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Maths Sets Puzzle

Maths Sets Puzzle - 31 July

In a school, 280 students studied chemistry, 254 students studied physics and 280 students studied biology.

97 students studied chemistry as well as physics, 138 students studied physics as well as biology and 152 students studied chemistry as well as biology.

73 students studied all the three branches.

Can you find out the total number of students?

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  1. n(AUBUC) = n(A)+n(B)+n(C)-n(A^B)-n(B^C)-n(A^C)-n(A^B^C)
    Let A= chemistry, B=physics, C=Biology
    Total : 280+254+280-97-138-152-73 = 814-460=354

  2. This is the formula I have applied