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Accept The Bet Riddle

Accept The Bet Riddle - 9 June

There is a box in which distinct numbered balls have been kept. You have to pick two balls randomly from the lot.

If someone is offering you a 2 to 1 odds that the numbers will be relatively prime, for example
If the balls you picked had the numbers 6 and 13, you lose $1.
If the balls you picked had the numbers 5 and 25, you win $2.

Will you accept that bet?

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  1. I will accept the bet , as there are less number of primes.
    By the way see if you can solve this murder mystery -

  2. 2/3 i.e 66% of time the number are relative prime that means you lose 66*1 dollars, rest 34% of time you win i.e 34*2=68. That way you end up making 2 Dollars.
    Not sure though you should say yes for only 2 dollars