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Egg Trick Statement Riddle

Egg Trick Statement Riddle - 30 April

A container contains hundred eggs. They can be either fresh or rotten. What is sure is the fact that there is at least one fresh egg in that container.

If you are asked to pick two eggs randomly from the container, at least one of them will be rotten.

Can you calculate how many eggs in that container are fresh?

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Unscramble Word Picture Puzzle

Unscramble Word Picture Puzzle - 29 April

You can find two rows in the given picture each with six letters. You have to unscramble the letters and make two words (one from first row and second from second row).

After that, you have to unscramble the circled letter as well to find a meaningful word.

Can you do it?

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Find The Missing Number In The Series

Find The Missing Number In The Series - 28 April

Complete the following series by finding the missing last term.
2, 12, 36, 80, 150, __?

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Simple Statement Riddle

Simple Statement Riddle - 27 April

A shepherd had twenty sheep, out of which, all but thirteen died.

Can you tell us how many sheep was he left with?

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How Many Burgers Maths Problem

How Many Burgers Maths Problem - 26 April

If one and a half boys, eat one and a half burgers in one and a half hours.

How many burgers can 9 boys eat in 3 hours ?

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Fresh Egg Trick Riddle

Fresh Egg Trick Riddle - 25 April

A container contains hundred eggs. They can be either fresh or rotten. What is sure is the fact that there is at least one fresh egg in that container.

If you are asked to pick two eggs randomly from the container, at least one of them will be rotten.

Can you calculate how many eggs in that container are fresh ?

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Science Weigh Puzzle

Science Weigh Puzzle - 24 April

You balance a broom horizontally on your finger such that your finger is present on the center of the gravity of the broom (precisely). You mark the spot and cut the broom into two halves. You are left with two pieces - one long piece with the handle and one short piece with bristles and a portion of handle.

If you weigh both the pieces now, what will happen?
a) The longer piece weighs more.
b) The shorter piece weighs more.
c) Both pieces weighs equal.

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Deduce Password Puzzle

Deduce Password Puzzle - 23 April

In a secret society, a buried chamber can be accessed only via a secret password. The password is seven characters long and comprises of just letters and numbers.

You find a code that can help you in cracking the password. The code says "You force heaven to be empty".

Can you deduce the password from that?

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Cards Puzzle

Cards Puzzle - 22 April

A man has four playing cards in random order in his hand ( 6 7 8 and 9)

He desires them placed in ascending order from his left to his right.

* To do this, he pulls the left card (from your perspective) and puts it end.
* He then takes the third card from the right (from your perspective) and puts it in end.

Can you guess the original order of the cards ?

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Count Number Of Squares

Count Number Of Squares - 21 April

Can you count number of squares in a figure below ?

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Picture Rebus

Picture Rebus - 20 April

Solve the rebus below ?

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Compare Quantity Puzzle

Compare Quantity Puzzle - 19 April

Suppose "s" represents the number of seconds in a day and "h" represents the number of hours in ten years (which will also include two leap years), can you calculate which quantity is greater from the two variables?

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Letter To Number Puzzle

Letter To Number Puzzle - 18 April

In the figure that has been attached with this question, each digit represents a digit. The similar letters carry the same integer value.

Can you expose the original digits?

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Number Trivia

Number Trivia - 17 April

Can you find out which number multiplied by itself will give the output as 12345678987654321 ?

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Who Am I Trivia

Who Am I Trivia - 16 April

I am a five letter word and comprises of two different vowels and three same consonants. I am so strong that I can spoil your entire work.

Can you find out who am I?

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How Many Balls Problem

How Many Balls Problem - 15 April

In the drawer beside your bed, you have three orange, two pink and five purple balls. There is no electricity and the room is completely dark. How many balls you must take out to make sure you have one ball of each color at least.

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Blocks Sequence Puzzle

Blocks Sequence Puzzle - 14 April

Can you find out which options fits best with the missing column?

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Trivia Number Riddle

Trivia Number Riddle - 13 April

A special integer exists in mathematics that shows a special property. If you subtract any number from that integer, the result will always be divisible by the successor of that number completely.

Do you know what that integer is ?

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Cab Driver Riddle

Cab Driver Riddle - 12 April

A cab driver was moving in the wrong direction on a one-way road. A police officer was standing nearby. He noticed the driver but he let him go.

Why did the police officer not fine him or stop him?

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Widow Sister Riddle

Widow Sister Riddle - 11 April

Can a man marry his widow"s sister legally in India?

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Mathematical Symbols Riddle

Mathematical Symbols Riddle - 10 April

Can you make the number 24 by utilizing the numbers 1, 3, 4 and 6? You must use one number only one time and you can use mathematical operation symbols anytime anywhere.

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Equal Jars Water Riddle

Equal Jars Water Riddle - 9 April

You have 21 jars with you. Out of them, 7 are filled with water, 7 are half-full with water and 7 are empty. How will you distribute the jars among three people such that each one of them gets the equal number of jars and equal amount of water?

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Find The Next number In The Series

Find The Next number In The Series - 8 April

Find the next number in the following series:
6, 14, 26, 98, __?

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Simple Maths Age Problem

Simple Maths Age Problem - 7 April

Peter's adolescence lasted for 1/6 of his life. He grew facial hair after 1/12 more. He married Susanne after 1/7 more of his life. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter after 5 years. The daughter lived 1/2 of what Peter lived. Peter died four years after his daughter.

Can you find out how long did Peter live?

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Guess Who Am I

Guess Who Am I - 6 April

All of you like to eat me. I am a five-lettered word. Remove the first two and I turn into an infamous animal. Remove just the first and I become a heinous crime. Remove the first and the last and you can groove on me.

Can you guess who am I?

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Distance Math Problem

Distance Math Problem - 5 April

There is a straight highway. Four different villages lie on that highway. The distance between them is different. The third village is 60km away from the first village; the fourth is 40 km away from the second; the third is 10 km near to the fourth that it is to the second.

Can you calculate the distance between the fourth and the first village ?

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Missing Number Picture Puzzle

Missing Number Picture Puzzle - 4 April

Can you find out the missing number in the picture attached?

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Hourglasses Measure Puzzle

Hourglasses Measure Puzzle - 3 April

How will you measure 15 minutes using two hourglasses of 7 minutes and 11 minutes respectively?

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Logical Brain Bat

Logical Brain Bat - 2 April

The following "Brain Bat" means Slow Down.

Using the same logic, can you tell us what does the following Brain Bat means ?

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Who Killed Billy Puzzle

Who Killed Billy Puzzle - 1 April

Billy "The Knife," the infamous tough guy, was found murdered one night in an alleyway behind the nightclub he used to frequently visit. The police brought in three suspects on the next morning. One of the officers interrogated the three men and noted down the following statements.

1. I did not kill Billy.
2. Jimmy is not my friend.
3. I knew Billy.

1. I did not kill Billy.
2. Alex and Dexter are friends of mine.
3. Alex did not kill Billy.

1. I did not kill Billy.
2. Alex lied when he said that Jimmy was not his friend.
3. I do not know who killed Billy.

Only one of the three is guilty, and only one of each man statements is false. Who killed Billy the Knife ?

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