#1 - Trick Probability Puzzle

What is the probability that you meet someone in your lifetime who is having an above average number of arms?

1) Impossible
2) Unlikely
3) Fifty Fifty
4) Fairly Likely
5) Certain

The probability is certain because the average is <2 arms.

#2 - Think Out Of The Box Riddle

Can you find out what is missing?

1 3 5
2 4 ?

Hint: Its not six. Think out of the box.

If you were not able to answer it, you must pay attention to the gear stick when you drive next time.

"R" is what is missing from here, which stands for reverse.

#3 - Square Count Puzzle

Can you count the number of squares that have been placed in the given picture?

Square Count Puzzle

There are eighteen squares in total. To make it easy for you, we have colored the squares in the center (six squares). Now, you can easily count the rest of the squares which amounts to twelve.

#4 - Chances Of Survival Probability Puzzle

You are trapped into a death trap by the famous jigsaw killer. As usual, a screen flashes in front of you and explains you the trap game.

There are 100 pearls kept in a bowl in front of you and an empty bowl. Among the 100 pearls, 50 are white and 50 are black. You can divide them as you like into the two bowls. Once you are done, you will pull a lever, which will turn the room pitch black. The bowls will move and shuffle around. In the dark, you have to pick up one pearl from any bowl. Once you do that, the room will flood with lights again. If the peral you have in your hand is white, you will be allowed to live, but if the pearl you picked is black, the room will be filled with poisonous gas and you will die.

How will divide the pearls to increase your chances of survival?

For best probability of living, you must place one white pearl in a bowl and all the rest into another bowl.

This gives you a 1/2 probability of choosing a bowl which has just a white pearl. If you choose that, you will live.
If you choose another, you will still have an almost 1/2 probability of picking up a white pearl. (49 white pearls and 50 black pearls).

#5 - Who Is Taller Puzzle

500 women soldiers are arranged in an array of ten rows and fifty columns in accordance with their respective heights. Now, the tallest woman from each row is asked to move out in the front. From them, the shortest one is labelled as Alpha. They are then asked to resume their original position.

Now, the shortest woman in each column is asked to come out in front. The tallest among them is labelled as Beta.

Can you find out if Alpha will be taller or Beta?

Alpha and Beta are the same woman.

Let us begin by making the assumption that the numbers represent the height of the women.

Now, the tallest among 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. will be 50 or Alpha.
The shortest among 50, 100, ... , 500 will be 50 or Beta.

Therefore, they both are the same woman.

#6 - What 6 Letter Word Puzzle

Can you make a six-letter word using the letters N, A and B ?

The word is BANANA.

#7 - Clever How To Die Riddle

A king sentenced a man of death sentence for some crime he had committed. Known for his kindness, the king told the culprit that he had a choice to die through a way he decides.

The culprit was clever and said something that saved him from the death. What method do you think he must have chosen for his death ?

The culprit chose to die of an old age.

#8 - How Many Times Chocolate Bar

There is a 2 x 8 chocolate bar I have with me. I can break this bar along the length or the breadth. Now, I want to obtain 1 x 1 pieces.

How many times do you think I need to break it to get what I want ?

You can calculate it using old school way. However if you want to solve using logic, you can look below:
There is one piece of chocolate and we need exactly 2 x 8 = 16 pieces.
Whenever you break that bar, you will get one more piece. Thus, you will need to break it (16 - 1) = 15 times.

#9 - Bottles Count Logic Maths Puzzle

A shopkeeper allows people to buy a bottle of cold drink in exchange of five empty bottled. A guy had a party at home and he managed to spend 77 cold drink bottles in the party. Now he has 77 empty bottles with him.

How many bottles do you think he can buy in exchange of those 77 empty bottles ?

He can purchase 19 new bottles in return.

He will get 15 bottles after returning 75 empty bottles and will be left 2 empty bottles.
Now, the 15 bottles when empty will get him 3 more bottles.
The three empty bottles will get him another bottle. Remember he had 2 empty bottles as well.

#10 - Logic Statement Riddle

Is the statement valid that it does not matter how much older a sibling is, eventually the younger one will be half as old as the older one ?

The statement is true only if both of the siblings live till the younger one is as old as the older one was when the younger was born.