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Find Number Of Days Problem

Find Number Of Days Problem - 13 February

A few friends decided to go on a vacation to a resort. It was raining heavily and it kept raining for thirteen days.

When it rained in the morning, the afternoon was beautiful and when it rained in the afternoon, the day was blessed with a clear morning.

Overall, the friends experienced eleven nice mornings and twelve nice afternoons. Can you find out the number of days they spent in the vacations ?

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  1. The friends arrived the first day in afternoon when it had finished raining in morning. So one less morning. since a ping - pong is involved , it means atleast 11 full days + half day extra for that first afternoon. total 11.5d

  2. They spent 18 days:
    6 nice mornings with a rainy afternoon + 7 rainy mornings with a nice afternoon = 13 rainy days
    5 nice mornings with a nice afternoon = 5 sunny days