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Sherlock holmes murderer puzzle

Sherlock holmes murderer puzzle - 20 June

The fifth richest man in the Baker Street named Mr. Bill Richman is kidnapped. Sherlock Holmes is appointed on the case. At the crime scene, a note is found written by Mr. Richman. The note read:
"First of January, Fourth of October, Fifth of March, Third of June."
Sherlock knew that somehow, the killer name was hidden in the note. The following were the suspects:
Jack Richman, the son and the heir of property.
John Jacobson, the employee of Richman.
June Richman, the wife of Richman.

Sherlock took only a few moments to deduce the killer name. Can you tell who was the killer?

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1 comment:

  1. John jocobson is the killer.
    J+O+H+N (January,octOber,marcH,juNe)