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Science Picture Riddle

Science Picture Riddle - 8 August

When monkey rotate the gear, which mark will be hit 1 or 2 ?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. good puzzle, i think the answer is 2

  2. Nice problem!
    General rules for gears (cogwheels):
    1.Touching gears change "parity". That means if the first turns clochwise (let's call it C) the touching one turns anti-clockwise (A)
    2. Gears that are conected with a "normal"/straigth belt (like number 3 and number 4 on the image here) retain parity.
    3. Gears that are conected with a crossed belt (like no.6 and no.7) inverse parity.
    So ,we have for our case:
    So the last cog turns Anti-clockwise and the indicator is going towards 2.

  3. It' is 2.
    Because each wheel goes on to opposite direction to the direction of it's last wheel, unless it has a wire stuck to it.

  4. The gears are glued in place and can't be rotated. This puzzle was only set up to frustrate dumb monkeys. You are frustrated. Mission accomplished.

    -Anonymous Wizard

  5. 2. Just rule out both rubberband gearpairs and then count how many individual gears there is and if its odd then take out everything but one. If theres even then take out all but 2. There you have gears to check the movement.