still he has a long beard. How?

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Fun With Matchsticks Riddle

Fun With Matchsticks Riddle - 28 June

As we can see there are seven square in the picture below.

Can you move four match sticks to form 9 squares ?

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Trick Mind Teaser

Trick Mind Teaser - 27 June

What is made up of 4 letters, still made up of 5, occasionally written with 12 letters and rarely with 6, but is written with 3 letters at none of the occasion.
Trick Mind Teaser
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Triangle Number Puzzle

Triangle Number Puzzle - 26 June

Can you find a relation between the given figures and find the missing number?

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Solve My Math Problem

Solve My Math Problem - 25 June

A costume party is going on in a class of a few students. The average of the boys (b) is g and the average age of the girls (g) is b. If the average age of all of them including their class teacher who is 42 years old is b+g.

Can you find the value of b+g?
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Conditional Probability Question

Conditional Probability Question - 24 June

You are playing a probability game with your friend using a fair coin. Both of you decide a particular sequence that you have to achieve.

Let us suppose you chose the sequence to be: H T H
Your friend chose the sequence to be: H T T

Now you keep tossing coin until you get the sequence and the same is done by your friend. You keep doing that till you achieve your predefined sequence and keep writing the result on paper. At the end of the game the player whose average number of tosses will be lowest, he will win.

The results of game 1 toss:
You: H T T H T H
Your score: 6
Your friend: H T H H H T H H T T
Your friends' score: 10

The results of game 2 toss:
You: T T H T T H H T H
Your score: 9
Your friend: T T H H T H T T
Your friends' score: 8

The results of game 3 toss:
You: T T H H T H
Your score: 6
Your friend: H H T H T T
Your friends' score: 6

Now after 3 games, your average score is 7 and your friend's average score is 8. Now assume that you keep playing the game and play many a times. What will be the possible outcome out of the following?

a) You win
b) Your friend win
c) Tie

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How Many Triangles Can You See

How Many Triangles Can You See - 23 June

How many triangles can you find in this given picture?

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Short Geography Riddle

Short Geography Riddle - 22 June

Do you know of a place where the wind blows south and then suddenly shifts direction towards the north ?

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Shortest Funniest Country Riddle

Shortest Funniest Country Riddle - 21 June

What country can make you shiver ?

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Matchstick Tricks Puzzle

Matchstick Tricks Puzzle - 20 June

Can you place six matchsticks in a manner that each of the matchstick is in touch will the other five matchsticks ?

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Thinking Fast Question

Thinking Fast Question - 19 June

Ten frogs are sitting on a log floating on the surface of a river. Two of them decides to jump off in the water.

How many frogs are there on the log at this moment ?

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Visual Thinking Puzzle

Visual Thinking Puzzle - 18 June

Ten coins have been arranged as you can see in the given picture. In this arrangement, a triangle is formed pointing upwards. You have to invert the position of the triangle and make it point downwards while just changing the position of 3 coins only.

Can you do it?

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Good Critical Thinking Question

Good Critical Thinking Question - 17 June

There are a certain number of blue balls and a certain number of red balls in an urn. You pick up two balls from the urn randomly. If you find that they are opposite in colors, you throw them and put a red ball in the urn. If they are of same colors, you throw them and put a blue ball in the urn.

Thus you are reducing the number of balls in the urn one at a time no matter what the case is. After going through it again and again. Only one ball will be remaining in the end. If you are told the respective number of blue and red balls at the outset, will you be able to predict the color of the final ball ?
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Hard Riddle What Am I

Hard Riddle What Am I - 16 June

These type of puzzles are known as charade. What you have to do is find two words that are referred to in the first stanza and the second stanza and put them together to form the third word in the third stanza.

Just for an example, if my first refers to 'off' and my second refers to 'ice', then my whole will be office.

My first is present - future's past -
A time in which your lot is cast.

My second is my first of space
Defining people's present place.

My whole describes a lack of site -
A place without length, breadth, or height.

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Hidden Meaning Picture puzzle

Hidden Meaning Picture puzzle - 15 June

Identify the hidden meaning in rebus puzzle below ?

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Tic Tac Toe Riddle

Tic Tac Toe Riddle - 14 June

This is basically a game of Tic-Tac-Toe which you all might have played innumerable times. Here, we are playing with the black and white markers instead. Also, there is a bit change to the rules. The changed rules allows you to play just three times. After the three markers are put by each of the players, you can only slide your marker into an empty square that shares a common wall with the square that the marker is leaving.

