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Physics Riddle

Physics Riddle - 18 October

Suppose that you are trapped on the surface of a frozen lake. The surface is so smooth and ideal that there is no friction at all. You cant make any grip on the ice and no wind is blowing to help you out. You have just a mobile phone with you which has got no reception disabling you to call for help.

How will you plan your escape before you freeze to death on the frozen lake?

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1 comment:

  1. You'll throw your phone and start to sweep in the reverse direction as there is no friction to stop you. (Newton's 3rd law). Though slowly enough, you'll reach to one corner of the lake.

    PS: This is how astronauts commute in space, it's similar situation out there in space--no friction, nothing to grab in order to move. They throw things and move in the opposite direction.