#1 - Deductive Logic Puzzle

In a university, a professor gave a set of three problems to the three brilliant most students of his class. See the image for the questions.

Deductive Logic Puzzle

We know that everybody has got two questions right and one wrong.

Now if the first student got the first question wrong, then the second one must have that question as wrong two since both answers are the same.

Now if that is true, then we are having two different correct answers for the second and third question.

Thus, the first and second student must be correct with the first question.

Keep on applying the same logic and you will reach to the conclusion that the correct answers are:
Two for the first question
Three for the second question and
Two for the third question.

#2 - Simple But Tricky Question

A pet show was happening in my locality. I went down along with my kids. In that show, I noticed that all except two of the entries were cats. All except two were dogs and all except two were fishes.

Can you find out how many of each animals were present in that pet show?

Simple But Tricky Question

one dog, one cat and one fish

Just muse at the statements with more concentration. All except two were dogs and all except two were cats. Thus we can fairly assume that two animals were not dogs and two were not cats. Now one of that animal that is not dog can be a cat. Similarly one of that animal that is not a cat can be a dog. If we combine this result with the fact that all except two of the pets were fish, we can come up with the result that in that pet show that day, there was one dog, one cat and one fish.

#3 - Solve The Picture Riddle

Can you arrange the six given marbles in a manner that each one of them is touching all four marbles of different colors?

Solve The Picture Riddle

To make it happen, you must arrange the marbles as the vertices of an octahedron. See the image for reference.

#4 - Interesting Puzzle To Solve

In an office's desk, you find a unique method that shows the current day of the month. Two numbered cubes are used to depict the current date.

Can you find out the numbers on both the cubes so that each date can be mentioned using them?

Please note that you have to use both the cubes to display any date. Thus the 1st day must be represented by 01 and so on.

Interesting Puzzle To Solve

First cube has the following numbers:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Second cube has the following numbers:
0, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8

If you noticed, we have not used number 9 on any cube. This is because, you can always invert the number 6 to make it 9.

Please note that an alternate solution is also available for this problem. If you can find it, do post in the comments section.

#5 - Coin Puzzle

I inserted a coin in a bottle and closed its mouth with the help of a cork. Now, I was able to take the coin out from the bottle without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle. Can you tell me how I did it ?

It is possible if the cork was pushed inside the bottle and then, the coin was taken out normally.

#6 - Who Am I Trivia Question

The measurement of time
That cant be found on a clock
But can be looked upon on a map
Who am I ?

Who Am I Trivia Question

I am Mississippi.
(One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi etc.)

#7 - Witty Clever Riddle

A charming young lady was approached by a kind looking old woman in a restaurant. The old woman said to her, 'You look exactly like my younger daughter. Sadly she passed away a couple of months back. Could you do me a favor and say 'Goodbye, mother' with a kind smile on your face when I leave?

The young lady agreed for the same and said, 'Goodbye, mother' when the old woman left. Soon after, she got the most disengaging shock of her life.

Can you guess what the shock was?

Witty Clever Riddle

The young lady was then approached by the waiter and presented by the bill. The old woman has assured the waiter that her daughter will pay for her meal.

#8 - Brain Twister River Riddle

A bridge is about to collapse. There are four people P, Q, R and S on one of the side. Before the bridge collapses, they want to cross it. Now since the bridge is too weak, it can only stand the weight of two people at a time. Also, it is night time and nothing is visible. They have just one torch with them.

Now P takes one minute to cross the bridge, Q takes two minutes to cross, R takes five minutes to cross and S takes ten minutes to cross.

The bridge will collapse in seventeen minutes. How will they be able to cross the bridge before it collapses?

Brain Twister River Riddle

P and Q cross the bridge first taking two minutes.
P comes back with which makes the total time three minutes.
R and S cross this time making the total time thirteen minutes.
Q comes back with the torch making the total time fifteen minutes.
Now P and Q cross the bridge finally taking two more minutes and making the total time seventeen minutes.

Thus all were able to reach before the bridge collapsed.

#9 - Relation Puzzle

You come across a man sitting on the shore of a sea. That man is holding a picture in his hands and crying. Concerned, you decide to go and talk with him.

Reaching him, you ask him, 'Whose picture are you holding?'

To this he, looks at you and then turn back towards the picture muttering, 'Brothers and sisters I have none, his father I my father’s son.'

Can you find out the person in the picture?

Relation Puzzle

The person in the picture is that man's son.

#10 - Easy Logical Question

Three friends named Mr. Black, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Green enter a pub on a weekend night. They are wearing either a Black, Yellow or Green shirt.

Mr. Yellow says to them, 'Did you notice that we all are wearing different color shirts than our names?'

To this, the man who was wearing the Green shirt said. 'Wow, thats right.'

Can you identify who is wearing which color shirt ?

Easy Logical Question

The answer is right in front of you. Since all are wearing different color shirts from their names, we know that Mr. Yellow is either wearing a Black or a Green shirt. But through the two statements, we already know that Green shirt is worn by somebody other than Mr. Yellow. Through this we can deduce that Mr. Yellow is wearing a Black shirt.

Now Mr. Green is definitely not wearing a Green shirt and since Black shirt is already worn by Mr. Yellow, he must be wearing a Yellow shirt.

Now we have one person left and one color left. Thus, Mr. Black must be wearing a Green shirt.