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Challenging Math Problem

Challenging Math Problem - 20 November

You have $100 with you and you have to buy 100 balls with it. 100 is the exact figure and you cant go below or above the numbers and you have to use the entire $100. If there is no kind of tax applied how many of each of the following balls will you be able to buy:

Green Balls costing $6
Yellow Balls costing $3
Black Balls costing $0.10

Now, how many of each must you buy to fulfill the condition given?

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  1. 13 green 7 yellow 10 black

  2. Let green ,ball, yellow ball,black ball be a,b and c
    Then a+b+c=100
    By cost 6a+3b+0.1c=100
    If we take the higher cost as unity then
    Green ball =1,yellow ball =29 ,black ball=70

  3. Or as my 13(yo) son said within 3 seconds of reading it. . . Why not just buy 1000 black balls! The rules didn't specify you had to buy all three types of balls. You adults think too much.