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Athenahealth Interview Puzzle

Athenahealth Interview Puzzle - 17 July

You enter a logical virtual tournament. The first problem that is in front of you is as follows:
You have a three liters and a 5 liters measuring jars. There is a huge tank of water behind you comprising of about 100 liters of water. You have to use only these two jars and take out exactly 4 liters of water. How will you do it ?

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  1. Fill three liters pour it in five liters can refill three liters pour two liters in five liter can, empty five liter can and pour one liter in it from three liter can last fill three liter can and pour it in five liter can now you have four liters in five liter can.

    1. u ve 2 use only two jars...

  2. completely fill the 5 litre jar and pur water from it into the 3 litre jar.When the 3 liter jar is full, empty it and put water from 5 liter jar into it = 2litrs.Now refill the 5 litre jar and fill the 3litrs. jar which already has 2ltrs. in it.It gets filled upto 3 litrs. and the remaining amount of water in the 5ltr. jar is 4 ltrs.

  3. 3L 5L

    0 5
    3 2
    0 2
    2 0
    2 5
    3 4

  4. Fill 3 liter jar completely and pour it in 5 liter jar so that this makes 5 liter jar filled with 3 liters. Again repeat same procedure that will make 5 liter jar filled completely and leaving 1 liter water in 3 liter jar. Empty 5 liter jar and pour 1 liter from 3 liter jar. And finally filled 3 liter jar completely and pour it in 5 liter jar to make it filled with 4 liter jar .

  5. first we will take 3 lit water and pour them in 5 lit bucket...

    second time also u pour 3 litres of water in the 5 lit bucket that u r left with 1 lit in 3 lit bucket

    now...empty the 5 lit bucket and fil it with 1 lit water
    again take 3 lit and pour them into 5 lit bucke
    now we have 4lit in 5 lit jar

  6. The simplest
    pour water 12 times out of tank by both cans
    remaining will be 4 litres :)
    - devansh

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