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True Or False Statement Puzzle

True Or False Statement Puzzle - 29 December

All Marigold are flowers.
Few Flowers are used to make colors.
Therefore, some Marigold are used to make colors.

True Or False?

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99 More Than 100

99 More Than 100 - 28 December

When 99 is considered higher than 100?

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Humourous Riddle

Humourous Riddle - 27 December

How much words can a pen with half refill write?

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Running Goose Puzzle

Running Goose Puzzle - 26 December

There is a wide field of corn. A goose finds its way into the field and starts running. Can you find out till which point the goose can run into the field?

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Christmas Trick Teaser Puzzle

Christmas Trick Teaser Puzzle - 25 December

You visit a home for specially-abled children on the occasion of Christmas where you meet with 50 children. You have a box of chocolates containing 50 chocolates exactly.

What if you were asked to one chocolate to each child in a manner that one chocolate still remains in the box? Is it possible?

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Nine Coins Image Riddle

Nine Coins Image Riddle - 24 December

Nine marbles are arranged in the image below. Can you slide two marbles to form a square?

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Who Am I Teaser

Who Am I Teaser - 23 December

I got 13 hearts but have no body or soul. Who am I?

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Short Logic Trick Teaser

Short Logic Trick Teaser - 22 December

John Terry was drowned by he was not wet. How?

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Hard Matchstick Riddle

Hard Matchstick Riddle - 21 December

By adding four matchstick, can you divide the square shown in picture into two equal part?

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FAQ Trick Teaser Riddle

FAQ Trick Teaser Riddle - 20 December

Is it possible to build a house that has all its walls facing the south direction?

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Disgusting Humor Riddle

Disgusting Humor Riddle - 19 December

How many words can a quill made with the feather of a pigeon write with a 100ml bottle of black ink?

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Classic Impossible Riddle

Classic Impossible Riddle - 18 December

On a cold night while roaming around in the street, four friends try to get under a small umbrella. The four of them manage to remain dry even with the hustle.

How can that be possible?

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What Is It Smart Riddle

What Is It Smart Riddle - 17 December

When I got four, I have it none.
When I got two, I have it some.
When I got none, I have it all.

What is it?

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Should I Bet Puzzle

Should I Bet Puzzle - 16 December

Over a bottle of wine, your friend bets you $10 that he can convert your $50 into $100. Now, you both might be too drunk, but will you accept the bet?

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ii over oo Riddle

ii over oo Riddle - 15 December

What does below riddle means?
 i i

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Which One Is Taller Riddle

Which One Is Taller Riddle - 14 December

As a part of a college activity, 200 hundred girls are arranged in 10 rows with 20 girls in each one of them. Now, the shortest girl from each column is selected and the tallest from those 20 girls is named P. The girls return to their original places.

Then, the tallest girl from each row is selected and among these 10, the shortest girl is named Q.

Can you find out which one of P and Q is taller?

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Classic Rebus

Classic Rebus - 13 December

What does below rebus means?

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Statement Equation Riddle

Statement Equation Riddle - 12 December

A + B = C
D - C = A
E - B = C

Based on the above equations, can you find out the outcome for:
D + F ?

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IPL Riddle

IPL Riddle - 11 December

Who are happiest people in IPL match?

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Cross Pit Of Fire

Cross Pit Of Fire - 10 December

A man wants to cross the pit of fire which is 25 feet in length and he has 2 planks(fire resistant) of 19 feet length.

How can he cross the pit of fire alive?

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Fine The Switch Riddle

Fine The Switch Riddle - 9 December

In the picture below can you find the correct switch that will turn on the bulb?

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What number I am thinking of

What number I am thinking of - 8 December

I am thinking of a five digit number such that:
First and last digits are same, their submission is an even number and multiplication is an odd number and is equal to the fourth number. Subtract five from it and we obtain the second number. Then divide into exact half nd we get 3rd number.

What number I am thinking of?

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Hard Card Probability Riddle

Hard Card Probability Riddle - 7 December

A fresh card pile is taken out of a box (the pile has 54 cards including 2 jokers). One joker is taken out and then the cards are shuffled for a good amount of times. After shuffling, two piles are made by dividing that one pile.

What is the possibility that one of the piles will have a card sequence from A to K in order?

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Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle

Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle - 6 December

Below toothpicks/matchsticks indicate the group of fishes moving from west to east direction. Can you make them move from east to west by just moving three toothpicks/matchsticks?

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Car Driver Eye Color Riddle

Car Driver Eye Color Riddle - 5 December

You are a cab driver who pools passengers. You pick 3 people from a destination and drop 1 after an hour. 2 people climb aboard at the same time and you drop 3 at the next destination. After some time, you pick 2 passengers only to drop 1 after a short distance where 3 more passengers climb up the cab. You leave the rest of the passengers one by one to their destination and then come back home.

Can you tell the eye color of the cab driver?

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Shoes Count Riddle

Shoes Count Riddle - 4 December

All Hardeep shoes are green except two.
All Hardeep shoes are red except two.
All Hardeep shoes are pink except two.

How many shoes do Hardeep have?

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Dice Date Riddle

Dice Date Riddle - 3 December

There are two dices with empty faces in front of you and a marker. You can mark any number on each of the faces of the two dices, but you have to display all the 31 days of the month using the two of them.

