#1 - Weird Boy Behavior Riddle

A police officer was passing by when he saw a guy hiding. He walked up to him and genially asked, "What is your name?"

"Shut up!" the boy responded.

"Where are your manners?" asked the outraged police officer.

"Up that tree," said the boy discourteously, directing to a neighbouring tree.

"You"re looking for trouble, aren"t you?" said the police officer.

"No, trouble is looking for me!" the boy answered solemnly.

Why is the boy behaving like this?

The boy is not behaving rudely. His name is "Shut Up", and he is playing hide-and-seek with two of his friends - "Manners" and "Trouble". "Trouble" is the one who counted, so now he is looking for the other two boys. "Manners" is hiding up the tree.

#2 - Switch Or Not Puzzle

You are presented with three boxes. One of them has a red ball inside and the other two have a black ball inside each of them. You are asked to pick up the one with red ball and you pick one. Now, one of the other boxes is opened and it is found to have a black ball.

You are presented with a chance to change your box with the one that is left closed. Will you change your box? Why or why not?

When you picked up a random box, the probability that the red ball was inside was 1/3.
The chance that red ball was inside one of the two left boxes was 2/3. One box is opened and it is found to have a black ball.

Now you still have a probability of 1/3 that the ball inside your box is red. While the other box has a probability of 2/3 that the red ball is inside since the box that was opened has been taken out.

Thus, you must change the boxes and you will double the chances of getting a red ball.

#3 - Find Out The Word Problem

Three words in English language end with the letters "g", "r" and "y". Out of those three words, two are - "hungry" and "angry".

The third word can be interpreted as something that we utilize every day. Can you find out what that word is ?

The third word in energy.
You must be confused. If you read the question, it says that the word ends with "g", "r" and "y". There is no mention about the order of these letters.
Energy is utilized by us every day.

#4 - Count The Number Of Triangles In Figure

Can you count the number of triangles in the puzzle below ?

Count The Number Of Triangles In Figure

There are 56 triangles add up to in the Snowflake outline.

There are 5 in the huge equilateral triangle part into littler equilateral triangles.
There are 3 inside the focal little equilateral triangle utilizing the middle vertex.
There are 18 (3 * 6) with the additional hexagonal sides around the little equilateral triangle.
There are 30 (3 * 10) with the additional hexagonal sides around the vast equilateral triangle.

#5 - Hard Day Born Puzzle

Raman was born on March 5, 1970. Prakhar was born 25 days before Raman. The year when they took birth, the Republic Day fell on Monday.

Can you find out on what day was Prakhar born?

Prakhar was born on Sunday.

Prakhar was born 25 days before Raman and thus the birth date of Prakhar will be 8 Feb 1970.
Republic Day was on Monday.
Number of days from 26 January till 8 February = 13

After 13 days of Monday, it will be Sunday.

#6 - Cost Pen Cap Puzzle

A pen along with its cap costs Rs. 5.50. If the cost of pen is Rs. 5, more than the cap, can you calculate the cost of the cap ?

Let the cost of cap = c
Cost of pen = (5 + c)

As per the condition

5.50 = 5 + c + c
2c = 0.5
C = 0.25

Thus the cost of the cap is 25 Paise

#7 - Decode Rebus

Decode below rebus
S , D

Stand up comedy (stand up comma D)

#8 - Seven Members Five Rows Puzzle

Thirty friends were on a hiking trip when they decided to enjoy the bonfire. They assembled for it and agreed to play a game. For that, they divided themselves in five teams with seven members each, forming five rows.

How did they manage to achieve this formation ?

You can see that they decided to form a pentagonal formation.

#9 - Trick Time Riddle

Doctor advised his patient to take a tablet after every fifteen minutes. He gave him five tablets in total.

How much time will he take to have all the five tablets ?


The patient will be able to take all the tablets in an hour. This is because the first tablet will start the time.
1st tablet = 0 min
2nd tablet = 15 min
3rd tablet = 30 min
4th tablet = 45 min
5th tablet = 60 min

#10 - Six Digit Number Puzzle

Calculate a six digit number that is smaller than 500000 such that the sum of its digits is 43 exactly.


Let us begin with the maximum sum of a digit under 500000. Of course it will be the sum of 499999.
4 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 49.

Now, the required number must be close to it.
Rooting 499999, we get 707.106
Taking the square of 707, we get 499849.
4 + 9 + 9 + 8 + 4 + 9 = 43

Thus, the required number is 499849.