#1 - Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle

Below toothpicks/matchsticks indicate the group of fishes moving from west to east direction. Can you make them move from east to west by just moving three toothpicks/matchsticks?

Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle

Solution is indicated in the picture below.

#2 - Popular Card Interview Puzzle

A pack of cards has 40 cards. You are blindfolded. Out of 40, 25 cards are facing down while 15 are facing up. You have been asked to divide this pack of cards into two decks - so that each deck contains an equal number of face up cards. Remember, you are blindfolded.

How will you do it?

Create a new deck of the exactly same number of cards as are face up cards in the original deck.Take 15 number of cards in a new deck and change their face direction. For example- You create a new deck of 15 cards and out of 15, 5 faces up in a new deck. So remaining 10 faces up are in the old deck. But hey! while creating the new deck you reversed the face direction of new cards. So actually the 5 cards which were facing up are actually face down in the new deck while 10 faces up.

#3 - Wine Bottle Interview Riddle

I have nine bottles of wine and one of the nine bottles is poisoned.
I need to find the poisoned bottle with two facts
(1) Poison is deadly, only a sip will cost death
(2) I have two mice to do so.

How should I do it?

Lets, say the Mice are Mice1 and Mice2 and Bottle are WineBottle1,WineBottle2....WineBottle9

== Step A ==
Mice1 drinks WineBottle1 WineBottle2 & WineBottle3
Mice2 drinks WineBottle1 WineBottle4 & WineBottle5

If both mice dies, WineBottle1 is the poison bottle.
If only mice Mice1 dies, Either WineBottle2 or WineBottle3 is the poison bottle.
If only mice Mice2 dies, Either WineBottle4 or WineBottle5 is the poison bottle.
If nobody dies, Posion is in WineBottle6 WineBottle7 WineBottle8 or WineBottle9

== Step B(If nobody dies) ==
Mice1 drinks WineBottle6 WineBottle7
Mice2 drinks WineBottle6 WineBottle8

If both mice dies, WineBottle6 is the poison bottle.
If only mice Mice1 dies, WineBottle7 is the poison bottle.
If only mice Mice2 dies, WineBottle8 is the poison bottle.
If nobody dies, WineBottle9 is the poison bottle.

== Step2: (Only Mice1 dies - Either WineBottle2 or WineBottle3 is the poison bottle) ==
Mice2 drinks WineBottle2, if Mice2 dies WineBottle2 is the poison bottle else WineBottle3

== Step2: (Only Mice2 dies - Either WineBottle4 or WineBottle5 is the poison bottle) ==
Mice1 drinks WineBottle4, if Mice1 dies WineBottle4 is the poison bottle else WineBottle5

#4 - Number Of Seconds In A Year

Can you count number of seconds in a year ?

Clue: You need to bother about calculation.


Clarification :
Each month contains two second
* second December
* twenty-second December

In this manner 2 * 12 months = 24

-->> Numerical Answer <<--
Mathematical Answer = number of seconds in a minute * number of minute in an hour * number hour in a day * number of day in year
60 * 60 * 24 * 365 = 31536000
60 * 60 * 24 * 365.25 = 31557600 (leap year is considered here)

#5 - Tiger Here Tiger There Puzzle

Things are just as they seem, right? Well, check again. Can you count the number of tigers in this picture ?

Tiger Here Tiger There Puzzle


#6 - Trick Probability Puzzle

What is the probability that you meet someone in your lifetime who is having an above average number of arms?

1) Impossible
2) Unlikely
3) Fifty Fifty
4) Fairly Likely
5) Certain

The probability is certain because the average is <2 arms.

#7 - Think Out Of The Box Riddle

Can you find out what is missing?

1 3 5
2 4 ?

Hint: Its not six. Think out of the box.

If you were not able to answer it, you must pay attention to the gear stick when you drive next time.

"R" is what is missing from here, which stands for reverse.

#8 - Cricket Logic Puzzle

Both Sachin and Sehwag were batting on 94.
Three balls were left and the team needed 7 runs to win.

Both made century but still were not out. How is this possible?

Sachin scored six and got retired hurt at 100*
New batsman came and got run out but they crossed the midway.
Then, Sehwag scored six and was unbeater at 100*.

#9 - Number Trivia

Can you find out which number multiplied by itself will give the output as 12345678987654321 ?

1 * 1 = 1
11 * 11 = 121
111 * 111 = 12321
1111 * 1111 = 1234321
111111111 * 111111111 = 11=2345678987654321

#10 - Tricky Time Question

Edward asked Bella, "The time right now is 7 pm. Can you tell me what will be the time 23, 999, 995 hours later ?"

While Bella does not know the answer, do you ?

The time after 24, 000, 000 hours later will be the same i.e. 7 pm. Five hours before that, the time will be 5 hours before 7 pm i.e. 2 pm.