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Hard JigSaw Probability Question

Hard JigSaw Probability Question - 15 January

Welcome to the deadly game placed by the serial killer Jigsaw. You are tied to a chair and you cant move your hands or get up. Jigsaw shows you an empty gun with all the six chambers empty. He puts two bullets in the adjacent chambers and then close the barrel. He spins it and then point the gun to your head. The first shot snaps. It was an empty slot.

Now before pressing the trigger again, he asks you whether to pull the trigger or to spin the barrel first and then pull the trigger.

If the second shot goes empty, you will be spared by him. What will you choose?

Also think what will you chose if the bullets are not in the adjacent chambers.

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  1. If the bullets are next to each other, it is better to NOT spin. There's a 75% chance that you're fine if you don't spin, but only a 67% chance by spinning again.
    If the bullets are NOT next to each other, it is better to spin again. There's a 50% chance that you're fine if you don't spin, but a 67% chance if you do.

  2. I think if the bullets are next to each other it's better to spin. You have only a 3/6 or 1/2 chance it landed at least 2 away from a bullet. This changes to 4/6 or 2/3 each time you spin or 4/9 which is less.
    If separated, it's still better to spin and start your odds over. After the first 2/3 chance of no bullet, the second shot becomes 3/5 that the remaining chamber is empty for 6/15 or 40%. Spinning each time you have 2/3 ties 2/3 or 4/9 chance (44%) of not beig shot.