#1 - Tricky Time Question

Edward asked Bella, "The time right now is 7 pm. Can you tell me what will be the time 23, 999, 995 hours later ?"

While Bella does not know the answer, do you ?

The time after 24, 000, 000 hours later will be the same i.e. 7 pm. Five hours before that, the time will be 5 hours before 7 pm i.e. 2 pm.

#2 - Popular Find Error In Sentence Puzzle

They are three errirs in this question. Can you find them ?

Following are the three errors:
a) They (it should be There)
b) errirs (it should be spelled errors)
c) The question asks for three errors however there are only two.

#3 - What Do You See Picture Puzzle

What do you see in the given picture?

What Do You See Picture Puzzle

If you concentrate on the black portion, you will see the word "good". Within inside you will find white spaces concentrating on which you will see the word evil.

The picture represents that the whole concept of good cant exists without the evil.

#4 - Trick Story Puzzle

A man was telling some of his war stories to his grandchildren.
"When the World War I was on the verge of end, I was awarded for my bravery for I had saved a group of my men." He coughed and then added, "When we were fighting in northern France, an enemy soldier threw a grenade at us. Before it could explode, I picked it up and threw it away. For my act of bravery, right before the war ended, A General gave me a sword engraved with the words "Awarded for Display of Bravery and Heroism in World War 1"."

Hearing this, one of the grandson spoke up. "Grandpa, this is not a true story. It can"t be true!"

The truth is that it was not. How did the grand children know it?

The word "World War I" could not have been engraved on the sword. This is because the Second World War had not happened then and nobody knew that it will happen.

#5 - Who Is The Murderer Riddle

Role Action
Block Prevents the target player from acting
Redirect Change target player target.
Save Protects the target player from death.
Seer Sees all actions that occurred
Murderer Kills the target player

Following five players are playing:

You are Andy the Seer and you saw the following things:
a) Brian was redirected to Chris.
b) Chris was blocked.
c) Daniel was killed.

Who is the murderer then?

The murderer is Fred.

Andy is the seer so exclude him.
Now, if Brian was murderer, then Chris should have been killed.
Now we know that Chris was blocked. Therefore he cannot be the murderer.
Daniel cant be the killer as he was killed himself.
This leaves with Fred.

#6 - Four Squares Matchsticks Puzzle

In the formation, you can see a few arranged matchsticks. Can you form three squares by moving just three matchsticks ?

Four Squares Matchsticks Puzzle

The figures shows how to do it.

#7 - Knights Tour Chess Puzzle

In the picture, you can see a chess board. On the top left position, the K marks a knight. Now, can you move the knight in a manner that after 63 moves, the knight has been placed at all the squares exactly once excluding the starting square?

Knights Tour Chess Puzzle

As you can see in the picture, the strategy used here is to cover the border first and then move to the inner squares.

#8 - Confusing Probability Puzzle

You along with your friend are standing in front of two houses. Each of those houses inhabits a family with two children.

Your friend tells you the below two facts:
1) On your left is a family that has a boy who likes accounts but the other child loves science.
2) On the right is a family with a seven year old boy and a new born baby.

You ask him, "Does either of the family have a girl?"

To this he replies, "I am not quite sure. But can you guess that? If you are right, I will give you $200."

Which family do you think is likely to have a girl ?


In the house on the left, there are three possibilities:
Younger Older
Girl Boy
Boy Girl
Boy Boy

We cant have a girl-girl option because it has been mentioned that there is at least one boy in that house. Now all these outcomes are equally likely, and we have two events with girls, the chances of having a girl in the left house is 2/3.

In the house on the right, there are two possibilities because we already know that the older child is a boy:
Younger Older
Girl Boy
Boy Boy
Here the chances are 1/2.

Thus you must choose the house on the left for better chances at winning.

#9 - Missing Number Row Sequence

Can you find the missing number in the third row?
35 20 14
27 12 18
5 2 ?

The missing number is 20.

Here (left number / middle number) * 8 = right number
E.g. (35 / 20) * 8 = (7/4) * 8 = 7 x 2 = 14
You can follow the same to find out the remaining digit.

#10 - Two Rectangles Two Matchsticks Puzzle

Can you move two matchsticks in the given picture in a manner that the resulting arrangement comes up with two rectangles?

Two Rectangles Two Matchsticks Puzzle

See the image to find out how we did it. PS: Square is also a rectangle.