#1 - Join Star Puzzle

In the figure, you can see nine stars. What you have to do is connect all of them by using just four line and without lifting your hand i.e. in a continuous flow. Can you find a method to achieve it?

Join Star Puzzle

To do this, you needed to think out of the box. If you see the answer figure, you will understand what we are talking about.

#2 - Smart Logic Question

One day, a class teacher was told that the school superintendent will be visiting her class on the next day. The superintendent can ask questions from anywhere and it can be easy as well as difficult. The teacher will have the liberty to choose any pupil for answering the question.

Now she is determined that the impression that is cast upon the superintendent after the inspection should be great. How will she instruct the students so that she maximizes the chances of receiving a correct answer for each question? Also, she must create the best impression. How will she do it?

Smart Logic Question

It is quite simple a task. The teacher asked all her students to raise their hands on every question. However, those students who knew the right answer were asked to raise their left hand and those who did not know were asked to raise their right hand. In this manner, she would know who knows the correct answer and will pick the students accordingly. Also, since everybody will raise their hands, the final impression will be great.

#3 - Popular Whatsapp Mystery Question

A girl was standing near the window thinking something. All of a sudden she decides something and throws something out of the window. She dies very soon after throwing it. She was perfectly healthy and had no disease or allergy. No one killed her and she did not commit suicide.

Can you think of any possible explanation that is logical as well for what happened there?

Popular Whatsapp Mystery Question

The girl decided to throw a boomerang out of her window. The boomerang went to the maximum distance it could and then returned back with high velocity. It struck her head and due to the internal injury, she died on the spot.

#4 - Hard Word Plexer

Which word does the below Plexer means ?

Hard Word Plexer


#5 - Two Identical Picture Puzzle

Out of the nine cats that you can see in the picture, there are only two that are completely identical. Can you find them out?

Two Identical Picture Puzzle

Cats 2 and 4 are identical match. In the picture you can find out how.

#6 - Measuring Water Aptitude Interview Quest

You have a 12 liters jug full of water. You have two empty 8 liters and 5 liters jug. Now can you divide the water into two equal parts using these jugs?

Measuring Water Aptitude Interview Quest

12l 8l 5l
12 0 0
4 8 0
0 8 4
8 0 4
8 4 0
3 4 5
3 8 1
11 0 1
11 1 0
6 1 5
6 6 0

#7 - Tricky Math Trivia Question

Can you find out which triangle will have a bigger area among the following?
1. A triangle with sides 300, 400 and 500
2. A triangle with sides 300, 400 and 700

Tricky Math Trivia Question


The first option will have a bigger area. This is because the second triangle is not possible.
According to the formula:
Side 1^2 + Side 2^2 = Side 3^2

#8 - Quick Fire Maths Question

In a science lab, a petri dish hosts a healthy colony of yeast for an experiment. Now every minute, all the yeast cells divide into two. At noon, there was just a single cell of yeast and at 1:22, the Petri dish was half full. Can you calculate when the dish will be full of yeast?

Quick Fire Maths Question

Since at every minute, the cells of yeast are multiplying into two and at 1:22, the dish was half full, it will become full the very next minute i.e. at 1:23.

#9 - Difficult Math Trivia Question

Can you find out the remainder when 3^300 is divided by 5?

Difficult Math Trivia Question


It is obvious that it is not feasible to calculate 3^300 as it will take too much of time. So we will use a trick to solve the question. We will calculate the remainder of each power till we find a pattern.

3^1 divided by 5 leaves the remainder 3.
3^2 divided by 5 leaves the remainder 4.
3^3 divided by 5 leaves the remainder 2.
3^4 divided by 5 leaves the remainder 1.
3^5 divided by 5 leaves the remainder 3.
3^6 divided by 5 leaves the remainder 4.

As you can see that the pattern is now repeating itself and it will go on like this till 3^300 and beyond. Since every fourth remainder is same as the first, we will look for the power of 4 only. 300 is divisible by 4. Therefore at the power of 300, the first remainder will repeat itself and the remainder will be 3.

#10 - Fold The Cube Puzzle

Can you find out if we fold this open cube, what will be the resulting figure?

Fold The Cube Puzzle

The resulting figure will be C.