#1 - Tricky Odd One Out Picture Riddle

In this image, you can see three almost identical images. Can you spot the odd one out from them?

Tricky Odd One Out Picture Riddle

The second image is different. Look at the eyes.

#2 - Civil Service Tricky Interview Question

A fresher was sitting in an interview. The interviewer said, "This is the last question of your interview. Tell me the accurate position of the center of this table where your resume is kept."

How can he answer this question? What will you have answered to such a question?

Civil Service Tricky Interview Question

Put your finger confidently at a supposedly center point of the table and tell him that this is the exact center point.

The interviewer will ask, “How do you know this is the exact center?"

You can revert back that your last question was the previous question and thus you are not liable to answer further.

This is just a matter of being quick witted. The cleverer you are, the better the impression will be.

#3 - Upsc Puzzle Question

The question that follows came in the UPSC final exam that was held in December 2013. Only one examinee i.e. Gaurav Agarwal was able to solve it. Can you solve it?

? + ? + ? + ? + ? = 30

You have to fill numbers in place of question marks. The numbers that you can use are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15. You can repeat the numbers if you like.

The answer is
(15 - 9) + (13 - 7) + (7 - 1) + (9 - 1) + (13 - 9)

If you calculate it, you will get
6 + 6 + 6 + 8 + 4 = 30

#4 - Who Survives Hard Logic Puzzle

Suppose there are 100 people standing in a circle. The first person has a gun in hand. What he has to do is shoot the second person and then pass the gun to the third person. Now, the third person kills the fourth person and gives gun to the fifth person.

This process is carried till there is only one person surviving. Can you find out who survives at the end ?

Who Survives Hard Logic Puzzle


There is a simple logic behind solving this question. If the number of people are a power of 2, then the last person standing will be the person who started it.
Now, here we have 100 people. Thus, we will take the highest power of 2 which is less than the total number which is 64.
100 - 64 = 36.
This means that 36 people are killed.
If you go on with the series of even numbers, the 36 people will end at 72 (2, 4, 6, ..., 72). Thus the gun will be in the hand of 73rd person. Now the remaining people are 64 which is the power of 2. Thus the person who will survive in the end will be the 73rd person since he is starting it.

#5 - Crime Scene Logic Puzzle

A dead body is found outside a multistory multinational company. The case is reported and a homicide detective is called on the crime scene.

He looks at the body and then towards the building. From the position of the body, it is evident that the victim committed suicide. He goes to the first floor of the building and then walks in the direction of the dead body, opens the window and toss a coin in the air.

He goes to second floor and again repeats the process. He keeps doing this till he is done on all the floors. Then he returns back to the floor and tells his team that it is a murder.

How in heaven did he deduce that?

Crime Scene Logic Puzzle

He was able to deduce that after noticing that all the windows in the direction of the body on all the floors were closed. If the man had committed suicide, one window must have been left open.

#6 - Unique Relationship Puzzle

A man escapes from jail using help from his girlfriend. The investigators suspect four girls of being the man"s girlfriend.

Out of those four girls, one is his girlfriend who is lying. Two of the girls are completely innocent and are speaking the truth. One of the girls is the man"s sister who is helping the girlfriend lie. Following are the statements from all four of them:

Ariana: "Myrna is his girlfriend."
Jane: "Angelina is lying."
Angelina: "Ariana is lying."
Myrna: "Jane is not his sister."

Can you find out who is the man"s sister among them?

Unique Relationship Puzzle

Ariana is the sister and Jane is the girlfriend.

Suppose if Ariana is his sister and we know that his statement is false.
This will mean that Myrna is not his girlfriend.
If Angelina is telling the truth, then Ariana must be lying that we have already assumed.

If Jane is his girlfriend, then she must have spoken a lie as well.
This will mean Angelina is speaking the truth which is true in what we have assumed.

At last, Myrna said that Jane is not his sister which is also true as we have made the assumption already that Jane is his girlfriend.

In what we have assumed, all the statements fit perfectly and the given conditions are satisfied. If you make any other assumption, you will find that one or more conditions are not fulfilled.

#7 - Cool Photo Puzzle

Can you calculate the total number of hands and fingers in the given picture?

Cool Photo Puzzle

There are 31 hands and the total number of fingers are 155.

#8 - Fun Picture Puzzle

In the attached picture of a pretty girl, there is something wrong. Can you find out what it is?

Fun Picture Puzzle

If you concentrate on her fingers, you will find that she is having five fingers (and a hidden thumb) which is not possible.

#9 - Deductive Thinking Hat Puzzle

Four friends are sitting on a tree. Each one of them are wearing a hat. They dont know which colored hat are they wearing but they do know that two of them have green hats and two of them have orange hats.

Adam is sitting on the top branch and he can clearly see the hats of Billy and Cyrus. Billy is sitting on a branch above Cyrus and he can see Cyrus hat clearly. Duke is sitting at the base of the tree. There are branches covering him fully and no one can see his hat.

Now they are nota allowed to look upwards. Who do you think will shout the color of his hat first?

Deductive Thinking Hat Puzzle

There can be two cases in this situation. Either Billy and Cyrus have same colored hats or they have different colored hats.

Suppose if Billy and Cyrus have same colored hats. Adam will see that and he will know that his color is different from them both. So he will speak up first.

If Billy and Cyrus have different colored hats, he will not be able to deduce the color of his hat. Now when Billy notices that Adam is silent, he will know that this is because he and Cyrus have different colored hats. Thus he will speak up first and his color will be different than Cyrus

#10 - Mythological Riddle

Your mythological knowledge might be pretty good. But can you tell the place where Lord Ram celebrated Diwali?

Mythological Riddle

You might be thinking between, Ayodhya, Lanka and Mitila etc but you are looking in the wrong direction. As per the logics, Diwali was celebrated as a mark of Lord Krishna killing the demon Narakasura.

If you know the Dasavatar, you must be knowing that Lord Krishna was the eighth avatar and Lord Ram was the seventh avatar. Therefore Lord Rama was born before Lord Krishna and could not have celebrate Diwali.