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Probability Interview Gun Puzzle

Probability Interview Gun Puzzle - 27 July

You are stuck with a gangster who likes to play it rough. The only way to survive is to accept his invitation to play Russian Roulette.

He presents a revolver in which, three bullets have been placed consecutively. Now he spins the chamber cylinder of the gun. The cylinder wont be spun again. The gun will be passed between both of you till the gun fires and one of you is dead.

Will you prefer to go first or second if you are given a choice ?

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  1. First,
    while spins the cylinder, the bullet will be in down and hence it wont shot by first, so I'll prefer first

  2. I'll prefer not to play it. Better fight till death or alive.

  3. second: If you go first, there is a chance of 65% that you will die. If you go second, it is only a chance of 35% .