#1 - Google Interview Puzzle

There are seven sister in a house in a village where there is no electricity or any gadget.

Sister-1: Reading Novel
Sister-2: Cooking
Sister-3: Playing Chess
Sister-4: Playing Sudoku
Sister-5: Washing clothes
Sister-6: Garderning

what is Sister-7 doing ?

Google Interview Puzzle

Playing chess offcourse, chess needs 2 player

#2 - Science Picture Riddle

When monkey rotate the gear, which mark will be hit 1 or 2 ?

Science Picture Riddle


As we know the gears in contact will always going to rotate in the opposite directions.

#3 - Tricking Question

A ship is sailing in the water. It has a rope ladder hanging over its side. The rungs are 355 mm apart. Suppose if the water is rising one meter every 12 hours, how many rungs will be underwater after one day ?

Tricking Question

It does not matter how much apart are the rungs as no matter at how much speed the water level rises, none of the rungs will go underwater. This is because with the water level rising, even the ship will be rising. Thus none of the rungs go underwater.

#4 - Easy Movie Rebus Riddle

Identify the movie name ?

Easy Movie Rebus Riddle

Pirates of Caribbean

#5 - Hard Logic Sequence Puzzle

Complete the following series:

1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, __?

Hard Logic Sequence Puzzle

100 will be the next number.

aJust check the spelling of every number. It does not contain the letter T. Thus the next number will be Hundred.

#6 - which alphabet replaces the question mar

If we tell you that there is a relation between the numbers and letters in the given figure, can you analyze it and find the missing letter in the last box ?

which alphabet replaces the question mar

The missing letter in the last box is Z.

Denote each alphabet to the corresponding number. For example, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on. Now you will find that the center digit is actually the product of the alphabets on both sides. In such case, the missing letter is Z.

=>G(7) * Z(26) = 182

#7 - Lateral Thinking Picture Puzzle

Assume the given figure to be a delicious doughnut. Yes, now you can concentrate more on the puzzle. So you have this delicious doughnut in your refrigerator when your friends come knocking at the door. There are eight of them. Now you have to make three cuts in this doughnut so that each one of you nine people can enjoy a piece of it. Neither you nor your friends would mind the size of their piece as long as they are getting it.How will you do it?

Lateral Thinking Picture Puzzle

This is one of the solution how you can do it. There is another way to do it. Run the horses of your mind and find out yourself.

#8 - Cut The Swiss Cross Puzzle

Here is a Swiss Cross. You have to make two straight cuts in the figure so that it is divided into four congruent pieces. Also you should be able to join these pieces into a square then.Can you accept this challenge?

Cut The Swiss Cross Puzzle

You surely would not have thought that this could be that simple. It is like you are just trashing this image after thinking so much. But yeah that's how you have to do it.

#9 - 10 Balls 5 Lines Riddle

You have 10 balls with you. A friend of yours out of nowhere asks you to place those ten balls in five lines such that each of the lines have exactly 4 balls on them. He needs to check your intelligence. Prove him by doing the task.

10 Balls 5 Lines Riddle

You must have drawn the five pointed star so many times in your childhood right? You have to do exactly that. Draw it and place the ten balls occupying the corners and the intersection points and you will have the result. We have also added a picture to help you with the task.

#10 - Matchstick Picture Puzzle

As you can see that fifteen matches have been used to form an arrangement. What you have to do is remove any six of them to make them ten.Can you do that?

Matchstick Picture Puzzle

Look at the image and see how we did it.