Which numbers will you mark on which dice so that you can easily depict all the dates of the month?

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Hidden Animal Name Rebus Riddle

Hidden Animal Name Rebus Riddle - 2 December

Can you identify the hidden rebus in the image below?

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Wine Bottles Maths Riddle

Wine Bottles Maths Riddle - 1 December

In a classic wine shop in Flobecq, Belgium, list of three most popular wines are:
- The cost of 1 French wine bottle: 500$
- The cost of 1 German wine bottle: 100$
- The cost of 20 Dutch wine bottles: 100$

Homer Simpson entered the wine shop and he needs to buy
- All three types of wine bottle
- Needs to buy Dutch wine bottles in multiple of 20.
- Need to buy 100 wine bottles

Simpson has only 10000$. How many wine bottle(s) of each type, Simpson must buy?

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Safe Delivery Maths Problem

Safe Delivery Maths Problem - 30 November

Manoj was a very careless driver, so his owner Ganpat gave him an offer that he will get an incentive of Rs30 for every bottle-box he delivered without breaking it and he will be charged Rs 90 for every bottle-box he broke.Ganpat gave Manoj 100 bottles-box to deliver. After delivery Ganpat paid Manoj Rs 2400.

How many bottles-box did Manoj break?

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The Superhero Riddle

The Superhero Riddle - 29 November

The rock knocked me which was underneath me. I was wearing tights and rock did not hit me. Who am I? What is underneath me?

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Short Stupidest Riddle

Short Stupidest Riddle - 28 November

What house can fly?

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Good Toothpick Riddle

Good Toothpick Riddle - 27 November

You can move only two matchsticks. Will two moves be enough for you to make eight squares of three different sizes?

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Husband Wife Steps Puzzle

Husband Wife Steps Puzzle - 26 November

Husband and wife were jogging in the morning. To match every two steps of husband, wife required three steps. If Both of them start with the here right foot. After how many steps do their left foot be together?

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OneLiner Humor Riddle

OneLiner Humor Riddle - 25 November

When it's bad luck to meet a white cat?

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Akbar Birbal Story Riddle

Akbar Birbal Story Riddle - 24 November

Trying to tease Birbal, Akbar gave him one gold coin and ask him to buy
* something for him to eat
* something for him to drink.
* something to feed the cows
* something to plant in the garden
and most important you need to buy only one thing.

What must Birbal buy to silence Akbar?

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OneLiner Relationship Riddle

OneLiner Relationship Riddle - 23 November

If Ruth daughter is my daughter mom, who am I to Ruth?

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QuickFire Trick Teaser

QuickFire Trick Teaser - 22 November

I have 50-inch long bedsheet, I need to create 50 handkerchiefs each size of 1-inch. I take one minute to cut 1-inch handkerchief. So how long will it take to cut 50 handkerchiefs?

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Supernatural - Who Are They Puzzle

Supernatural - Who Are They Puzzle - 21 November

They Fight against the vampires.
They know their spell.
They fight against demons.
They are the most famous ghost hunters
They always do together as they are brothers.

Who are they?

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Train Tunnel Logic Problem

Train Tunnel Logic Problem - 20 November

Rahul decided to meet Simran so he boards a local train from Bombay station. Just after the station there is a 1km long tunnel. The train starts and is now accelerating. Rahul is a claustrophobic guy, so what is the best position for him to sit?

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Popular Matchstick Donkey Riddle

Popular Matchstick Donkey Riddle - 19 November

If you see the matchsticks arrangement in the picture, you will be able to notice a donkey shaped figure. Can you move 2 matchsticks in a manner that this shape is rotated or reflected, but it remains intact? Please be careful about the tale, it should point upwards only.

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Popular Toll Bridge Tax Puzzle

Popular Toll Bridge Tax Puzzle - 18 November

You have to send 3,000 grapes 1,000 kilometers from grapecity to appleland. Your truck can carry 1,000 grapes at a time. Every time you travel a kilometer towards appleland you must pay a tax of 1 grape but you pay nothing when going in the other direction (towards grapecity).

What is highest number of grapes you can get to appleland?

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Small Who Am I Riddle

Small Who Am I Riddle - 17 November

I taste better than I can smell. Who am I?

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Popular Algebraic Equation Riddle

Popular Algebraic Equation Riddle - 16 November

Can you solve the popular algebraic equation by replacing alphabets with a digit and equation must be true as well?

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Talking Parrot Riddle

Talking Parrot Riddle - 15 November

Michael went to a parrot shop in Florida when the parrot owner told him that his parrot is so unique that he repeats everything he hears. Michael got excited and immediately bought the parrot. Michael went home and spoke many words, but parrot does not repeat anything.
He went again to parrot shop and complaint to the shopkeeper, but shopkeeper never lied. Explain?

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Four 3's Biggest Number

Four 3's Biggest Number - 14 November

What should be the biggest number being formed using Four 3s according to you?

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Dancing Girls Count Puzzle

Dancing Girls Count Puzzle - 13 November

Niharika is practicing her dance steps along with her friends. In a particular sequence, all of them form a row. At that point, Niharika is standing on the 4th position from either end of the row.
Can you find out how many girls are practicing together?

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Classic who Am I

Classic who Am I - 12 November

I have teeth, but I don't bite. Who Am I?

