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Holiday Rebus Puzzle

Holiday Rebus Puzzle - 31 October

Which holiday are we talking about ?

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Tic Tac Toe Puzzle

Tic Tac Toe Puzzle - 30 October

You all must have played Tic Tac Toe in your childhood. Lets put your skills to test. Can you place six X (crosses) in a Tic Tac Toe board without making three in a row in any way ?

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3 by 3 Magic Square Puzzle

3 by 3 Magic Square Puzzle - 29 October

Can you arrange the numbers from 1 to 9 on a tic tac toe board in a manner that the numbers in each row, column and diagonal adds up to 15. Remember that you have to use all the 9 numbers and thus you cannot repeat.
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Challenging Logic Problem

Challenging Logic Problem - 28 October

You order chicken wings at KFC in the boxes of 6, 9 and 20. What is the largest number of wings that you cannot obtain by buying in any combination of the boxes ?

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Whatsapp Murder Mystery Puzzle

Whatsapp Murder Mystery Puzzle - 27 October

A guy was away from her wife for six months. When he returned back home, he gave a surprise to his wife who had no idea he was coming. To capture how happy she was, he clicked her picture that very moment.

After a few days, the guy killed his wife. When the prosecutor asked him the reason, he said that his wife was cheating on him and this he killed her. On being asked for proof, he gave him this photo.

Can you find out what the husband found out in this picture that made him believe his wife was cheating on him?

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Math Algebra Equation Problem

Math Algebra Equation Problem - 26 October

Can you find out the value of x in the following equation?

(2^x) (30^3) = (2^3) (3^3) (4^3) (5^3)

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Form Squares With Sticks Puzzle

Form Squares With Sticks Puzzle - 25 October

In the given picture, you can find a square in the center and four open squares. Can you form three closed squares by just moving three sticks from their positions respectively?

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Easy Who Am I Question

Easy Who Am I Question - 24 October

Living above a star, I do not burn
Eleven friends and they do not turn
I can just be visited in a sequence, not once or repeatedly
PQRS are my initials
Can you tell my name accurately?

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Simple Quick Riddle

Simple Quick Riddle - 23 October

Two guys are playing tennis together and after the full three sets, both of them win. How can this be possible?

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Liar and truth teller riddle

Liar and truth teller riddle - 22 October

Katniss and Peeta are liars. They both lie on some specific days.

Katniss lies of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. She speaks truth on all other days.

Peeta lies on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. He speaks truth on all other days.

Can you tell that one day of the week when both of them will say "Tomorrow, I will lie."?

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Murder Mystery Riddle

Murder Mystery Riddle - 21 October

A person was killed in a house party. When police arrives, there are six people present in the house who are the friends of the victim. The name of the friends are Rohit, Aman, Nick, Gagan and Randy.

Near the dead body, they find a few numbers written with blood by the victim on floor. The numbers are 8, 5, 4 and 11.

The police arrests one of the friends for the murder. Whom did they arrest and why?

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Number Sequence Puzzle

Number Sequence Puzzle - 20 October

Can you complete the sequence? 192, 021, 222, 324, 252, 627, 2__, 9__?

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How Many Triangles Challenge

How Many Triangles Challenge - 19 October

Can you find out the total number of triangles in the given figure?

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Physics Riddle

Physics Riddle - 18 October

Suppose that you are trapped on the surface of a frozen lake. The surface is so smooth and ideal that there is no friction at all. You cant make any grip on the ice and no wind is blowing to help you out. You have just a mobile phone with you which has got no reception disabling you to call for help.

How will you plan your escape before you freeze to death on the frozen lake?

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Logic IQ Statement Puzzle

Logic IQ Statement Puzzle - 17 October

Can you find any error in the following sentence?

A taxi was standing outside a fort at night. A man came out of the fort, opened the gate and hit the taxi driver killing him instantly. He took out all the money out of the meter and started running till he was caught by a local sheriff.
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Interesting Math Question

Interesting Math Question - 16 October

Bobby and Wilbur decided to take their respective car out of the garage and race. None of them cheated and they both stood at the start time and decided to cover a distance in full throttle. The first to reach the mark was to be declared the winner.

