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Which Movie Picture Puzzle

Which Movie Picture Puzzle - 31 December

The figure that has been attached might seem a bit awkward but a movie name is hidden within it. Which movie does it represents?

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Funny Read Between Lines

Funny Read Between Lines - 30 December

January 1st 2010 = 800 X 600
January 1st 2011 = 1280 x1024
January 1st 2012 = 600 x 1200

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Deductive Logic Statements Puzzle

Deductive Logic Statements Puzzle - 29 December

A school server was hacked. The headmaster suspects five friends based on the fact that they were really good such knowledge. He calls all of them in his room and the five students give the following statements:

1. I did not do it.
2. I have never hacked in my entire life.
3. Christy did it.

1. I did not do it.
2. The hack was done from within the network.
3. I do not like Misty.

1. I did not do it.
2. I have never seen Misty in my life.
3. Christy did it.

1. I did not do it.
2. Misty did it.
3. Peter was lying when he said I did it.

1. I did not do it.
2. Jamie did it.
3. Casey and I used to be friends.

Now, you know that out of the three statements, every student has speaker two truths and one lie. Reading all these statements, can you identify who hacked the server?

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Movie Rebus Riddle

Movie Rebus Riddle - 28 December

This is a picture puzzle. You have to guess the name of the movie that can be related with the picture.

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Difficult Story Riddle

Difficult Story Riddle - 27 December

The great emperor Akbar once ruled India. He was well known for his intelligence. But along with that, he was known for the Nine Gems in his court. One of the nine gems was Birbal, a quick witted and extremely intelligent man. The stories of his wit were widely popular.

Once a king ruling in a distant land heard of Birbal. To check his wit, he sent an invitation and called him to visit his land. Akbar allowed Birbal to go and he took off on the journey.

Upon reaching that kings kingdom, he was welcomed with flowers. He was then escorted to the palace of the king. Upon entering the palace, Birbal found that there were six people sitting in front of him adorning the same robe. They were also lookalike and it was hard to judge who the real king was.

After a couple of minutes, Birbal approached one of them and bowed in front of him greeting him.

That was the real king. How did Birbal know who was the real king ?

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Hard Aptitude Number Series

Hard Aptitude Number Series - 26 December

Can you solve this hard number series problem ?

7, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18 ?

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Humorous Interview Riddle

Humorous Interview Riddle - 25 December

This is a tricky question so pay attention. You are trapped in a forest. With you, you have a gun preloaded with two bullets in it. In front of you, there is a tiger, a leopard and a jaguar.

How do you survive?

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Unique Relationship Puzzle

Unique Relationship Puzzle - 24 December

A man escapes from jail using help from his girlfriend. The investigators suspect four girls of being the man"s girlfriend.

Out of those four girls, one is his girlfriend who is lying. Two of the girls are completely innocent and are speaking the truth. One of the girls is the man"s sister who is helping the girlfriend lie. Following are the statements from all four of them:

Ariana: "Myrna is his girlfriend.
Jane: "Angelina is lying."
Angelina: "Ariana is lying."
Myrna: "Jane is not his sister."

Can you find out who is the man"s sister among them?

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Solve Picture Word Puzzle

Solve Picture Word Puzzle - 23 December

You can see nine letters in the give diagram.
Can you form a 9 letter word using these letters?
Please note that you have to use each letter.

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Cool Photo Puzzle

Cool Photo Puzzle - 22 December

Can you calculate the total number of hands and fingers in the given picture?

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Guess Movie Name

Guess Movie Name - 21 December

Here is a mathematical expression that also secretly tells a movie name. What movie is that?

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Missing Vowels Riddle

Missing Vowels Riddle - 20 December

The following four words might seem abrupt to you. But you can make them meaningful by just adding vowels.

Hint: All of them are vegetables.

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Fun Picture Puzzle

Fun Picture Puzzle - 19 December

In the attached picture of a pretty girl, there is something wrong. Can you find out what it is?

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Deductive Thinking Hat Puzzle

Deductive Thinking Hat Puzzle - 18 December

Four friends are sitting on a tree. Each one of them are wearing a hat. They dont know which colored hat are they wearing but they do know that two of them have green hats and two of them have orange hats.

Adam is sitting on the top branch and he can clearly see the hats of Billy and Cyrus. Billy is sitting on a branch above Cyrus and he can see Cyrus hat clearly. Duke is sitting at the base of the tree. There are branches covering him fully and no one can see his hat.

Now they are nota allowed to look upwards. Who do you think will shout the color of his hat first?