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Digit Pattern Puzzle

Digit Pattern Puzzle - 11 November

Which digit occurred maximum times between the number 1 and 1000?

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Stairs Colour Riddle

Stairs Colour Riddle - 10 November

My cousin lives in one story house in Antarctica. His house is made the of-of sandstone. what is the color of stairs?

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Toothpick Equation Riddle

Toothpick Equation Riddle - 9 November

By moving just one toothpick(matchstick), you need to make below statement true.
Can you do it?

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Quick Murder Mystery To Solve

Quick Murder Mystery To Solve - 8 November

It's been the first day of the school when a young girl was found raped and murdered. Police suspect four male teachers as on the killer and ask them what they were doing in the morning in time 8:00 am.

1. Wayne: I was reading the newspaper.
2. Terry: I was checking chemistry papers
3. Bridge: I had locked myself in my room as my wife left me.
4. Cole: I dropped my wife to her office.

Who is the killer?

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Who Am i Movie Puzzle

Who Am I Movie Puzzle - 7 November

In one of the popular batman series movie "Batman Forever", there was a riddle that goes like "Tear me off and then scratch my head and I was red then and now I am back. Who am I?

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Tricky Situation Riddle

Tricky Situation Riddle - 6 November

My girlfriend and I took a flight to the United States and were able to reach the destination in two and a half hours.

After spending some quality week together, we flew back to our home. However, it took us 150 minutes this time even though the plane flew at the same speed.

Can you find out how?

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Popular Card Interview Puzzle

Popular Card Interview Puzzle - 5 November

A pack of cards has 40 cards. You are blindfolded. Out of 40, 25 cards are facing down while 15 are facing up. You have been asked to divide this pack of cards into two decks - so that each deck contains an equal number of face up cards. Remember, you are blindfolded.

How will you do it?

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Famous Two Barber Riddle

Famous Two Barber Riddle - 4 November

In a particular village, only two barbershops exist.

The first shop has a handsome barber with a neat haircut who is handsomely dressed in clean clothes and is extremely humble with his body language. The place is clean and looks hygienic.

In the second shop, you can find a barber with shabby clothing. His hairs are weirdly cut and his clothes still have the stains from last night dinner. The place is not clean as well and reeks a bit.

You visit the village for the first time and decide to get your haircut. Which barbershop will you like to go for that and why?

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Direction Treasure Riddle

Direction Treasure Riddle - 3 November

Benjamin Franklin Gates was searching the treasure in the sacred town of Owlna, Uttaranchal (India) when suddenly he encounters three way road points towards North, West, and East. Benjamin does not understand where to go. And suddenly notices a local boy. According to the old saying, a boy from Owlna always reply truthfully, but answer only one question of people they dont know. What does Benjamin Franklin Gates ask the local boy to figure out the correct direction?

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Baker Street Murder Mystery

Baker Street Murder Mystery - 2 November

A crime was committed at baker street. Ibrahim Dakota who was shot at stomach was the main suspect. Sherlock questioned the suspect. The conversation started as

Sherlock: Whats your story Ibrahim? 
Ibrahim: I was walking around the baker street and suddenly a man from back shot me. I ran as fast as he could to save my life". 
Sherlock: That is enough (and ask the police to arrest him). 

Why sherlock things he is the murderer?

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Matchsticks Tower Riddle

Matchsticks Tower Riddle - 1 November

Can you move 4 matchsticks and yet the tower structure remains the same.

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Best What Am I Riddle

Best What Am I Riddle - 31 October

What am I?

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Haunted House Riddle

Haunted House Riddle - 30 October

To spice up your Halloween, you decide to enter a haunted house with your girlfriend. As you enter, an eerie silence embraces you and you can see nothing because its dark. You fumble your way and try your luck to find the switches, but it turns out to be a waste as there is no electricity connection to the house.

When you decide to turn back, the door closes on you and you are trapped in the house with your girlfriend who has now started panicking.

While you are trying to console her, an evil laughter takes you by surprise. Then, you see a faint figure who tells you that you have three doors in front of you and you must take one of them; it is the only way to free yourself. The figure describes that the first door opens up to a compact space filled with a swarm of deadly bees and you will be stung endlessly by them. The second door opens up to the electricity chairs. You both will be strapped to the chairs for five minutes and exposed to high voltage electricity. The third door opens up with a pit that has no bottom and you will keep falling endlessly into nothingness.

While this leaves you all panicked, which door will you choose if you have no other choice?

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What Am I One Liner

What Am I One Liner - 29 October

I have eight fingers and two thumbs but I do not live. What Am I?

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Find Hacker Statement Riddle

Find Hacker Statement Riddle - 28 October

Chelsea football website was hacked by one of the players. Jose, the coach of Chelsea has shortlisted five players as the possible hacker.
Each suspected player made three statements from each suspected player and out of which two are true and one is false.

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) I know nothing about hacking.
C) Costa did it.

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) The website was attacked by one of the players.
C) I hate Shelly

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) I have never seen Oscar in my entire life.
C) I am sure Costa did it.

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) I am sure Oscar did it.
C) Terry was lying when he said he did it.

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) I am sure Hazard did it.
C) I used to be friend with Remy.

So who hacked the website?

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Science What Am I

Science What Am I - 27 October

I am the child of the water, yet when I return to the water, I die.
What am I?