Upon reaching the finishing mark, they found out that Bobby's car is 1.2 times faster than Wilbur's. Now, Wilbur had reached the mark about 1 minute and 30 seconds later than Bobby. Bobby's car reached the mark at 60 MPH on average.

Can you calculate the distance between the starting mark and the final mark with the help of the given data?

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Guess What It Says Rebus

Guess What It Says Rebus - 15 October

Can you guess what does below rebus says ?

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Trick Equation Problem

Trick Equation Problem - 14 October

The following equation can be made correct by moving one small line. Can you find out how?
6 + 6 + 2 = 34034

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Hard Guess My Number Puzzle

Hard Guess My Number Puzzle - 13 October

One night, I thought of ways that can be used for creating a palindrome. So I decided that I will turn into a larger number by adding the reversed digits to the original number and keep doing it till I finally obtained a palindrome.

I am not sure if this process will always result in a palindrome eventually but I was able to produce a four digit palindrome. Can you guess my starting number?

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Can You Solve This Math Problem

Can You Solve This Math Problem - 12 October

A rain drop fell from one leaf to another leaf and lost 1/4th of its volume. It then fell to another leaf and lost 1/5th of the volume. It again fell on another leaf and lost 1/5th of the volume.

This process kept repeating till it fell on the last leaf losing 1/75th of its volume.

Can you calculate the total percentage of loss from the initial volume when the drop has fallen to the last leaf accurate up to two decimal places?
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Counting Triangles in a Figure

Counting Triangles in a Figure - 11 October

Can you count the number of triangles in the given picture?

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Easy Number Sequence

Easy Number Sequence - 10 October

Given that
(78)^9 = 6
And (69)^4 = 11

Can you find out (89)^2 = ?

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Coin Probability Problem

Coin Probability Problem - 9 October

Three fair coins are tossed in the air and they land with heads up. Can you calculate the chances that when they are tossed again, two coins will again land with heads up?

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Math Algebra Problem

Math Algebra Problem - 8 October

You are given with the following sum. Each of the letters can be decoded as a digit. If we tell you that D = 5, then can you solve it entirely?

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Logic Puzzle Using Matchsticks

Logic Puzzle Using Matchsticks - 7 October

In the picture that is attached with this question, you can find a square which comprises of four little squares inside it. Consider this square to be made with matchsticks. You have to remove two matchsticks such that only two squares remain instead of five.

How will you do it ?

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Funny Tricking Question

Funny Tricking Question - 6 October

Can you think of any number that if divided in half, becomes zero?

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Sports Logic Puzzle

Sports Logic Puzzle - 5 October

A game is being played where eight players can last for seventy minutes. Six substitutes alternate with each player in this game. Thus, all players are on the pitch for the same amount of time including the substitutes.

For how long is each player on the pitch?

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Find The Number Riddle

Find The Number Riddle - 4 October

I have thought of a number that is made up by using all the ten digits just once. Here are a few clues for you to guess my number:

First digits is divisible by 1.
First two digits are divisible by 2.
First three digits are divisible by 3.
First four digits are divisible by 4.
First five digits are divisible by 5.
First six digits are divisible by 6.
First seven digits are divisible by 7.
First eight digits are divisible by 8.
First nine digits are divisible by 9.
The number is divisible by 10.

Can you find out the number ?

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Easy Number Grid Puzzle

Easy Number Grid Puzzle - 3 October

Look at the attached picture and find out missing number on the grid.

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Solve Mathematical Equation

Solve Mathematical Equation - 2 October

Can you solve below mathematical equation ?

2^1234 - 2^1233

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simple but tricky math questions

Simple But Tricky Math Questions - 1 October

Three cars are driving on a track that forms a perfect circle and is wide enough that multiple cars can pass anytime. The car that is leading in the race right now is driving at 55 MPH and the car that is trailing at the last is going at 45 MPH. The car that is in the middle is somewhere between these two speeds.

Right now, you can assume that there is a distance of x miles between the leading car and the middle car and x miles between the middle car and the last car and also, x is not equal to 0 or 1.

The cars maintain their speed till the leading car catches up with the last car and then every car stops. In this scenario, do you think of any point when the distance between any two pairs will again be x miles i.e. the pairs will be x distance apart at the same time ?

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