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Missing Number Series

Missing Number Series - 31 March

Can you find a pattern and find the missing number in the series given below?
84, 155, 258, ? , 584, 819.

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Family Relationship Riddle

Family Relationship Riddle - 30 March

P is the father of Q and S is the son of R. T is the brother of P and has a daughter U. If R is the sister of P, then what is the relation between U, Q and S?

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Weird Boy Behavior Riddle

Weird Boy Behavior Riddle - 29 March

A police officer was passing by when he saw a guy hiding. He walked up to him and genially asked, "What is your name?"

"Shut up!" the boy responded.

"Where are your manners?" asked the outraged police officer.

"Up that tree," said the boy discourteously, directing to a neighbouring tree.

"You"re looking for trouble, aren"t you?" said the police officer.

"No, trouble is looking for me!" the boy answered solemnly.

Why is the boy behaving like this?

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What I Am Riddle

What I Am Riddle - 28 March

As easy as you can get into me, it is as hard to get out of me.

Do you know what I am?

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Switch Or Not Puzzle

Switch Or Not Puzzle - 27 March

You are presented with three boxes. One of them has a red ball inside and the other two have a black ball inside each of them. You are asked to pick up the one with red ball and you pick one. Now, one of the other boxes is opened and it is found to have a black ball.

You are presented with a chance to change your box with the one that is left closed. Will you change your box? Why or why not?

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Stupid Liquid Riddle

Stupid Liquid Riddle - 26 March

How will you make an air conditioner, a parrot, a refrigerator, and a table liquid?

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Find Out The Word Problem

Find Out The Word Problem - 25 March

Three words in English language end with the letters "g", "r" and "y". Out of those three words, two are - "hungry" and "angry".

The third word can be interpreted as something that we utilize every day. Can you find out what that word is ?

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Count The Number Of Triangles In Figure

Count The Number Of Triangles In Figure - 24 March

Can you count the number of triangles in the puzzle below ?

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Short Story Birbal Riddle

Short Story Birbal Riddle - 23 March

A man was convicted of a minor offense in Akbar court. Akbar decided to give him a chance. He asked him to give a statement. If the statement is true, he will be killed by lions and if it is false, he will be killed by trampling of wild elephants.

The convicted person requested help from Birbal and since the crime was not a big one, Birbal decided to help him. Whatever Birbal suggested impressed Kabir and he let the convicted person go.

What did Birbal suggest to the person?

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Hard Day Born Puzzle

Hard Day Born Puzzle - 22 March

Raman was born on March 5, 1970. Prakhar was born 25 days before Raman. The year when they took birth, the Republic Day fell on Monday.

Can you find out on what day was Prakhar born?

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Cost Pen Cap Puzzle

Cost Pen Cap Puzzle - 21 March

A pen along with its cap costs Rs. 5.50. If the cost of pen is Rs. 5, more than the cap, can you calculate the cost of the cap ?

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Decode Rebus

Decode Rebus - 20 March

Decode below rebus
S , D

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Akbar Birbal Riddle

Akbar Birbal Riddle - 19 March

Once while in his court, King Akbar asked Birbal to write something on a wall that makes one sad when read in good times and makes one happy when read in sad times.

He took only a few moment and wrote something that fit the requirements. What did he write?

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Replace Question Mark Picture

Replace Question Mark Picture - 18 March

What number should come in place of question mark?

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Disabled Person Winner Riddle

Disabled Person Winner Riddle - 17 March

In a competition, the contestants had to hold something. When the winner was announced, he was a physically disabled person. How can this be possible?

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Hard Decipher Rebus

Hard Decipher Rebus - 16 March

Can you decipher below rebus ?


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Decipher Rebus

Hard Decipher Rebus - 16 March

Can you decipher below rebus ?


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Smallest Number Problem

Smallest Number Problem - 15 March

There is a number which when you multiply by 3 and subtract 2 from the result, then the resulting number is the reverse of the actual number.

What is the smallest number that stands true on the statement?

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Brain Twist Math Equation

Brain Twist Math Equation - 14 March

Can you write a mathematical expression having a value of twenty four, that uses three equal digits, none of them being eight.

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Math Number Series

Math Number Series - 13 March

5, 16, 49, 104, ?

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Classic Two Bottles Pill Puzzle

Classic Two Bottles Pill Puzzle - 12 March

You have two bottles of pills marked with the label A and B. The pills are identical. The doctor has asked you to take one A pill and one B pill daily. You cant take more or less than that.

While taking out the pills one day, you took out one pill from A and by mistake took out two from B. You have no idea which pill is which now.

You cant throw away the expensive pills. What will you do now?

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Find The Number Puzzle

Find The Number Puzzle - 11 March

There is a square of a particular number which when doubled, becomes 7 more than its quarter.

Can you find the number?

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Distance Tyre Maths Problem

Distance Tyre Maths Problem - 10 March

A man always keeps a spare tyre in his car. To make full use of all the five tyres, he changes the tyres in a manner that for a distance of 1, 00,000 km, each of them runs the same distance.

Can you calculate the distance traveled by each tyre in that journey ?

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Seven Members Five Rows Puzzle

Seven Members Five Rows Puzzle - 9 March

Thirty friends were on a hiking trip when they decided to enjoy the bonfire. They assembled for it and agreed to play a game. For that, they divided themselves in five teams with seven members each, forming five rows.

How did they manage to achieve this formation ?

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Confusing Lost Chocolates Puzzle

Confusing Lost Chocolates Puzzle - 8 March

Alex bought 150 chocolates but he misplaced some of them. His mother asked him how many chocolates were misplaced and he gave the following answer to her:
If you count in pairs, one remain
If you count in threes, two remain
If you count in fours, three remain
If you count in fives, four remain
If you count in sixes, five remain
If you count in sevens, no chocolate remain.

Can you analyze the statements and tell us how many chocolates were lost?

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Trick Time Riddle

Trick Time Riddle - 7 March

Doctor advised his patient to take a tablet after every fifteen minutes. He gave him five tablets in total.

How much time will he take to have all the five tablets ?

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Find Ages Puzzle

Find Ages Puzzle - 6 March

Aditya is 45 years older than his son Atul. If you find similarities between their ages, both of their ages contains prime numbers as the digits. Also, Aditya age is the reverse of Atul age.

Can you find their ages ?

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Clockwise Word Riddle

Clockwise Word Riddle - 5 March

If you read clockwise, you can form a word by inserting three missing letters in the picture.

Can you do it?

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Flaw Statement Riddle

Flaw Statement Riddle - 4 March

"That shopping mall always remain crowded. This is the reason why nobody goes there."

Can you find a flaw in this statement ?

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Six Digit Number Puzzle

Six Digit Number Puzzle - 3 March

Calculate a six digit number that is smaller than 500000 such that the sum of its digits is 43 exactly ?

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How Many Chocolates Maths Puzzle

How Many Chocolates Maths Puzzle - 2 March

In a certain offer, you can exchange 5 wrappers of chocolate to get an actual chocolate. After utilizing two weeks, a man manages to collect 77 wrappers.

Can you find out how many chocolates will he be able to get in return?

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Riddle Who Am I

Riddle Who Am I - 1 March

I am a five letter word under you,
Remove first letter and I am above you,
Remove the second as well and I am around you.

Who am I ?

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