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No Breaking Law Riddle

No Breaking Law Riddle - 30 June

Shweta is learning to drive her new car. She went down a one way lane and in the wrong direction. But she do not break any law.

How come ?

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Measure Water Jar Puzzle

Measure Water Jar Puzzle - 29 June

I had an infinite supply of water and a 5 liters and 3 liters jars.

How would you measure exactly 4 liters in least number of steps ?

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Massage parlor Paradox Riddle

Massage parlor Paradox Riddle - 28 June

Outside a massage parlor there is a board that reads "I only massage those who do not massage themselves."

Reading above statement, does the masseur massages himself?

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Guess What Question

Guess What Question - 27 June

A man embarked on a questionnaire game. He kept asking the same question to whomever he found. The answer each time was different.

Can you guess what the question was?

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Trivia Geography Puzzle

Trivia Geography Puzzle - 26 June

There is a place where if i stand up straight, i still be can considered sideways ?

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How Possible Puzzle

How Possible Puzzle - 25 June

Two fathers and two sons decided to go to a shop and bought some sweets upon reaching. Each of them bought 1 kg of sweet. All of them returned home after sometime and found out that they had 3kg of sweets with them.

They did not eat the sweets in way, nor did they threw or lost anything. Then, how can this be possible?

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What I Am

What I Am - 24 June

I am under you when I am whole.
I shift above you if you remove the first letter.
I come all around you if you remove the second as well.

Can you tell me who I am?

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Hard Picture Series Digit Puzzle

Hard Picture Series Digit Puzzle - 23 June

In the picture given below, can you find out which digit will take place of the question mark?

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Cricket Logic Puzzle

Cricket Logic Puzzle - 22 June

Both Sachin and Sehwag were batting on 94.
Three balls were left and the team needed 7 runs to win.

Both made century but still were not out. How is this possible?

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Who Am I Quick Riddle

Who Am I Quick Riddle - 21 June

Fate has decided that you will only be pleased to meet me when you need me

May be thats why, when I am working, I start working

However annoying I may be to the regulars, the little ones are always inspired

I will always be waiting, if you try to reach me

How many of you can guess my name, let me see

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Sherlock holmes murderer puzzle

Sherlock holmes murderer puzzle - 20 June

The fifth richest man in the Baker Street named Mr. Bill Richman is kidnapped. Sherlock Holmes is appointed on the case. At the crime scene, a note is found written by Mr. Richman. The note read:
"First of January, Fourth of October, Fifth of March, Third of June."
Sherlock knew that somehow, the killer name was hidden in the note. The following were the suspects:
Jack Richman, the son and the heir of property.
John Jacobson, the employee of Richman.
June Richman, the wife of Richman.

Sherlock took only a few moments to deduce the killer name. Can you tell who was the killer?

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Which Person What Floor

Which Person What Floor - 19 June

Six people park their car in an underground parking of a store. The store has six floors in all. Each one of them goes to different floor. Simon stays in the lift for the longest. Sia gets out before Peter but after Tracy. The first one to get out is Harold. Debra leaves after Tracy who gets out at the third floor.

Can you find out who leaves the lift at which floor?

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What The Code Puzzle

What The Code Puzzle - 18 June

A man desired to get into his work building, however he had forgotten his code.
However, he did recollect five pieces of information
* Fifth number + Third number = 14
* The fourth number is one more than the second number.
* The first number is one less than twice the second number.
* The second number and the third number equals 10.
* The sum of all five numbers is 30.

What is the code ?

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Easy Rebus Teaser

Easy Rebus Teaser - 17 June

What does below rebus means ?

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How many triangles do you see puzzle

How many triangles do you see puzzle - 16 June

How many triangles do you see in the picture puzzle below ?

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Mother Age Maths Puzzle

Mother Age Maths Puzzle - 15 June

Ramon is 45 years old and his mother Athena is 73 years old.

