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Trivia English Riddle

Trivia English Riddle - 31 January

There is an English word that can be used up to four times in a row without modifying the spelling and form a valid grammatical sentence.

Do you know what word is that?

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Trick Story Puzzle

Trick Story Puzzle - 30 January

A man was telling some of his war stories to his grandchildren.
"When the World War I was on the verge of end, I was awarded for my bravery for I had saved a group of my men." He coughed and then added, "When we were fighting in northern France, an enemy soldier threw a grenade at us. Before it could explode, I picked it up and threw it away. For my act of bravery, right before the war ended, A General gave me a sword engraved with the words "Awarded for Display of Bravery and Heroism in World War 1"."

Hearing this, one of the grandson spoke up. "Grandpa, this is not a true story. It can"t be true!"

The truth is that it was not. How did the grand children know it?

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Who Is The Murderer Riddle

Who Is The Murderer Riddle - 29 January

Role Action
Block Prevents the target player from acting
Redirect Change target player target.
Save Protects the target player from death.
Seer Sees all actions that occurred
Murderer Kills the target player

Following five players are playing:

You are Andy the Seer and you saw the following things:
a) Brian was redirected to Chris.
b) Chris was blocked.
c) Daniel was killed.

Who is the murderer then?

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Four Squares Matchsticks Puzzle

Four Squares Matchsticks Puzzle - 28 January

In the formation, you can see a few arranged matchsticks. Can you form three squares by moving just three matchsticks ?

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Knights Tour Chess Puzzle

Knights Tour Chess Puzzle - 27 January

In the picture, you can see a chess board. On the top left position, the K marks a knight. Now, can you move the knight in a manner that after 63 moves, the knight has been placed at all the squares exactly once excluding the starting square?

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Confusing Probability Puzzle

Confusing Probability Puzzle - 26 January

You along with your friend are standing in front of two houses. Each of those houses inhabits a family with two children.

Your friend tells you the below two facts:
1) On your left is a family that has a boy who likes accounts but the other child loves science.
2) On the right is a family with a seven year old boy and a new born baby.

You ask him, "Does either of the family have a girl?"

To this he replies, "I am not quite sure. But can you guess that? If you are right, I will give you $200."

Which family do you think is likely to have a girl ?

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Hard Movie Rebus Puzzle

Hard Movie Rebus Puzzle - 25 January

The what? This image tells the name of a movie. Can you crack the code and find the name?

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9 dots 4 Lines Picture Puzzle

9 dots 4 Lines Picture Puzzle - 24 January

You will find nine dots in the picture that has been attached with this question. Can you join all the dots drawing four straight lines without picking up your pen?

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Quick Fire Puzzle

Quick Fire Puzzle - 23 January

A patient was diagnose with some ailment. He was given five different tablets to take at night at an interval of 15 minutes.

How long will it take the patient to consume all the five tablets?

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Missing Number Row Sequence

Missing Number Row Sequence - 22 January

Can you find the missing number in the third row?
35 20 14
27 12 18
5   2    ?

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NYC Hardest Logical Deduction Puzzle

NYC Hardest Logical Deduction Puzzle - 21 January

You are hanging around in NYC when a person approaches you.

"Leaving the bald people aside, I can bet a hundred bucks that there are two people living in NYC who have same number of hairs on their heads," he says to you.

You say that you will take the bet. After talking to the man for a couple of minutes, you realize that you have lost the bet.

What did the person say to you that proved his statement ?

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Two Rectangles Two Matchsticks Puzzle

Two Rectangles Two Matchsticks Puzzle - 20 January

Can you move two matchsticks in the given picture in a manner that the resulting arrangement comes up with two rectangles?

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Thoughtworks Interview Logic Puzzle

Thoughtworks Interview Logic Puzzle - 19 January

There are ten boxes containing some balls. Each of the ball weighs exactly 10 grams. One of those boxes have defective balls (all the defective balls weigh 9 grams each).

An electronic weighing machine is provided to you and you are allowed only one chance of weighing on it.

How will you find out which box has defective balls ?

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Ammazing Maths Movie Puzzle

Amazing Maths Movie Puzzle - 18 January

You see a mathematical expression in the picture. Can you think of a movie that this expression refers to?