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Quick Thinking Question

Quick Thinking Question - 26 October

Neha is twentieth from the bottom in a queue of 100 girls.
What is her position from the top of the queue ?

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Change In Water Level Riddle

Change In Water Level Riddle - 25 October

A few friends are enjoying their sea voyage in a boat full of apples. On the way, they felt hungry and thus decided to eat the apples. Together, they ate two dozen of apples. When they have eaten the apples, will there be any change in the water level?

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Algebra Rebus Riddle

Algebra Rebus Riddle - 24 October

Can you decipher below algebraic riddle?

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Spatial Science Riddle

Spatial Science Riddle - 23 October

We have four gears with below features

=> Both Gear A and D has 60 teeth
=> Gear B has 40 teeth
=> Gear C has 20 teeth
=> Every two minutes, Gear B makes 25 full turns.

What is the relative speed of Gear A and Gear B?

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Wine Bottle Interview Riddle

Wine Bottle Interview Riddle - 22 October

I have nine bottles of wine and one of the nine bottles is poisoned.
I need to find the poisoned bottle with two facts
(1) Poison is deadly, only a sip will cost death
(2) I have two mice to do so.

How should I do it?

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Toughest Matchsticks Problem

Toughest Matchsticks Problem - 21 October

By including only four matchsticks in below picture, you have to make "Four Triangles And Two Squares".

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Swan And Lion Riddle

Swan And Lion Riddle - 20 October

A swan sits at the centre point of an impeccably round pound. At an edge of the pond stands a monstrous lion holding up to eat up the swan. The lion is afraid of water and, therefore, plan to catch the swan as soon as it reaches the short of the pound. Speed of swan is one-fourth of the speed of lion, moreover the lion always runs in the direction round the shore which brings it closer to the swan the fastest.

Both the swan and the lion can change directions in any given time.

The swan realizes that only chance to escape is to reach the shore without getting caught by the lion and then get into the safe forest lake which is just next to the pound.

By what method can the swan successfully escape?

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The Miser Loan Puzzle

The Miser Loan Puzzle - 19 October

A Miser man decided to go for a vacation for a month. He goes to the bank and ask the trip loan of $500. The bank officer asks the man that the loan can only be approved when he mortgage some valuable thing at the bank. Miser man mortgages his only car whose worth was a whopping $80000. Bank officer laughed at him and approve the loan instantly. After vacation when the miser man returns, bank officer asked him "Are you an idiot, why your mortgage such an expensive car for such a short loan?". Miser man replied with some reason and bank officer agreed that the miser man is actually not an idiot. What did miser man replied to the bank loan officer?.

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complete the sequence puzzle

Complete the sequence puzzle - 18 October

Can you complete the sequence puzzle?


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What Word Its It

What Word Its It - 17 October

What is It?
* It's a nine letter word.
* Exact opposite of phrase "friendly and outgoing"
* It contains the word "over".
* It starts will a vowel.

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Find Three Numbers Riddle

Find Three Numbers Riddle - 16 October

Find three number such that?

* When we multiply three numbers, we will get prime number.
* The difference between second and the first number is equal to third and second.

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John Watson Time Puzzle

John Watson Time Puzzle - 15 October

The train leaves from New York City every 40 minutes from Boardman station. A man told John Watson that the train had left 15 minutes ago and the next train to New York City will leave at 9:40 p.m. At what time, man convey this information to John Watson?

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Pizza Price Problem

Pizza Price Problem - 14 October

In a pizza parlor, you have to pay a certain amount to add extra toppings. Now the price for toppings are given in a pair below. Can you find out what each topping costs?

Corn & Jalapeno $7
Mushrooms & Extra Cheese $6
Paprika & Tomatoes $2
Onion & Jalapeno $5
Green chilly & Paprika $4
Tomatoes & Onion $3
Extra Cheese & Paprika $5

Please note that the toppings are priced w.r.t. whole dollar increments (no fraction prices).

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which number should replace the question mark

which number should replace the question mark - 13 October

Can you replace the question mark with the correct number?

6 30 870 756030 ?

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Correct Matchsticks Equation

Correct Matchsticks Equation - 12 October

Remove two matchsticks to make below statement true.

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Count Legs Puzzle

Count Legs Puzzle - 11 October

A calamity took a toll on 100 people who were brought to the same hospital. Out of the 100 patients, a few had lost their one leg. From the rest of the patients, half lost both their legs.

Can you calculate how many legs in total do the patients have now?

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Analyze The Logical Pattern

Analyze The Logical Pattern - 10 October

What you read below is true and follows a pattern:

7 + 7 = 2
8 + 8 = 4
8 + 5 = 1
6 + 9 = 3
10 + 11 = 9

Can you analyze the pattern and find out the answer for:
4 + 9 = ?

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World War One

World War One - 9 October

Two mates Timon and Pumba were talking about their families. Timon told some nice stories concerning his unafraid grandfather who fought for the Kingdom in "World War One". Timon told that his grandparent is so brave that he was awarded a bravery medal with words "For our unafraid troopers In war One" embedded into it. Pumba is aware of that his friend is lying. How ?

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Wacky Word Rebus

Wacky Word Rebus - 8 October

For this puzzle, you might have to find logic in something illogical. But hey, its fun and a healthy little break from your strenuous puzzle solving sessions.

