#1 - Which Direction Puzzle

B is to the North-East of D; A is to the North-East of C; C is to the West of D; E is to the South-West of D and to the South of C; and A is to the north of D and in line with B.

You have to find out that in which direction of E is B located. Can you do it ?

As we draw on a paper (see the figure) we find out that B is located on the North-East of E.

#2 - 8 Number Grid Puzzle

You are provided with a grid (as shown in the picture). Can you fill the squares with numbers 1-8 in a manner that none of the two consecutive numbers are placed next to each other in any direction (vertically, horizontally or diagonally?)

8 Number Grid Puzzle

This problem can be solved in four different ways. The picture shows you one of the solutions. Can you find out the other three?

#3 - Complete The Equation Puzzle

Below, you can see three complete equations and one incomplete. Based on the three complete ones, can you complete the incomplete one?

5 $ 4 $ 3 $ 9 = 4215
6 $ 9 $ 2 $ 6 = 3816
4 $ 7 $ 3 $ 3 = 1122
7 $ 2 $ 7 $ 4 = ____

2418 is the answer.

The algo that has been used here is

A $ B $ C $ D = [first digit of (A * D)] [last digit of (B * C)] [first digit of (B * C)] [last digit of (A * D)]

Using the same algo,
7 $ 2 $ 7 $ 4 = [first digit of (7 * 4)] [last digit of (2 * 7)] [first digit of (2 * 7)] [last digit of (7 * 4)]
= 2418

#4 - Trick Quick Riddle

Usually, a boxing match consist of twelve rounds. In a particular friendly match between two heavyweights, the match was finished in the seventh round itself as one of the boxer knocked out the other one.

But, in that fight, no man threw even a single punch.

How can this be possible ?

This is absolutely possible because the match was between two female boxers.

#5 - 8 Letter Picture Puzzle

In the given picture, you can find two letters to be missing. When two particular letters are placed in the missing spots, you get an eight letter word while reading in anti-clockwise direction. Can you find out the missing letters and the missing word eventually?

8 Letter Picture Puzzle

The missing letters are C (on the right) and P (on the left) and the word is champion.

#6 - Popular Missing Number Sequence

Can you find out the missing number?

? 4 5 3 5

9 5 7 10 3


The number in the upper row indicates the number of letters in the alphabetical form of the number below.

9 = Nine = four letters
Therefore the missing number is 4.

#7 - Measure Time Interview Puzzle

There are two candles. Both will only burn exactly for an hour. How will you use these two candles to measure forty-five minutes?

Burn one candle from both the ends and simultaneously burn the other candle from just one end. In half an hour, the first candle would have been burnt fully and the second one would have been burnt half. Now light the other end of the second candle as well. In this way, the second candle will take only half the time (30/2 = 15) to burn fully.

Thus, you will have measured forty five minutes.

#8 - Hard Tricky Maths Trivia Question

Can you think of three numbers that gives a prime number as their product and also the difference between the second and first is equal to the difference between third and second?

The three numbers are: -3, -1 and 1.
Remember that we never asked for positive numbers.

#9 - Famous Chess Board Puzzle

In a chess board, the queen piece can movie horizontally, vertically and diagonally freely. The picture represents the same.Can you place 8 queens on the board in a manner that none of the queens can attack each other?

Famous Chess Board Puzzle

See the image to find out how it can be done.

#10 - Writer Age Riddle

A writer was fifty years old in the year 2000 but he was forty years old in the year 2010.

How can this be possible?
PS: It has a logical answer.

The writer lived in the era of B.C. not A.D.