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Lateral Thinking Picture Puzzle

Lateral Thinking Picture Puzzle - 18 August

Assume the given figure to be a delicious doughnut. Yes, now you can concentrate more on the puzzle. So you have this delicious doughnut in your refrigerator when your friends come knocking at the door. There are eight of them.

Now you have to make three cuts in this doughnut so that each one of you nine people can enjoy a piece of it. Neither you nor your friends would mind the size of their piece as long as they are getting it.

How will you do it?

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  2. Cut it into three pieces and three people share of one piece.

  3. Solution: (Worst case scenario) Let's assume that the doughnut (like the one on the picture) is bidimensional and that each cut cannot travel accross the center hole. In that case, in order to have exactly 9 cuts, each cut should be tangential with the inner (and outer) circunference, two cuts cannot share the same tangential point, and they must all intersect with one another.

  4. Just cut likes an equilateral triangle, which its size has all its three lines cutting through the inner diameter, but all the intersecting points are still within the doughnut (between inner and outer diameter).

  5. Nobody said that the cut lines have to be stright... :) This gives u endless options ;)