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Dimensions Maths Problem

Dimensions Maths Problem - 30 November

There is a box. The area of its top is 240 square units, the area of the front is 300 square units and the area of the end is 180 square units.

Can you calculate the dimensions of this box with the given data?

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Logic Birthday Problem

Logic Birthday Problem - 29 November

I engaged in a strange activity. My birthday was approaching and I decided to collect money for my birthday bash. On the first day of the month, I kept a dollar in my piggy bank, on the second, I kept two dollars and on the third, I kept three and so on.

On my birthday, I had a total of 276 dollars in my piggy bank. Can you find out on which day of the month was my birthday?

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Number Squares Chess Board Teaser

Number Squares Chess Board Teaser - 28 November

In the attached figure, you can see a chessboard and two rooks placed on the chess board. What you have to find is the number of squares that do not contain the rooks.

How many are there?

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Science Logic Puzzle

Science Logic Puzzle - 27 November

You have an empty wine bottle (too bad eh?) with a cork that has been secured at the top in a normal way. There is a metal ring inside the bottle that is suspended by a string.

How can you make the metal ring drop to the bottom if you are not allowed to touch anything - not the bottle, not the cork, not the thread and not the ring?

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Cracking The Password Cipher Puzzle

Cracking The Password Cipher Puzzle - 26 November

A guy was writing his first book. After saving the document, he locked his laptop with a password and mentioned some phrases for the hint box. A friend of his tried opening his laptop but found out that it was password protected. Following is the hint that appeared. 1 mobile 3 books 2 roars 1 night 4 balls 2 lighters 1 ghost 1 hat 3 watches It seemed awkward to him. Can you help him in cracking the password?

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Can You Answer This mystery Riddle

Can You Answer This mystery Riddle - 25 November

A Japanese ship was en route to a mission in foreign seas. The captain of the ship felt tired and thought of taking a bath. He went for taking the shower and removed his diamond ring and Rolex and kept them on the table. When he returned after taking the bath, he found that the ring and watch were stolen.

He called the five members of the crew whom he suspected and asked them what they were doing for the last 15 minutes.
The Italian cook (with a butcher knife in hand): I was in fridge room getting meat for cooking.
The British Engineer (with a high beam torch in hand): I was working on generator engine.
The Pakistani seaman: I was on the mast correcting the flag which was upside down by mistake.
The Indian Radio officer: I was trying to make a contact with the company to inform them about our position.
The American navigation officer: I am on night watch, so I was sleeping in my cabin.

Upon listening to them, the captain caught the lying member. Who do you think stole the valuables?

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Matchstick Equation Puzzle

Matchstick Equation Puzzle - 24 November

An equation has been laid down using a few matchsticks. However, as you can see, the equation is not correct.

Can you correct the equation if you are allowed to add or remove 5 matchsticks?

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Murder Mystery Logic Puzzle

Murder Mystery Logic Puzzle - 23 November

A man is approaching a broad and barren land. He has a package with him. If somehow, he is unable to open the package before reaching the land, he will die.

Can you guess what is present in the package?

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Hard Clock Time Puzzle

Hard Clock Time Puzzle - 22 November

At a certain point of time someone observes a clock and find out that the hour hand is exactly at the minute mark and the minute hand is six minutes ahead it. The clock is observed again to find out that hour hand is exactly on a different minute mark but the minute hand is seven minutes ahead of it this time.

Can you calculate the time that has elapsed between the two observations?

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Missing Leprechaun Picture Puzzle

Missing Leprechaun Picture Puzzle - 21 November

One of the leprechaun is missing if you see the two pictures attached to this question. Where did he go? When he comes back, do you know where has he been?

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Challenging Math Problem

Challenging Math Problem - 20 November

You have $100 with you and you have to buy 100 balls with it. 100 is the exact figure and you cant go below or above the numbers and you have to use the entire $100. If there is no kind of tax applied how many of each of the following balls will you be able to buy:

Green Balls costing $6
Yellow Balls costing $3
Black Balls costing $0.10

Now, how many of each must you buy to fulfill the condition given?

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Mathematical Proof Puzzle

Mathematical Proof Puzzle - 19 November

Below, you will find the mathematical proof that 10 equals 9.99999…. But is that possible or there is something wrong about it? Can you find the error?

x = 9.999999...
10x = 99.999999...
10x - x = 90
9x = 90
x = 10

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Fun Equation Puzzle

Fun Equation Puzzle - 18 November

You are given the sum of symbols in each row and column in the attached figure. Analyzing the figure, can you find out the value of the symbols?