Can you decipher the meaning in the following cluster of letters?


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Cool Words Riddle

Cool Words Riddle - 7 October

_ _ _ IE _ _
_ _ _ IE _
_ _ IE _ _
_ _ IE _
_ _ _ _ IE

Like you see, some letters have gone missing from these words that contain the IE pair at some or the other place. The letters that will be used to fill the blanks are given below. Use them and form meaningful words. Can you do that?

A, C, D, F, H, K, L, M, N, N, O, R, R, S, S, S, T, T, Y and Y.

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what number comes next in the sequence

what number comes next in the sequence - 6 October

Checkout the number list below and find what number comes next in the sequence?

111 , 113 , 117 , 119 , 123 , 137 ?

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Who Is The Killer

Who Is The Killer - 5 October

A murder took place on the Baker Street. The murderer seemed a fan of Sherlock Holmes evident with the notes he/she left behind at the house at different locations.

When Sherlock Holmes arrived, he found out that the victim was a lady named Martha. She was shot and there were five suspects:

The notes that were left by the murderer were placed at different places and had a little description on them:
The first note was found in the compound.
The second note was found in the art room.
The third note was found in the restroom.
The fourth note was found in the underwater room.
The fifth note was found in the smoking lounge.
The sixth note was found in the makeup room.

All the notes had only one thing written on them:
"The clues are where you find the notes."

On examination, nothing was found anywhere. Can you help Sherlock to decipher this puzzle?

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Send Ring Safely

Send Ring Safely - 4 October

Shane and Rose are madly in love with each other. To remind Rose of his pure love, Shane wants to send her a ring through post but in their country where burglary is quite prominent, any package that is not locked comes under the risk of being stolen for the contents.

Shane and Rose possesses many padlocks but neither one of them has the other key.

Can you find a way Shane can send the ring to Rose safely?

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Blonde 911 Riddle

Blonde 911 Riddle - 3 October

At dull night when the blonde was dozing, she heard an odd clamor and she saw that there were bizarre man with a gun simply outside her home. So she raced to telephone to call a police, however, she cant dial 911. Why?

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Relationship Logic Puzzle

Relationship Logic Puzzle - 2 October

In a boat, the father of a sailor son is sitting with the son of the sailor. However, the sailor is not present on the boat.

Can this even be possible?

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Rebus - 1 October

Decipher below rebus.

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Dice Probability Sum Six

Dice Probability Sum Six - 30 September

Can you calculate the probability of getting a sum of six when a dice is thrown twice?

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Find The Distance Puzzle

Find The Distance Puzzle - 29 September

Two friends P and Q live near each other home. They both start driving towards each other at a constant speed. Both of them Meet 500 yards from P house. When they reach each other house, they start driving back and this time, they meet 300 yards away from Q house.

Can you find out the distance between P and Q ?

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Next Number In List

Next Number In List - 28 September

Can you find the next number in the list?
2, 12, 36, 80, 150, 252, 392, _ ?

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Move Matchstick Time Puzzle

Move Matchstick Time Puzzle - 27 September

Can you move two match sticks to make time as 4:30 ?

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Number Of Seconds In A Year

Number Of Seconds In A Year - 26 September

Can you count number of seconds in a year ?

Clue: You need to bother about calculation.

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How Many Wrong Answer Puzzle

How Many Wrong Answer Puzzle - 25 September

In a competitive exam, each correct answer could win you 10 points and each wrong answer could lose you 5 points. You sat in the exam and answered all the 20 questions, which were given in the exam.
When you checked the result, you had scored 125 marks in the test.

Can you calculate how many answers given by you were wrong ?

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Tough Who Am I

Tough Who Am I - 24 September

I am not a bull but i have horns.
I am not an ass but i have pack saddle.
Wherever i go, i leave silver behind me.

Who am I ?

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Driving Car Time Puzzle

Driving Car Time Puzzle - 23 September

Two friends hit the accelerator of their respective cars at the same time. Both of them have the same amount of petrol in their respective cars at the time they start. One can drive for 4 hours and the other can drive for 5 hours.
After driving for a while, they analyse that the amount of petrol left in one of their cars is 4 times that of the petrol left in other car.

Can you calculate how long they have been driving their respective cars ?

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Tricky Picture Cipher

Tricky Picture Cipher - 22 September

Can you solve below picture rebus cipher ?

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Passcode Mystery Problem

Passcode Mystery Problem - 21 September

While trying to pull out a robbery, a criminal came across a password lock. He has the following information with him that can assist him in cracking the password.

Can you help him out?

1. The password is a 5-digit number.
2. The 4th digit is 4 more than the 2nd one.
3. The 3rd digit is 3 less than the 2nd one.
4. The 1st digit is three times the 5th digit.
5. Three pairs of digits sum up to 11.

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Popular Number Sequence Puzzle

Popular Number Sequence Puzzle - 20 September

Solve below popular number sequence
314 159 265 358 979 323 846 ?

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Classic Matchstick Puzzle

Classic Matchstick Puzzle - 19 September

Can you move 2 matchsticks to form four equal sized squares.

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Blonde Humor Riddle

Blonde Humor Riddle - 18 September

Why blonde cannot dial 911 ?

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Trick Situation Riddle

Trick Situation Riddle - 17 September

In a fruit store there was a unique weighing machine which was made to weigh only cherries and strawberries as they were priced the same.