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Tricky Time Question

Tricky Time Question - 17 January

Edward asked Bella, "The time right now is 7 pm. Can you tell me what will be the time 23, 999, 995 hours later ?"

While Bella does not know the answer, do you ?

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How many triangles can you find

How many triangles can you find - 16 January

Count the number of triangles in the given picture.

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Hard JigSaw Probability Question

Hard JigSaw Probability Question - 15 January

Welcome to the deadly game placed by the serial killer Jigsaw. You are tied to a chair and you cant move your hands or get up. Jigsaw shows you an empty gun with all the six chambers empty. He puts two bullets in the adjacent chambers and then close the barrel. He spins it and then point the gun to your head. The first shot snaps. It was an empty slot.

Now before pressing the trigger again, he asks you whether to pull the trigger or to spin the barrel first and then pull the trigger.

If the second shot goes empty, you will be spared by him. What will you choose?

Also think what will you chose if the bullets are not in the adjacent chambers.

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Popular Find Error In Sentence Puzzle

Popular Find Error In Sentence Puzzle - 14 January

They are three errirs in this question. Can you find them ?

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Decode Word Language Puzzle

Decode Word Language Puzzle - 13 January

In a coded language:
a) "Cosey Miso Ro" means "We are Goblins";
b) "Tichu KoPi Miso Pa" means "they are Evil People";
c) "Juha Liho KoPi " means "Who is Evil";
d) "Ro Miso Pi KoPi" means "the Goblins are Evil".

Can you find out what word means "The" in this coded language ?

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Find The Movie Puzzle

Find The Movie Puzzle - 12 January

Can you find out the name of the movie that has been represented by the atom chain in the given picture?

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Two Rectangles Matchsticks Puzzle

Two Rectangles Matchsticks Puzzle - 11 January

In the given figure, move three matchsticks so that the resulting figure contains two rectangles.

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Relationship Short Riddle

Relationship Short Riddle - 10 January

What will you call your mother"s brother"s brother-in-law?

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Find The Movie Picture Puzzle

Find The Movie Picture Puzzle - 9 January

Can you find out name of the movie that is hidden in this picture?

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Hard LCD Watch Time Puzzle

Hard LCD Watch Time Puzzle - 8 January

The LCD device should be able to tell the right time in the format HH:MM:SS in 12-hour format. You can refer to the picture to get an idea.

The device is a simple "level indicator" which has to be converted into a watch. How will you program it to work?

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Crazy Trick Adam Riddle

Crazy Trick Adam Riddle - 7 January

Adam and his wife were living in a rural place. On a certain day, Adam wife fell ill and he called the local doctor. When the doctor picked up, he said, "Doctor, my wife is ill. She might have appendicitis."

"This cant be possible! I took out her appendix two years ago myself," the doctor explained.

When diagnosed, Adam wife was found to have appendicitis. How can this be possible ?

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Distribution Maths Problem

Distribution Maths Problem - 6 January

Three friends decide to distribute the soda cans they had among them. When all of them had drunk four cans each, the total number of cans that remained were equal to the cans each one of them had after they had divided the cans.

Can you calculate the total number of cans before distribution ?

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What Do You See Picture Puzzle

What Do You See Picture Puzzle - 5 January

What do you see in the given picture?

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Short Lateral Thinking Question

Short Lateral Thinking Question - 4 January

Two players were arrested on the spot by the police while swapping their jerseys openly during the half break of the soccer world cup.

Why do you think they were arrested?

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Count the number of f's in this sentence

count the number of f's in this sentence - 3 January

This is a simple one. You just have to count the number of F in the given sentence.

Finished Files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.

How many did you count ?

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Suspicious Mystery Riddle

Suspicious Mystery Riddle - 2 January

A girl was sitting in her hotel room when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and found that a man was standing outside.
The man said, "Oh! I am really sorry, I thought this was my room."
He then walked through the corridor to the elevator. The girl did not know the man. She closed her door and called the security asking them to apprehend the man.
What made her suspicious of that man? He might have been genuinely mistaken.

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Funny New Year Riddle

Funny New Year Riddle - 1 January

How many months in this year will have 28 days ?

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