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Number Squares Chess Board Teaser

Number Squares Chess Board Teaser - 28 November

In the attached figure, you can see a chessboard and two rooks placed on the chess board. What you have to find is the number of squares that do not contain the rooks.

How many are there?

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  1. Interesting puzzle.
    All squares of a chessboard are: Σ(n=0 to 8)n^2=204
    That is 8*8+7*7+...+2*2+1*1=204.
    The easy way to do it is to subtract the squares with a rook from each "class" of squares.
    Squares of order 1. 1X1 = -2 (1 for each rook)
    Sq. of order 2X2 = -8. 4 for each rook (imagine the rook at every square of 2X2=4 possible)
    Sq. 3X3 =9 +9=18
    Sq. 4X4 : 1st rook(at f3) =16-6 (down)=10
    2nd rook (at d6)=16-6-1 (the square which contains the other rook)=9
    Sq. 5X5 :from 16 total remains only 1 thus -15
    Sq. 6X6, remains none --- -9
    Sq. 7X7 none remains ---- -4
    Sq. 8X8 none ---------------- -1
    TOTAL REMAIN: 204-2-8-18-10-9-4-1= 152 squares that do not contain a rook.

  2. There are 36 squares available for the other two rooks to be placed, so 34 squares don't have rooks.

  3. The right answer ist 128
    62 + (49-8) + (36-18) + (25-19) + 1