You can refer to the figure given. If this is the position of the game, the white's next move would be from 6 to 3. Now, whatever the black does, the white one will move his marker from 5 to 2 and he will have a three in a row.

What you have to decide is if both of the players are using a perfect strategy, will the white player (who plays first) always win? Or it will be the black one who will win always? Or every game will be a draw?

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Riddle About Countries

Riddle About Countries - 13 June

If Japan and Panama decided to merge into a single country, probably people will name it Japanama.

Can you think of two more such countries unions that could produce similar names like Japanama by overlapping their three letters?
Riddle About Countries
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Easy Matchstick Puzzle

Easy Matchstick Puzzle - 12 June

In the given figure, you can see that four match sticks are used to form a square. Can you form five squares by using six matches?

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Easy Rebus

Easy Rebus - 11 June

My location can be determined by the below rebus.
So where am i ?

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Long Detective Question

Long Detective Question - 10 June

A murder has been committed in a house. You are a detective and have to find out the murderer.

You investigate by asking three questions to each of the six suspects. Out of those six suspects, four are liars. It is not necessary that they speak everything a lie. But in their answers, there must be at least one lie. One of the six is the murderer.

There are eight rooms in the house in which the murder has been committed: Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Garage, Basement, 3 Bedrooms.

At the time of the murder, only the murderer was present in the killing room. Any number of people can be present in any of the other rooms at the same time.

Can you identify the murderer and the four liars? Also can you find out who was in which room?

The responses of all the suspects are mentioned below.

Peter was in the 2nd bedroom.
So was I.
David was in the bathroom.

I agree with Joseph that David was in the bathroom and Peter was in the 2nd bedroom.
But I think that Joseph was in the living room, OH MY GOD!

Mandy was in the kitchen with Christopher.
But I was in the bathroom.

I still say Peter was in the 2nd bedroom and Jennifer was in the bathroom.
Joseph was in the 1st bedroom.

Peter was in the bathroom with Christopher.
And Mandy was in the kitchen.

David was in the kitchen.
And I was in the 2nd bedroom with Peter.

PS: The corpse was found in the Living Room.

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Brainy Game Question

Brainy Game Question - 9 June

You are playing a game with your friend Jack. There are digits from 1 to 9. You both will take turn erasing one digit and adding it to your score. The first one to score 15 points will win the game.

Would you want to play first or second?
PS: The sum should be exactly 15.

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Maths With Fun Puzzle

Maths With Fun Puzzle - 8 June

See the given picture. Can you find out the combined weight of Cat, Dog and Rabbit?

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Spoke Count Math Teaser

Spoke Count Math Teaser - 7 June

In a bicycle wheel if there would have been 10 more spokes, the angle between them would have shortened by six degrees. Can you find out the number of spokes in that wheel ?

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Solve Algebraic Equation

Solve Algebraic Equation - 6 June


If O, T and E are not zero, and all the letters have a distinct value, can you solve for the letters?

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Grid English Word Riddle

Grid English Word Riddle - 5 June

Complete the given grid with valid words. You can only use the letters AAEEIIMMPPTT.

Hint: The grid reads the same across as down.

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Count The Squares Riddle

Count The Squares Riddle - 4 June

Find the number of squares in the given picture.

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Flipkart Interview Puzzle

Flipkart Interview Puzzle - 3 June

You and your two friends are working in a multinational company. How can you three find out the average salary of you all without disclosing your own salary to the other two ?
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Classic Riddle

Classic Riddle - 2 June

Three people check into a hotel. They pay $60 as the rent of the room. After they check-in, the manager realize that the rent for the room is $55. So, he gives $5 to the bellboy and asks him to give it to them. The bellboy thinks that it will be difficult for the three people to share $5 among them and seeking the personal benefit, he pockets $2 and gives the remaining $3 to them.

Now, each person paid $20 and got back $1. In this manner, each of them paid just $19 which totals to the amount of $57. The bellboy has $2 with him and adding them, we get $59. So where is the remaining $1?
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Easy Rebus Image Puzzle

Easy Rebus Image Puzzle - 1 June

What does this below rebus puzzle means ?

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