Other fruits like water melons or mango had different machines as they were expensive.

A man successfully buys water melons at the price of cherries. How ?

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What Is It Riddler

What Is It Riddler - 16 September

You purchase it to Eat, but you don't consume it.

What Is It ?

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Picture Optical Illusion Riddle

Picture Optical Illusion Riddle - 15 September

Find the hidden tiger in the given optical illusion ?

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Dice Probability Riddle

Dice Probability Riddle - 14 September

Two men play a dice game involving roll of two standard dice. Man X says that a 12 will be rolled first. Man Y says that two consecutive 7s will be rolled first. The men keep rolling until one of them wins.

What is the probability that X will win ?

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Black Person Riddle

Black Person Riddle - 13 September

Why are all black people so quick ?

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5 Hats 2 Colors Puzzle

5 Hats 2 Colors Puzzle - 12 September

In the land of Geopolizza, three men were captured by the infamous monster, The riddler. So, the riddler buries the three men, named 1, 2 and 3 in such a manner, that 1 is in the front, 2 in the middle and 3 in the back. They are buried neck deep, and cannot move, not even their heads. He shows them 5 caps, two of which are red and 3 of them are white. He then switches off the lights and places a hat on top of their heads. The situation is such that no one can see their hat color, 1 is facing the wall and cant say anything, 2 can see 1 and 3 can see both 1 and 2. Then he tells the rules of his game: "If either of you three can tell the correct color of your head, I will let all of you go. However, if any of you answer wrong, all 3 of you will instantly die. Time is 3 minutes."
Upon 2 and half minutes passing, A shouts the answer and all 3 are released free. How did he know the correct answer ?

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Form Triangle Using MatchSticks

Form Triangle Using MatchSticks - 11 September

Can you form three touching triangles by moving exactly three match sticks ?

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Speaker Relationship Riddle

Speaker Relationship Riddle - 10 September

A voice communication between a pair of people:
"Hello. is that this !@#$%%^&*?"
"Yes. might i do know who is this ?"
"My mother is your mother relative-in-law."

What is the connection between the speakers?

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What Is It Mind Teaser

What Is It Mind Teaser - 9 September

I am a word of 12 alphabets.

* Alphabets 12, 4, 7, 2, 5 : Eastern beast of burden
* Alphabets 1, 8, 10, 9 are street made famous by Sinclair Lewis.
* Alphabets 11, 3, 6 are past.

On whole it means a person suffering from delusions of greatness.

What Is it ?

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Next number sequence puzzle

Next number sequence puzzle - 8 September

Can you find the next number in sequence ?
113 119 101 114 116 ?

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Rebus Phrase Puzzle

Rebus Phrase Puzzle - 7 September

what phrase is represented by this rebus below ?

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What is it Riddle Riddle

What is it Riddle Riddle - 6 September

Its a protector.
It sit on a bridge.
One individual can see directly through it , while others wonder what it hide.

Who am i talking about ?

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How Many Matchsticks Do You See

How Many Matchsticks Do You See - 5 September

How many squares do you see in matchstick puzzle below ?

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Greedy Elves Brain Twister

Greedy Elves Brain Twister - 4 September

There was once a troop of 5 elves. The 5 elves were very dedicated on finding the magical treasure of 1000 coins. However, being elves, they were super geniuses, very greedy and they did not hesitate in taking lives of other elves. The 5 elves were named Aye, Bee, Cee, Dee and Ee, ranked from high to low respectively, from Aye to Ee. One fine day, their efforts brought results and they found 1000 coins. Now they had to split it in between them as per their ranks. The lowest ranked elf has to make the proposal. If the proposal is accepted by majority, it is agreed, or the suggesting elf is killed.

What proposal should elf Ee make ?

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Making The Century Puzzle

Making The Century Puzzle - 3 September

Use the digits from 1 up to 9 and make 100.

Follow the rules.
=> Each digit should be used only once.
=> You can only use addition.
=> For making a number, two single digits can be combined (example, 4 and 2 can be combined to form 42 or 24)
=> A fraction can also be made by combining the two single digits (example, 4 and 2 can be combined to form 4/2 or 2/4)

Question: how can we do this ?

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Hard Dwarf Riddle

Hard Dwarf Riddle - 1 September

Evil warlock dislikes dwarfs and therefore he selects four of them and buries them. The dwarfs are buried in the ground and they are in such a way that except their heads their body is inside the ground. The dwarfs cannot move their body and they can view only forward. They are all buried in a line, and amongst the four, one of the dwarf is separated by a wall. All the dwarfs are in the same direction. The last dwarfs can see two heads of the friends in the front and a wall. The last second dwarf can see one head of his friend and a wall. The second dwarf can see only the wall. The dwarf can see nothing.
Warlock comprehends the situation and tells the dwarfs that he has placed hats on their heads. There are two blue hat and two red ones. In all the four dwarfs, one of them has to say what color hat he is wearing. If the dwarf says the correct color of the hat, they will be left free. If the answer is wrong, then they will be dig inside the ground till the very end.

What will be the answer by the dwarf and how will they give the answer?