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Mythological Riddle

Mythological Riddle - 17 December

Your mythological knowledge might be pretty good. But can you tell the place where Lord Ram celebrated Diwali ?
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Tricky Odd One Out Picture Riddle

Tricky Odd One Out Picture Riddle - 16 December

In this image, you can see three almost identical images. Can you spot the odd one out from them?

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Civil Service Tricky Interview Question

Civil Service Tricky Interview Question - 15 December

A fresher was sitting in an interview. The interviewer said, "This is the last question of your interview. Tell me the accurate position of the center of this table where your resume is kept."

How can he answer this question? What will you have answered to such a question ?

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Hollywood Maths Rebus Riddle

Hollywood Maths Rebus Riddle - 14 December

There is a mathematical expression in the given picture. Can you decipher the movie name it represents?

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How Many Triangles Are There Puzzle

How Many Triangles Are There Puzzle - 13 December

In the image given, you can find several triangles. Can you count them all?

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Upsc Puzzle Question

Upsc Puzzle Question - 12 December

The question that follows came in the UPSC final exam that was held in December 2013. Only one examinee i.e. Gaurav Agarwal was able to solve it. Can you solve it?

? + ? + ? + ? + ? = 30

You have to fill numbers in place of question marks. The numbers that you can use are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15. You can repeat the numbers if you like.

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Interesting Maths Question

Interesting Maths Question - 11 December

I am working in a bus company. The company recently went under expansion and therefore there was not enough room for all the buses. As a result, twelve buses had to be stored outside.

If the company decides to expand the garage space by forty percent, enough space to accommodate the current buses will be created leaving enough space for twelve more buses if the need arises in future.

Can you calculate the number of buses that the company owns at present?

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Hard Matchstick Puzzle

Hard Matchstick Puzzle - 10 December

In the given picture, you can see that there are two matchsticks that have been used to create five squares. You are allowed to move just two matchsticks and must form seven squares.

FYI, you cant overlap the matches and you are not allowed to break them. Also, like you can see in the picture, all squares must be closed.

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Tricky Puzzle Question

Tricky Puzzle Question - 9 December

Alex opened 24 presents 
Jonah opened 8 presents 
Clara opened 1 present 

Can you find out how many presents were opened by Andrew ?

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Movie Rebus Puzzle

Movie Rebus Puzzle - 8 December

There is a movie name hidden in the picture that is attached with this question. Can you find out which movie is it?

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Quick Fire Riddle

Quick Fire Riddle - 7 December

A couple of thieves looted a bank and ran away. The police got a call and searched for them, followed them and eventually caught them. The light over the number plate of the thieves car was not working. Also, the police car had a faulty headlight. How did the police manage to catch the thieves?

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Thoughtful Riddle

Thoughtful Riddle - 6 December

We know that money can be names differently for the purpose it is used for. Some of the examples of money given at following places or for following activities:
In temple = Daan
In school = Fees
During marriage = Dowry
For divorce = Alimony
Paying government = Tax
In court = Fine
Employer to employee = Salary
To kidnappers = Ransom
For illegal reason = Bribe
To civil servant retirees = Pension

Do you know what do we call the money a husband gives to his wife?

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Tricky Cryptogram Puzzle

Tricky Cryptogram Puzzle - 5 December

Below, you can see some coding:
January = 1017
February = 628
March = 1335
April = 145
May = 1353
June = 1064
July = 1074
August = 186

Now deciphering the way it has been coded, can you find out how September will be coded?

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Awesome Optical Illusion Picture Puzzle

Awesome Optical Illusion Picture Puzzle - 4 December

This black and white picture shows a couple by the lakeside. The picture is quite serene. But can you find out something in this picture that does not meet the eyes?

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Who Survives Hard Logic Puzzle

Who Survives Hard Logic Puzzle - 3 December

Suppose there are 100 people standing in a circle. The first person has a gun in hand. What he has to do is shoot the second person and then pass the gun to the third person. Now, the third person kills the fourth person and gives gun to the fifth person.

This process is carried till there is only one person surviving. Can you find out who survives at the end ?

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Crime Scene Logic Puzzle

Crime Scene Logic Puzzle - 2 December

A dead body is found outside a multistory multinational company. The case is reported and a homicide detective is called on the crime scene.

He looks at the body and then towards the building. From the position of the body, it is evident that the victim committed suicide. He goes to the first floor of the building and then walks in the direction of the dead body, opens the window and toss a coin in the air.

He goes to second floor and again repeats the process. He keeps doing this till he is done on all the floors. Then he returns back to the floor and tells his team that it is a murder.

How in heaven did he deduce that?

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Match Stick Puzzle

Match Stick Puzzle - 1 December

In the given picture, you can find five identical squares. You have to form six identical squares by moving just three matchsticks. How will you achieve it if you are not allowed overlapping or breaking of matchsticks?

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