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Murder Logic Puzzle

Murder Logic Puzzle - 17 November

A newly wed couple went for hiking trip outside the country. After two days, the wife returned and informed the police that her husband fell while hiking and could not survive. Police registered the case. The next day, they returned to her home and arrested her. On asking why they were arrested her, the police told her that her travel agent had called and they are arresting her for the murder of her husband.

How do you think the travel agent knew about the murder ?

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Trick Matchstick Problem

Trick Matchstick Problem - 16 November

Can you find out a way through which you can make five squares out of the given figure by moving just six match sticks?

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Easy Trick Decode Question

Easy Trick Decode Question - 15 November

You are given four following results:
1111 = F
2222 = E
3333 = T

Then, can you find out how to code 4444 ?

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Fun Trick Question

Fun Trick Question - 14 November

There was a blind beggar living on the footpath of a street. Suddenly on day, the beggars brother died. What was the relation of the blind beggar with the person who died ?

PS: Brother is not the answer.
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Goldman Sachs Probability Question

Goldman Sachs Probability Question - 13 November

There is a dressing drawer which contains the following colored socks in pairs: Purple, Magenta, Crimson, White, Yellow and Turquoise. Now, the socks are paired and each pair is together in the matching set. There is no light in the room and you open the drawer and pick up a pair. Then, without noticing any color, you keep them back and pick up again.

Can you calculate the probability that the pair of socks was Yellow both the times?

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Picture Logic puzzle

Picture Logic puzzle - 12 November

A picture is attached with this question. You have to fill the grid in a manner that every row and column contains the digits 1 to 6. Also, make sure that the squares that are connected with each other must contains the same digit.

Can you do it?

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Logic Dice Riddle

Logic Dice Riddle - 11 November

A solo dice game is played. In this game, upon each turn, a normal pair of dice is rolled and the score is calculated not by adding the numbers but multiplying them.

It is observed that in a particular game, the score for the second roll is five more than what was achieved in the first roll. The score for the third roll is six less than what was achieved in the second roll. The score for the fourth roll is eleven more than what was achieved in the third roll. The score for the fifth roll is eight less than what was achieved in the fourth roll.

Can you calculate the score for each of the five throws ?

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Logic Puzzle Question

Logic Puzzle Question - 10 November

You are camping with your friends. You have a flashlight for any emergency and have brought 8 batteries along with you. Your brother calls to tell you that four of those batteries are already dead.

Your flashlight requires two working batteries to run. What is the least number of pairs you will need to test to guarantee that you can get the flashlight on ?

Logic Puzzle Question

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Similar Figures Problem

Similar Figures Problem - 9 November

You can see a blue figure and then, there are seven different figures that seems to be identical to the blue one however not all are. Can you find the identical ones to the blue figure?

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Easy Mathematics Trivia

Easy Mathematics Trivia - 8 November

Can you find a number that lies one third of the distance between 1/3 and 2/3?
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Who Is Speaking The Truth Puzzle

Who Is Speaking The Truth Puzzle - 7 November

Before reading ahead, you must know the fact that only one of the person here is telling the truth.

A says that B is lying.
B says that C is lying.
C says both A and B are lying.

Can you find out who is speaking the truth ?

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Brain Bat Puzzle

Brain Bat Puzzle - 6 November

What does the following BrainBat signifies?


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Physics Maths Who Dies Question

Physics Maths Who Dies Question - 5 November

In the following picture, E is going to slide the object down and as per the terrain and the physics, the round object is going to travel all the way till the end. Now, can you analyze who all people will die when it happens?

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Impossible Math Problem

Impossible Math Problem - 4 November

Suppose you drive to a picnic spot at 20 mph, then how fast you must go while returning back home on the same route such that your average speed becomes 40 mph ?

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Interesting Math Problem

Interesting Math Problem - 3 November

Alex and Martin are planning on a vacation. Alex says, "It will be better if we take the train to the hotel. We will reach faster."
To this, Martin says, "No. You are wrong. The train stops at halfway to the hotel and then we will have to walk the rest of the way. We should take the bikes to the hotel directly."
Alex says, "You are wrong."

Now, Alex takes the train while Martin takes the bike. The train travels with four times the speed of bike. The bike travels at twice the speed of walking.

Who do you think will reach the hotel first?
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Funny Quick Riddle

Funny Quick Riddle - 2 November

What type of tree can i carry in my hand ?

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Visual Number Series Problem

Visual Number Series Problem - 1 November

Solve the number series problem in the picture below ? 

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