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Classic Riddle

Classic Riddle - 2 June

Three people check into a hotel. They pay $60 as the rent of the room. After they check-in, the manager realize that the rent for the room is $55. So, he gives $5 to the bellboy and asks him to give it to them. The bellboy thinks that it will be difficult for the three people to share $5 among them and seeking the personal benefit, he pockets $2 and gives the remaining $3 to them.

Now, each person paid $20 and got back $1. In this manner, each of them paid just $19 which totals to the amount of $57. The bellboy has $2 with him and adding them, we get $59. So where is the remaining $1?
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  1. love this one ... the $2 the bellboy has is in effect paid by the guests' $19 .... i.e. $19*3 = $57 = $55 + $2 .... the other $3 the guests have in their pocket $1 each EASY

  2. Actually we have to calculate like out of 60 ,55 is with manager. Bell boy is having 2,then guest got back their 3. Total 60. This is the biggest flaws in mathematics. it happens in reverse calculation all the time,so u have to change the way to calculate