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Writer Age Riddle

Writer Age Riddle - 28 February

A writer was fifty years old in the year 2000 but he was forty years old in the year 2010.

How can this be possible?
PS: It has a logical answer.

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Hard Missing Number Grid

Hard Missing Number Grid - 27 February

Can you find out the missing number in the grid?

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Which Direction Puzzle - 26 February

B is to the North-East of D; A is to the North-East of C; C is to the West of D; E is to the South-West of D and to the South of C; and A is to the north of D and in line with B.

You have to find out that in which direction of E is B located. Can you do it ?

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What Is Today

What Is Today - 25 February

The day after tomorrow will be three days before Tuesday. Can you find out what is today?

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How Many Chocolates Maths Problem

How Many Chocolates Maths Problem - 24 February

You have two jars of chocolates labelled as P and Q. If you move one chocolate from P to Q, the number of chocolates on B will become twice the number of chocolates in A. If you move one chocolate from Q to P, the number of chocolates in both the jars will become equal.

Can you find out how many chocolates are there in P and Q respectively?

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8 Number Grid Puzzle

8 Number Grid Puzzle - 23 February

You are provided with a grid (as shown in the picture). Can you fill the squares with numbers 1-8 in a manner that none of the two consecutive numbers are placed next to each other in any direction (vertically, horizontally or diagonally?)

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Simple Trick Teaser

Simple Trick Teaser - 22 February

In a grocery supermarket, there is an intelligent glass pane before a refrigerating unit. This glass pane allows cherries and apples through it but does not allow grapes and melons to pass through it.

Can you identify the rule that the glass pane is following?

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Complete The Equation Puzzle

Complete The Equation Puzzle - 21 February

Below, you can see three complete equations and one incomplete. Based on the three complete ones, can you complete the incomplete one?

5 $ 4 $ 3 $ 9 = 4215
6 $ 9 $ 2 $ 6 = 3816
4 $ 7 $ 3 $ 3 = 1122
7 $ 2 $ 7 $ 4 = ____

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Trick Quick Riddle

Trick Quick Riddle - 20 February

Usually, a boxing match consist of twelve rounds. In a particular friendly match between two heavyweights, the match was finished in the seventh round itself as one of the boxer knocked out the other one.

But, in that fight, no man threw even a single punch.

How can this be possible ?

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Word Series Puzzle

Word Series Puzzle - 19 February

You can find some missing letters in the picture. By placing two particular letters in the spaces, you can from a nine lettered word beginning from one of the corners and going clockwise direction to the middle.

Can you find out the letters and the word ?

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Lateral Thinking Game Winner Puzzle

Lateral Thinking Game Winner Puzzle - 18 February

Aaron, Brad, Christopher, Danny and Elvis decided to play a game of tiddly winks. In this game they decided that one win will get 1 point for winning, 0 for losing and 1/2 in case of a tie.

They finished the game in alphabetical order and it was found that the scores were different for each person.

Based on the following two statements, can you find out the result of the individual games?
Brad: No one could finish like me, without a loss.
Elvis: No one played worse than me, I finished without a single win.

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8 Letter Picture Puzzle

8 Letter Picture Puzzle - 17 February

In the given picture, you can find two letters to be missing. When two particular letters are placed in the missing spots, you get an eight letter word while reading in anti-clockwise direction.

Can you find out the missing letters and the missing word eventually?

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Number Guessing Riddle

Number Guessing Riddle - 16 February

Lets play a guessing game. Have selected a number in my mind and you have to find it out. The hint for you is:
The tens digit is 7 more than ones digit and the hundreds digit is 6 less than the tens digit.

Can you find the number now?

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Popular Missing Number Sequence

Popular Missing Number Sequence - 15 February

Can you find out the missing number?

?  4  5   3   5

9  5  7  10  3

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Read Word Tiger Picture Puzzle

Read Word Tiger Picture Puzzle - 14 February

In the given picture, in how many ways can you read the word "Tiger"?

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Find Number Of Days Problem

Find Number Of Days Problem - 13 February

A few friends decided to go on a vacation to a resort. It was raining heavily and it kept raining for thirteen days.

When it rained in the morning, the afternoon was beautiful and when it rained in the afternoon, the day was blessed with a clear morning.

Overall, the friends experienced eleven nice mornings and twelve nice afternoons. Can you find out the number of days they spent in the vacations ?

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Hardest Counting Squares Puzzle

Hardest Counting Squares Puzzle - 12 February

A network of 20 x 10 squares is given to you.

Can you calculate how many unique squares and rectangles can be formed combining two or more individual squares ?

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Picture Sequence Puzzle

Picture Sequence Puzzle - 11 February

In the given figure, you can see that there are four circles numbered from 1 to 4. In the fourth circle, a digit is missing. Can you find out a relation and tell which number will suffice the pattern?

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Relationship Problem

Relationship Problem - 10 February

Andy is father of B and Dexter is son of C. Eric is brother of A and E also has a daughter Fanny, if Cindy is sister of A then what is the relation between the Fanny, B and Dexter ?

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Missing Digit Puzzle

Missing Digit Puzzle - 9 February

The center of the third figure is empty. What digit should fit inside?

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Count Chocolates Maths Problem

Count Chocolates Maths Problem - 8 February

A and B have a certain number of chocolates with them. If B gives one chocolate to A, they will have equal number of chocolates. But if A gives one chocolate to B, then A will be left with half the number of chocolates that B has.

Can you find out the number of chocolates they have right now?

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Find Which Movie

Find Which Movie - 7 February

This cute little figure holds the name of a movie. Can you find out which movie is that ?

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Fill The Holes In Picture series

Fill The Holes In Picture series - 6 February

You can see some missing numbers in the figure. You have to fill them such that the sum of each side equals 36.

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Measure Time Interview Puzzle

Measure Time Interview Puzzle - 5 February

There are two candles. Both will only burn exactly for an hour. How will you use these two candles to measure forty-five minutes?

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Relationship Statement Riddle

Relationship Statement Riddle - 4 February

Each of these statements (which are true) refers to seven out of the eight living members of a family. You will find that the statement either refers to them by their personal name or through their relationship with another member. The statements are:
a) Jacob's wife's sister's husband's mother's son is Patrick's cousin's father.
b) Sia's grand-daughter's cousin's father's sister-in-law is Gerry's son-in-law's wife.

Now if Annabelle has no children, what relationship does she share with Michael?

PS: There can be two solutions to this problem.

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Hard Tricky Maths Trivia Question

Hard Tricky Maths Trivia Question - 3 February

Can you think of three numbers that gives a prime number as their product and also the difference between the second and first is equal to the difference between third and second?

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Counting Apples Basket Problem

Counting Apples Basket Problem - 2 February

In a basket of apples,
when counted in twos, there was one extra
when counted in threes, there were two extra when counted in fours, there were three extra
when counted in fives, there were four extra
when counted in sixes, there were five extra.

However, if the apples were counted in sevens, no extra apple was left. Can you calculate the minimum number of apples that were present in the basket ?

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Famous Chess Board Puzzle

Famous Chess Board Puzzle - 1 February

In a chess board, the queen piece can movie horizontally, vertically and diagonally freely. The picture represents the same.

Can you place 8 queens on the board in a manner that none of the queens can attack each other?

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