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Visual Thinking Puzzle

Visual Thinking Puzzle - 18 June

Ten coins have been arranged as you can see in the given picture. In this arrangement, a triangle is formed pointing upwards. You have to invert the position of the triangle and make it point downwards while just changing the position of 3 coins only.

Can you do it?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. Move bottom left and bottom right to either side of the 2nd row. Now move the coin at the top to below the two coins remaining on the bottom row. Simple.

  2. Can do it by changing only 1 coin
    Shift the middle coin outside (to the left or right, not down) so that it rests on the other side of the coins its now touching. This will make an arrow like sign pointing (diagonally) downwards to left or right side.

  3. three corner coins are move to external raw middle outside