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Goat Grass Logical Puzzle

Goat Grass Logical Puzzle - 31 August

If we tie a goat to one peg, a circled grass is been eaten by the goat. If we tie the goat to two pegs with a circle on its neck, then an eclipse is eaten out of the grass by the goat. If we want an eclipse then we put two pegs then put a rope in between then and the other end of the rope is tied up on the goats neck.

How should we tie the peg and the goat so that a square is eaten out from the garden grass? We only have one goat rope and the peg and the rings ?

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Count The Square Puzzle

Count The Square Puzzle - 30 August

Count the square in the picture below ?

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Chance Of Surviving Puzzle

Chance Of Surviving Puzzle - 29 August

Once upon a time there were three rivals who got together in a dark wood on an open spot for composing a quarrel by using guns. It was a kind of duel but there were three people in it and therefore it is a truel. There were A, B and C. there was some rules to be followed in the game. The rules of the games were:
-They have to draw the lots in order to find who will fire first and who will be second and who will be third.
- The next rule is that, they will start firing on each other unless there is a last person alive.
- Each person will decide on his own about which person he will fire on.
-it is quite clear that A hits and kills in all the shots and it is 100%. Whereas 80% of the shots are hit by B and C hits in 50% of the shots he tries to fire in. the three persons have their own strategy for firing. Nobody is killed by the stray bullet.

Question: who will have the highest chances for surviving in the truel and how much is the chance?

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Find Number Problem

Find Number Problem - 28 August

Find out a number which is less than 100 and is more than one fifth of its actual value when the digits are reversed.

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Pictogram Rebus

Pictogram Rebus - 27 August

Solve the pictogram rebus ?

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Who Am I Size Shape

Who Am I Size Shape - 26 August

I am a curved, sometimes I am straight. I come in different shapes and sizes. You can fit me anywhere, but in the end, there is only one right place for me.

What am I ?

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Crossing River Puzzle

Crossing River Puzzle - 25 August

There is a river to cross using a river raft and there are eight people (father, mother, policeman, thief, 2 daughters and 2 sons). No one knows to operate the raft except the adults and also excluding the thief. Only two people can go in the raft at a time. The raft should keep coming back and forth in order to pick and drop the people.
Rules to be followed:
Father: the father cannot stay in the raft or outside the raft without the presence of the mother.
Mother: the mother cannot stay in the raft or outside the rat without the presence of the father.
Thief: the thief is not allowed to stay with any of the family member unless there is a policeman.
Policeman: the policeman can travel with anyone.
2 sons and 2 daughters: they are not allowed to travel in the raft without the presence of any adult. They cannot either travel in the presence of only thief without the policeman. The sons cannot be with their mothers without their fathers supervision. The daughters are not allowed to be there with their fathers without the supervision of their mothers. But the daughters and the sons can be left unsupervised (as long as the other rules are applied).
What is the sequence that the people should follow in order to cross the river through the raft keeping in mind all the rules?
The rules are applicable not only in the raft but also outside the raft.

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How Many Handshakes

How Many Handshakes - 24 August

Once upon a time, a king called for his 7 wisest men to be assembled in a room, with no one but them. All 7 men came in and shook their hands once with each of them.

How many total handshakes were there?

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Tiger Here Tiger There Puzzle

Tiger Here Tiger There Puzzle - 23 August

Things are just as they seem, right? Well, check again. Can you count the number of tigers in this picture ?

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Use Symbols Make Equation

Use Symbols Make Equation - 22 August

Using the mathematical symbols like +, -, and x in order to make the equations correct. Replace @ with the above given symbols.
9 @ 8 @ 7 @ 6 @ 5 @ 4 =91

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James Bond Archer Of The Blind

James Bond - Archer Of The Blind - 21 August

James Bond is caught up in a mysterious scenario where the evil villain has him blindfolded. He somehow breaks through the handcuffs but is unable to get the blindfold off. Upon searching, he comes across a bow and 3 arrows. He can hear the villain speak, and thus tries to take a shot at him. He launches the first arrow, it misses the villain. He then launches the second arrow and it misses by a greater margin.

What is the probability that this third shot our james bond takes will be worse than the second shot?

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Number Of Races Puzzle

Number Of Races Puzzle - 20 August

In order to complete the racing competition, the London racetrack has to submit its top and the most famous three horses to win the competition. Due to a electrical storm, all the records are cleared and no one knows which horse holds the record. They all look identical and it becomes even more difficult to differentiate the horses. There are 25 horses in the London racetrack. But there can be only five horses at a time on the track. What will the least number of races that can be conducted to find out the three fastest horses?

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Fill The Numbers Puzzle

Fill The Numbers Puzzle - 19 August

Given below is a figure. You have to fill in the numbers from 1 up to 16 in such a way that you get 29 when you add the numbers in each row.

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Einsteins IQ Series

Einsteins IQ Series - 18 August

Find the next number if the sequence if you can

102 104 108 110 114 128 ?

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So Many People

So Many People - 17 August

There were two grandmothers and their two granddaughters.
There were two husbands and their two wives.
There were two fathers and their two daughters.
There were two mothers and their two sons.
There were two maidens and their two mothers.
There were two sisters and their two brothers.
Yet there are only six, who are buried here,
All are born legitimate and relationships clear.
How can this happen?

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Create Function Puzzle

Create Function Puzzle - 16 August

There are two variables x and y. Jimmy is required to construct a function f(a,b) which returns the maximum one in {a,b}.
You can only use +,-,·, / & abs() (to take the absolute value). NO if () is allowed in to jimmy.

