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Easy Rebus Word Riddle

Easy Rebus Word Riddle - 30 September

See the rebus puzzle below and guess what it is trying to say.

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Smart Logic Question

Smart Logic Question - 29 September

One day, a class teacher was told that the school superintendent will be visiting her class on the next day. The superintendent can ask questions from anywhere and it can be easy as well as difficult. The teacher will have the liberty to choose any pupil for answering the question.

Now she is determined that the impression that is cast upon the superintendent after the inspection should be great. How will she instruct the students so that she maximizes the chances of receiving a correct answer for each question? Also, she must create the best impression. How will she do it?

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How Many Triangles In This Picture

How Many Triangles In This Picture - 28 September

Can you count number of triangles in this picture below ?

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How Many Triangles In This Picture

How Many Triangles In This Picture - 28 September

Can you count number of triangles in this picture below ?

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Cut Board Maths Picture Problem

Cut Board Maths Picture Problem - 27 September

As you can see in the picture, you have a hole with dimensions 9 ft. x 2 ft. Also available to you is a wooden board with dimensions 6 ft. x 3 ft.

Now you have to cover the hole with this board and you are allowed to cut the board into two pieces. Please see to it that the hole is completely covered and the boards should not be overlapping each other or extending beyond the edge.

How will you cut the board?

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Popular Whatsapp Mystery Question

Popular Whatsapp Mystery Question - 26 September

A girl was standing near the window thinking something. All of a sudden she decides something and throws something out of the window. She dies very soon after throwing it. She was perfectly healthy and had no disease or allergy. No one killed her and she did not commit suicide.

Can you think of any possible explanation that is logical as well for what happened there?

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Simple Plexer Puzzle

Simple Plexer Puzzle - 25 September

What does this simple plexer means ?

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Tennis 4 Balls Puzzle

Tennis 4 Balls Puzzle - 24 September

You are given four tennis balls and asked to arrange those balls in a manner that the distance between each one of them is exactly equal.

How will you do it?

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Hard Word Plexer

Hard Word Plexer - 23 September

Which word does the below Plexer means ?

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Two Identical Picture Puzzle

Two Identical Picture Puzzle - 22 September

Out of the nine cats that you can see in the picture, there are only two that are completely identical. Can you find them out?

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Solve The Murder Case Riddle

Solve The Murder Case Riddle - 21 September

A guy in his thirties is found dead in a forest. The shocking thing about the body is that he is wearing his swimming trunks snorkel and a facemask.

For your information, the nearest lake is some 10 miles away and the sea is hundreds of miles away.

How did he die then ?

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Mathematics Trivia Question

Mathematics Trivia Question - 20 September

Can you think of any three dimensional shape that comprises of exactly two surfaces ?
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Fun Mystery Riddle

Fun Mystery Riddle - 19 September

There is a tiny splatter of blood on my ceiling when I wake up. I am alive and there has been no murder in the room. Also, no one has tricked me.

What can be a logical explanation of the splatter?
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Very Easy Rebus Puzzle

Very Easy Rebus Puzzle - 18 September

Can you tell what this rebus puzzle is trying to depict?

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Join Star Puzzle

Join Star Puzzle - 17 September

In the figure, you can see nine stars. What you have to do is connect all of them by using just four line and without lifting your hand i.e. in a continuous flow. Can you find a method to achieve it?

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Measuring Water Aptitude Interview Question

Measuring Water Aptitude Interview Question - 16 September

You have a 12 liters jug full of water. You have two empty 8 liters and 5 liters jug. Now can you divide the water into two equal parts using these jugs?

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Smart Thinking Riddle

Smart Thinking Riddle - 15 September

A man is on his death bed. He has two sons. All these years, he has treated them equally and has not put any sort of discrimination between them. Now, he owns a land which he wants to divide equally between his sons before he takes his final breath. The only problem is that the land is not in any symmetrical shape and thus can’t simply be divided into two equal halves.

Can you figure out a method to divide the land without going through all the extensive measurements such that both sons are happy with their share of land ?
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Stupidest Riddle

Stupidest Riddle - 14 September

Julius and Caesar are found dead on the floor of a mansion. No mark or cut can be found in their bodies. Also, there are no signs of poisoning.

Near their bodies, you can find a broken bowl and traces of wetness. How did they die?

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Tricky Math Trivia Question

Tricky Math Trivia Question - 13 September

Can you find out which triangle will have a bigger area among the following ?

1. A triangle with sides 300, 400 and 500
2. A triangle with sides 300, 400 and 700

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How Many Triangles Are There Riddle

How Many Triangles Are There Riddle - 12 September

Count the number of triangles in the given picture.

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Matchstick Picture Logic Puzzle

Matchstick Picture Logic Puzzle - 11 September

If you look at the figure given, you will find a square formed with match sticks. This figure comprises of five squares. Can you move the matchsticks such that the resulting figure consists of ten squares?

Please note that, you can just drag the matchsticks and can’t rotate them and also you have just four moves. How will you do it?

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Quick Fire Maths Question

Quick Fire Maths Question - 10 September

In a science lab, a petri dish hosts a healthy colony of yeast for an experiment. Now every minute, all the yeast cells divide into two. At noon, there was just a single cell of yeast and at 1:22, the Petri dish was half full. Can you calculate when the dish will be full of yeast?

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Difficult Math Trivia Question

Difficult Math Trivia Question - 9 September

Can you find out the remainder when 3^300 is divided by 5?

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Fold The Cube Puzzle

Fold The Cube Puzzle - 8 September

Can you find out if we fold this open cube, what will be the resulting figure?

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Hard Critical Thinking Puzzle

Hard Critical Thinking Puzzle - 7 September

If two fifty foot ropes are suspended from a forty foot ceiling that is twenty feet apart, how much of rope will you be able to steal if you have a knife ?

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Dice Picture Riddle

Dice Picture Riddle - 6 September

The picture shows the dice results in each couple of throws. If they are actually following a pattern, can you find out the missing one?

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Puzzles In Science

Puzzles In Science - 5 September

You are confined in a room and given two metal rods. Out of these two rods, one is magnet and the other is the iron rod. They look starkly similar. You don't have any other metal object in the room.
How will you decide which one of those is magnet?

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Tricky Interview Puzzle

Tricky Interview Puzzle - 4 September

I have a sore throat and a severe headache. I have four tablets with me that are identical to each other and they don't have any cover on them. There is no way I can identify which tablet serves what purpose. The only thing that I know is that two of these four tablets are for throat and the remaining two are for the headache. To treat my condition, I must take 1 of each. What will I do now ?

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Murder Mystery Story To Solve

Murder Mystery Story To Solve - 3 September

A man is lying dead in a field where no one is around. His head is split open and his legs are disfigured. Near to him, there is an unopened package. No living organism can be found anywhere at the crime scene. How did he die?

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which letter replaces the question mark

which letter replaces the question mark - 2 September

The below given figure comprises of a pattern through which you can determine the missing letter. Can you push your mind to find the pattern and add the missing letter?

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Matchstick Problem

Matchstick Problem - 01 September

As you can see that fifteen matches have been used to form an arrangement. What you have to do is remove any six of them to make them ten.

Can you do that?

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