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Nine Chocolates Trick Teaser

Nine Chocolates Trick Teaser - 31 May

There are nine chocolates in a box. Nine people take nine chocolates with them. However, one chocolate is still left in the box.

How can that be possible ?

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Odd Number Riddle

Odd Number Riddle - 30 May

Can you find the odd number in the following five choices?

1) 482636
2) 259807
3) 865195
4) 104739
5) 391744

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Looking Riddle

Looking Riddle - 29 May

Rohit is looking at Naina, but Naina is looking at Amish. Rohit is married, but Amish is not.

Is a married person looking at an unmarried person or not?

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Find Triangles Puzzle

Find Triangles Puzzle - 28 May

Can you find the number of triangles in the given figure?

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Calculate Sibling Family Riddle

Calculate Sibling Family Riddle - 27 May

In a family, there are many children. Every boy in the family has as many brothers as the sisters. However, each girl has twice number of brothers as that of sisters.

Can you calculate the number of siblings in the given family ?

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Cross Bridge Logic Problem

Cross Bridge Logic Problem - 26 May

A car is crossing a 20km long bridge. The bridge can support at most 1500kg of weight over it. If somehow, the weight on the bridge becomes more than that, it will break.

Now, the weight of the car is exactly 1500kg. At the midway, a bird comes and sits on the roof of the car. This bird weighs exactly 200 gram.
Can you tell if the bridge breaks at this point or not?

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Hidden Picture Riddle

Hidden Picture Riddle - 25 May

Can you find a rabbit in the given picture?

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Word Game Riddle

Word Game Riddle - 24 May

Lets play a word game. Following are some meaningless words that can be completed adding random letters on either sides of the word.

For an example, the word "rdo" can be formed into "pardon".

Using the same technique, can you complete the given words?

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Movie Tom Riddle

Movie Tom Riddle - 23 May

This puzzle is for the Harry Potter fans. Do you know why Tom Riddle is called Lord Voldemort ?

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Count Quadrilaterals Puzzle

Count Quadrilaterals Puzzle - 22 May

Can you count the number of quadrilaterals in this picture below?

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How Many Toffees Maths Problem

How Many Toffees Maths Problem - 21 May

Roy needs to purchase 100 toffees from three different shops and he has exactly 100 rupees to do that which he must spend entirely. He must buy at least 1 toffee from each shop.

The first shop is selling each toffee at 5 paise, the second is selling at 1 rupee and the third is selling at 5 rupees.

How many toffees should he buy from each shop?

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Direction Puzzle

Direction Puzzle - 20 May

If we change the South-East direction into North and North-East into West and all others similarly.
Can you find out which direction will be in the place of South-West direction?

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Find Out The Missing Numbers

Find Out The Missing Numbers - 19 May

In the given figure, can you find out the missing numbers?

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Trick Murder Mystery Riddle

Trick Murder Mystery Riddle - 18 May

On 26-01-1982, Abish Mattew was murdered at his house near Hauz Khas (Delhi-India) in the afternoon. There were three suspects to the murder and following are the statements that were given by them:

Harish: I visited my village that day.
Lokesh: I was out to deposit my house tax in municipality office that time.
Saurabh: I was at friend place having lunch at that time.

Can you find out who is the murderer?

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Number Sequence Pattern Problem

Number Sequence Pattern Problem - 17 May

In the following series, a set of numbers is progressing with a particular patter. Can you deduce that pattern and find the missing set?

(2 + 6), (21 + 6), (58 + 6), (119 + 6), ___

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Doctor Relationship Riddle

Doctor Relationship Riddle - 16 May

There was a minor accident of a doctors son but the doctor noticed no major injury. After the treatment, the father of that doctors son is sitting with the son of the doctor without the doctor being in the room.

How can this be possible?

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Count Cartons Maths Problem

Count Cartons Maths Problem - 15 May

Adam can fit six large chocolate boxes or nine small chocolate boxes into a carton. How many cartons will he require to put sixty-six chocolate boxes into ?

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Classic Relation Riddle

Classic Relation Riddle - 14 May

Two boys take admission in a school. When the headmaster asks them about their parents, they tell him that they have same parents (father and mother). On further inquiry, it turns out that they both share the same date for their birthday.

"Are you twins," ask the headmaster.
"No," replies the boys.

Is it possible?

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Math Age Problem

Math Age Problem - 13 May

Can you find the ages of a son, father and grandfather based on the following facts?
The sum of the ages of grandfather, father and son is 140 years.
The age of son in months is the same as grandfather in years.
The age of the son in days is the same as father in weeks.

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Algebra Riddle - 12 May

Solve the equation by replacing alphabet with number.


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Shape Four Identical Pieces Puzzle

Shape Four Identical Pieces Puzzle - 11 May

Can you divide the given shape into four equal and identical pieces?

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Romans Castle Brain Twister

Romans Castle Brain Twister - 10 May

Once upon a time, there was a castle on a square island. The entire island was surrounded with a 14m wide trench. The Romans had wanted to invade the castle and had brought a few wooden planks along with them to facilitate themselves in crossing the moat. The planks were however found to be only 13m long.

The Romans still managed to cross the trench. How did they do it?

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River Crossing Riddle

River Crossing Riddle - 9 May

Two boys want to cross a river. Only one boat is present on the lakeside that can carry only one person at a time.

However, they still manage to cross the river. How is it possible ?

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How many triangles in a triangle

How many triangles in a triangle - 8 May

Can you count number of triangles inside triangle ?

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Trivia Geography Riddle

Trivia Geography Riddle - 7 May

Can it be possible to build a house that has all its four walls facing towards the South?

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Drive Time Maths Puzzle

Drive Time Maths Puzzle - 6 May

Alpha and Beta have same amount of petrol in their respective cars. Alpha can drive for 4 hours whereas Beta can drive for 5 hours with the amount of petrol left.

Both of them start driving at the same time. After a few hours, they find out that the amount of petrol remaining in one of the cars is four times the other car.

Can you calculate for how long did they drive the cars?

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Algebra MCQ Puzzle

Algebra MCQ Puzzle - 5 May


Then what will be TAXI + HELL? Select from the options below:

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Behaviour Pattern Riddle

Behaviour Pattern Riddle - 4 May

Sanjay is pretty weird. He likes toffees but hates chocolates. He loves books but never read. He likes to build his troops in an online game but does not proceed with war. He likes to go swimming but is afraid of water.

Seeking this behavior, can you tell whether he like balloons and parties?

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Science Acronym Puzzle

Science Acronym Puzzle - 3 May

W F at 32 D F.

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Count the number of squares riddle

Count the number of squares riddle - 2 May

Can you solve puzzle by counting number of square in puzzle below ?

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One Liner Who Am I Riddle

One Liner Who Am I Riddle - 1 May

What has no starting, end, or center?

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