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Confusing Lost Chocolates Puzzle

Confusing Lost Chocolates Puzzle - 8 March

Alex bought 150 chocolates but he misplaced some of them. His mother asked him how many chocolates were misplaced and he gave the following answer to her:
If you count in pairs, one remain
If you count in threes, two remain
If you count in fours, three remain
If you count in fives, four remain
If you count in sixes, five remain
If you count in sevens, no chocolate remain.

Can you analyze the statements and tell us how many chocolates were lost?

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  1. Just a few days ago the same question was asked


  2. remaining chocolates is 147. losted-3 no's.

  3. shridhar

    147 is not possible because the remainder by 5 is 2 not 4

    as the others said it's 119 remaining so 31 misplaced