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Interesting Math Problem

Interesting Math Problem - 3 November

Alex and Martin are planning on a vacation. Alex says, "It will be better if we take the train to the hotel. We will reach faster."
To this, Martin says, "No. You are wrong. The train stops at halfway to the hotel and then we will have to walk the rest of the way. We should take the bikes to the hotel directly."
Alex says, "You are wrong."

Now, Alex takes the train while Martin takes the bike. The train travels with four times the speed of bike. The bike travels at twice the speed of walking.

Who do you think will reach the hotel first?
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  2. Martin(Bike) reach early.

  3. Stephen brought his bike onto the train and beat both of these losers by a hot minute. Gotta think outside the squirrel on this one.

    1. . . . but if he stays in the squirrel, the bike would get their first.