Can you find out how many years ago, his mother was three times his age?

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Phrase Riddle

Phrase Riddle - 14 June

A kid had nineteen plastic mugs out of which, all but nine were lost.

How many mugs was he left with?

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Find Ages Riddle

Find Ages Riddle - 13 June

Priyanka and Rubina are having a conversation.

Priyanka: I am definitely not over 30.
Rubina: I am 28 and you are surely 5 years older to me at least.
Priyanka: No, you are at least 29.

You are told that both of them are lying throughout in the conversation. Can you find their respective ages?

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Quick Riddle

Quick Riddle - 12 June

If all Borks are Grogs and all Grogs are Snorts, are all Snorts Borks ?

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Split Money Pizza Maths Puzzle

Split Money Pizza Maths Puzzle - 11 June

Rihana, Peeta, and Logan order a pizza for $10. Out of the three, Rihana and Peeta were quite hungry and ate 6 slices a piece, while Logan had just 2 slices.

Now, they want to split the cost among them fairly but due to the lack of change, they decide to round of the cost to the nearest possible dollar.

Can you find out the fair way which should be used to split the money?

What if the pizza was worth $11?

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Buy Maths Chocolate Puzzle

Buy Maths Chocolate Puzzle - 10 June

A kid goes to a confectionery and buys three kinds of chocolates. The first one is priced at 5 rupees, second one at 3 rupees and third one at 0.5 rupees.

If he bought 100 chocolates in total, how many pieces do you think he bought of each chocolate?

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Accept The Bet Riddle

Accept The Bet Riddle - 9 June

There is a box in which distinct numbered balls have been kept. You have to pick two balls randomly from the lot.

If someone is offering you a 2 to 1 odds that the numbers will be relatively prime, for example
If the balls you picked had the numbers 6 and 13, you lose $1.
If the balls you picked had the numbers 5 and 25, you win $2.

Will you accept that bet?

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Calculate Time Puzzle

Calculate Time Puzzle - 8 June

Amy was sitting in front of a clock. When she observed it for the first time, the hour hand was at a minute mark and the minute hand was six minutes ahead it.

After some time, she observed the clock again to find that the hour hand was exactly on a different minute mark and the minute hand was seven minutes ahead of its time.

Can you calculate how much time has elapsed between two observations?

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Reach Top Riddle

Reach Top Riddle - 7 June

An ape is trying to climb on a pole that is 60 feet high. Due to the slippery surface, the ape climbs 3 feet in a minute only to slip back 2 feet.

How much time do you think the monkey will take to reach the top of the pole?

Hint: The answer is not sixty minutes.

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Find Next Digit Series Riddle

Find Next Digit Series Riddle - 6 June

Can you find out the next digit in the following series ?

0, 0, 1, 3, 2, 6, 3, 9, 4, 12, 5, ?

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Find Next Digit Series

Find Next Digit Series Riddle - 6 June

Can you find out the next digit in the following series ?

0, 0, 1, 3, 2, 6, 3, 9, 4, 12, 5, ?

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Easy Brain Bat

Easy Brain Bat - 5 June

The following brain bat means "Slow Down".

Using the same concept, can you find out what the following brain bat means?

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Illusion Riddle

Illusion Riddle - 4 June

What do you see in image below

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Cipher Logic Riddle

Cipher Logic Riddle - 3 June

The above mentioned letters have been placed in that order using a logic.

Can you find that logic?

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How Many Animals Maths Puzzle

How Many Animals Maths Puzzle - 2 June

A cricket has 6 legs, a squirrel has 4 legs and a spider has 8 legs.

In a local zoo, it was found that the total number of legs is 612. Also, there are equal number of each of the above animals/insects.

Can you find out how many animals are there in the zoo?

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Find Out Who I Am

Find Out Who I Am - 1 June

I possess a head
I flaunt a tail
But I dont have no mouth or legs

Can you find out who I am?

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