#1 - Cricket Logic Puzzle

Both Sachin and Sehwag were batting on 94.
Three balls were left and the team needed 7 runs to win.

Both made century but still were not out. How is this possible?

Sachin scored six and got retired hurt at 100*
New batsman came and got run out but they crossed the midway.
Then, Sehwag scored six and was unbeater at 100*.

#2 - Measure Water Jar Puzzle

I had an infinite supply of water and a 5 liters and 3 liters jars.

How would you measure exactly 4 liters in least number of steps ?

1. Fill 5 litre jar ( 5j - 5, 3j - 0)
2. Transfer to 3 litre jar (5j - 2, 3j - 3)
3. Empty 3 litre jar ( 5j - 2, 3j - 0)
4. Transfer 2 litre from 5 litre jar to 3 litre jar (5j - 0, 3j - 2)
5. Fill 5 litre jar(5j - 5, 3j - 2)
6. Transfer 1 litre from 5 litre jar to 3 litre jars(5j - 4, 3j - 3)

#3 - Hard Picture Series Digit Puzzle

In the picture given below, can you find out which digit will take place of the question mark?

Hard Picture Series Digit Puzzle

The number that will come place in place of question mark is 0.

If you add the numbers in each diagonals, you will find that the sum is 25 every time.

#4 - What The Code Puzzle

A man desired to get into his work building, however he had forgotten his code.
However, he did recollect five pieces of information
* Fifth number + Third number = 14
* The fourth number is one more than the second number.
* The first number is one less than twice the second number.
* The second number and the third number equals 10.
* The sum of all five numbers is 30.

What is the code ?


* 8 + 6 =14
* 5 = 4 + 1
* 7 = 2*4 - 1
* 4 + 6 = 10
* 7+4+6+5+8 = 30

#5 - Phrase Riddle

A kid had nineteen plastic mugs out of which, all but nine were lost.

How many mugs was he left with?

The phrase "all but nine were lost" means that all his mugs were lost except nine.

Thus he was left with nine mugs.

#6 - Find Ages Riddle

Priyanka and Rubina are having a conversation.

Priyanka: I am definitely not over 30.
Rubina: I am 28 and you are surely 5 years older to me at least.
Priyanka: No, you are at least 29.

You are told that both of them are lying throughout in the conversation. Can you find their respective ages?

We know that both of them were lying in all their statements. Thus we can assume the opposite of what they said:

Priyanka: I am definitely over 30.
Rubina: I am not 28 and you are at most 4 years older to me.
Priyanka: You are at most 28.

Now we can conclude from the first statement that Priyanka is 31 years old at least. From the second and third statement, we can conclude that Rubina is at most 28 years old. Therefore, the possible ages of Priyanka and Rubina can be:

Priyanka: 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36...
Rubina: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27...

If we look at the second statement again, we know the difference between their ages is a maximum of 4 years.
Therefore, Priyanka age is 31 years while Rubina age is 27.

#7 - Quick Riddle

If all Borks are Grogs and all Grogs are Snorts, are all Snorts Borks ?


#8 - Split Money Pizza Maths Puzzle

Rihana, Peeta, and Logan order a pizza for $10. Out of the three, Rihana and Peeta were quite hungry and ate 6 slices a piece, while Logan had just 2 slices.

Now, they want to split the cost among them fairly but due to the lack of change, they decide to round of the cost to the nearest possible dollar.

Can you find out the fair way which should be used to split the money?

What if the pizza was worth $11?

If we assume that Rihana and Peeta pay the same amount, they can decide with "rock, paper, scissor" to determine who will pay the extra dollar. Any other method may be used as well. Suppose that Rihana pays $1 extra.

In this manner, Rihana pays $5, Peeta pays $4 and Logan pays $2.

If the pizza would have cost $11, this method will then prove to be great because both Rihana and Peeta will pay $5 each and Logan will pay $1. This will keep the offset same as previous. Rihana is paying 6% more, Peeta is paying 15% more and Logan is paying 27% more.

#9 - Accept The Bet Riddle

There is a box in which distinct numbered balls have been kept. You have to pick two balls randomly from the lot.

If someone is offering you a 2 to 1 odds that the numbers will be relatively prime, for example
If the balls you picked had the numbers 6 and 13, you lose $1.
If the balls you picked had the numbers 5 and 25, you win $2.

Will you accept that bet?

Yes, you should accept the bet. Simply because the odds of picking two relatively prime numbers are 60%. It is a win-win situation for you if you keep playing.

#10 - Reach Top Riddle

An ape is trying to climb on a pole that is 60 feet high. Due to the slippery surface, the ape climbs 3 feet in a minute only to slip back 2 feet.

How much time do you think the monkey will take to reach the top of the pole?

Hint: The answer is not sixty minutes.

The ape will be able to reach the top in 58 minutes.

Since the ape slips back two feet after climbing 3 feet every minute, he will reach 57 feet in 57 minutes. Now the remaining distance is 3 feet and the ape will take 1 more minute to reach there. He wont slip back because he has already reached the top.