Solve this one, math freaks.

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The Great Chocoberry Problem

The Great Chocoberry Problem - 15 August

Rohan, a 7 year old boy, was really fond of the chocolates called "Chocoberries". He asked his Mrs. Mother to give him some money to buy his favorite chocolates. His Mrs. Mother gave him Rs 45. He went to the shopkeeper and asked, "how much is one chocoberry for?". The shopkeeper said, Rs 3 for one chocolate. Also, if you give me the wrappers of three chocoberries, I will give you one for for the exchange.
In total, how many chocoberries could Rohan eat?

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One Question To Find Village

One Question To Find Village - 14 August

Mr. Buttons was all set to go to the village of Buttonland to meet his friend. So, he packed his bags and left for the village at 5 in the morning. Upon travelling on a road for miles, he came across a point where the road diverged into two. He was confused on which road to take. He gazed around and he saw two owls sitting on a branch. He thought he could ask for directions for the village from the two owls. So he went to the tree. There he saw a sign which read, "One owl always lies, and one is always truthful. They both fly away if you ask them more than 1 question."
Mr. Buttons was caught in the dilemma of what to ask? And from which owl to ask, since he only had one question. What should Mr. Buttons ask?

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Pun Delight

Pun Delight - 13 August

A bomb exploded in a room full of married couples and no one died.How ?

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Woody Problem

Woody Problem - 12 August

Riddle me this, Riddle me that,
What am I? I am made of wood, but you cant saw me down?

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River Crossing Guard Prisoner Family

River Crossing Guard Prisoner Family - 11 August

A river should be crossed by a father, a mother and their two sons and two daughters.
There are some rules that should be followed while crossing the river. There can be only two people in the raft while crossing. The daughters cannot be with their father unless there is the presence of the mother. The sons cannot be with their mothers unless the father is present. Unless the guard is on the board, the criminals cannot be with any of the family members. Only the adults like the father, the guard, and the mother knows to use the raft.

How will they cross the river?

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The Imported Chocolate

The Imported Chocolate - 10 August

Rohit went to buy some expensive, foreign chocolates. He only had Rs 100 with him. When he reached the shop, he got to know that on those chocolates, there was a 15% import duty and 5% VAT.

How much worth chocolate should he buy so that he can accommodate it in Rs 100 ?

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One Liner What Am I

One Liner What Am I - 9 August

The more it dries, the wetter it becomes. Can you tell what it is?

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Logic Container Time Puzzle

Logic Container Time Puzzle - 8 August

A large container is kept in open under the rain. Every passing hour, the water collected inside the container becomes double it was.

In ten hours, the container is filled completely. Can you calculate how long would it have taken to be filled half?

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Solve Who Am I Riddle

Solve Who Am I Riddle - 7 August

I am a mother. However, I never give birth.

I am a father. However, I never nurse my children.

Wandering is not possible for me, but standing still happens occurs rarely.

Who am I?

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Photo Plexer Puzzle

Photo Plexer Puzzle - 6 August

Can you solve the photo plexer logic ?

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Algebra Rebus

Algebra Rebus - 5 August

Solve algebra rebus ?

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How Many Chicken Maths Problem

How Many Chicken Maths Problem - 4 August

A farmer sold a few chickens to four different customers on a particular day. It was such that each customer purchased half of the remaining chickens and a half chicken more.

Can you find out how many chicken were sold by the farmer on that day if we tell you that the fourth customer bought a single chicken ?

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Algebra Cipher Puzzle

Algebra Cipher Puzzle - 3 August

If "P" means "-", "Q" means "/", "R" means "+", and "S" means "*" then find the value of the following:

21 Q 7 R 9 S 10 P 13

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Blind Who Am I

Blind Who Am I - 2 August

I have a eye but still cannot see.

Who am i ?

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Hard Square Count

Hard Square Count - 1 August

Can you calculate the total number of square in the given figure?

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Maths Sets Puzzle

Maths Sets Puzzle - 31 July

In a school, 280 students studied chemistry, 254 students studied physics and 280 students studied biology.

97 students studied chemistry as well as physics, 138 students studied physics as well as biology and 152 students studied chemistry as well as biology.

73 students studied all the three branches.

Can you find out the total number of students?

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Square Count Puzzle

Square Count Puzzle - 30 July

Can you count the number of squares that have been placed in the given picture?

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Chances Of Survival Probability Puzzle

Chances Of Survival Probability Puzzle - 29 July

You are trapped into a death trap by the famous jigsaw killer. As usual, a screen flashes in front of you and explains you the trap game.

There are 100 pearls kept in a bowl in front of you and an empty bowl. Among the 100 pearls, 50 are white and 50 are black. You can divide them as you like into the two bowls. Once you are done, you will pull a lever, which will turn the room pitch black. The bowls will move and shuffle around. In the dark, you have to pick up one pearl from any bowl. Once you do that, the room will flood with lights again. If the peral you have in your hand is white, you will be allowed to live, but if the pearl you picked is black, the room will be filled with poisonous gas and you will die.

How will divide the pearls to increase your chances of survival?

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How Many Squares Can You Find

How Many Squares Can You Find - 28 July

Can you count the number of squares in the given picture?

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