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Goat Grass Logical Puzzle

Goat Grass Logical Puzzle - 31 August

If we tie a goat to one peg, a circled grass is been eaten by the goat. If we tie the goat to two pegs with a circle on its neck, then an eclipse is eaten out of the grass by the goat. If we want an eclipse then we put two pegs then put a rope in between then and the other end of the rope is tied up on the goats neck.

How should we tie the peg and the goat so that a square is eaten out from the garden grass? We only have one goat rope and the peg and the rings ?

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Count The Square Puzzle

Count The Square Puzzle - 30 August

Count the square in the picture below ?

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Chance Of Surviving Puzzle

Chance Of Surviving Puzzle - 29 August

Once upon a time there were three rivals who got together in a dark wood on an open spot for composing a quarrel by using guns. It was a kind of duel but there were three people in it and therefore it is a truel. There were A, B and C. there was some rules to be followed in the game. The rules of the games were:
-They have to draw the lots in order to find who will fire first and who will be second and who will be third.
- The next rule is that, they will start firing on each other unless there is a last person alive.
- Each person will decide on his own about which person he will fire on.
-it is quite clear that A hits and kills in all the shots and it is 100%. Whereas 80% of the shots are hit by B and C hits in 50% of the shots he tries to fire in. the three persons have their own strategy for firing. Nobody is killed by the stray bullet.

Question: who will have the highest chances for surviving in the truel and how much is the chance?

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Find Number Problem

Find Number Problem - 28 August

Find out a number which is less than 100 and is more than one fifth of its actual value when the digits are reversed.

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Pictogram Rebus

Pictogram Rebus - 27 August

Solve the pictogram rebus ?

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Who Am I Size Shape

Who Am I Size Shape - 26 August

I am a curved, sometimes I am straight. I come in different shapes and sizes. You can fit me anywhere, but in the end, there is only one right place for me.

What am I ?

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Crossing River Puzzle

Crossing River Puzzle - 25 August

There is a river to cross using a river raft and there are eight people (father, mother, policeman, thief, 2 daughters and 2 sons). No one knows to operate the raft except the adults and also excluding the thief. Only two people can go in the raft at a time. The raft should keep coming back and forth in order to pick and drop the people.
Rules to be followed:
Father: the father cannot stay in the raft or outside the raft without the presence of the mother.
Mother: the mother cannot stay in the raft or outside the rat without the presence of the father.
Thief: the thief is not allowed to stay with any of the family member unless there is a policeman.
Policeman: the policeman can travel with anyone.
2 sons and 2 daughters: they are not allowed to travel in the raft without the presence of any adult. They cannot either travel in the presence of only thief without the policeman. The sons cannot be with their mothers without their fathers supervision. The daughters are not allowed to be there with their fathers without the supervision of their mothers. But the daughters and the sons can be left unsupervised (as long as the other rules are applied).
What is the sequence that the people should follow in order to cross the river through the raft keeping in mind all the rules?
The rules are applicable not only in the raft but also outside the raft.

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How Many Handshakes

How Many Handshakes - 24 August

Once upon a time, a king called for his 7 wisest men to be assembled in a room, with no one but them. All 7 men came in and shook their hands once with each of them.

How many total handshakes were there?

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Tiger Here Tiger There Puzzle

Tiger Here Tiger There Puzzle - 23 August

Things are just as they seem, right? Well, check again. Can you count the number of tigers in this picture ?

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Use Symbols Make Equation

Use Symbols Make Equation - 22 August

Using the mathematical symbols like +, -, and x in order to make the equations correct. Replace @ with the above given symbols.
9 @ 8 @ 7 @ 6 @ 5 @ 4 =91

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James Bond Archer Of The Blind

James Bond - Archer Of The Blind - 21 August

James Bond is caught up in a mysterious scenario where the evil villain has him blindfolded. He somehow breaks through the handcuffs but is unable to get the blindfold off. Upon searching, he comes across a bow and 3 arrows. He can hear the villain speak, and thus tries to take a shot at him. He launches the first arrow, it misses the villain. He then launches the second arrow and it misses by a greater margin.

What is the probability that this third shot our james bond takes will be worse than the second shot?

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Number Of Races Puzzle

Number Of Races Puzzle - 20 August

In order to complete the racing competition, the London racetrack has to submit its top and the most famous three horses to win the competition. Due to a electrical storm, all the records are cleared and no one knows which horse holds the record. They all look identical and it becomes even more difficult to differentiate the horses. There are 25 horses in the London racetrack. But there can be only five horses at a time on the track. What will the least number of races that can be conducted to find out the three fastest horses?

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Fill The Numbers Puzzle

Fill The Numbers Puzzle - 19 August

Given below is a figure. You have to fill in the numbers from 1 up to 16 in such a way that you get 29 when you add the numbers in each row.

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Einsteins IQ Series

Einsteins IQ Series - 18 August

Find the next number if the sequence if you can

102 104 108 110 114 128 ?

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So Many People

So Many People - 17 August

There were two grandmothers and their two granddaughters.
There were two husbands and their two wives.
There were two fathers and their two daughters.
There were two mothers and their two sons.
There were two maidens and their two mothers.
There were two sisters and their two brothers.
Yet there are only six, who are buried here,
All are born legitimate and relationships clear.
How can this happen?

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Create Function Puzzle

Create Function Puzzle - 16 August

There are two variables x and y. Jimmy is required to construct a function f(a,b) which returns the maximum one in {a,b}.
You can only use +,-,·, / & abs() (to take the absolute value). NO if () is allowed in to jimmy.

Solve this one, math freaks.

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The Great Chocoberry Problem

The Great Chocoberry Problem - 15 August

Rohan, a 7 year old boy, was really fond of the chocolates called "Chocoberries". He asked his Mrs. Mother to give him some money to buy his favorite chocolates. His Mrs. Mother gave him Rs 45. He went to the shopkeeper and asked, "how much is one chocoberry for?". The shopkeeper said, Rs 3 for one chocolate. Also, if you give me the wrappers of three chocoberries, I will give you one for for the exchange.
In total, how many chocoberries could Rohan eat?

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One Question To Find Village

One Question To Find Village - 14 August

Mr. Buttons was all set to go to the village of Buttonland to meet his friend. So, he packed his bags and left for the village at 5 in the morning. Upon travelling on a road for miles, he came across a point where the road diverged into two. He was confused on which road to take. He gazed around and he saw two owls sitting on a branch. He thought he could ask for directions for the village from the two owls. So he went to the tree. There he saw a sign which read, "One owl always lies, and one is always truthful. They both fly away if you ask them more than 1 question."
Mr. Buttons was caught in the dilemma of what to ask? And from which owl to ask, since he only had one question. What should Mr. Buttons ask?

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Pun Delight

Pun Delight - 13 August

A bomb exploded in a room full of married couples and no one died.How ?

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Woody Problem

Woody Problem - 12 August

Riddle me this, Riddle me that,
What am I? I am made of wood, but you cant saw me down?

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River Crossing Guard Prisoner Family

River Crossing Guard Prisoner Family - 11 August

A river should be crossed by a father, a mother and their two sons and two daughters.
There are some rules that should be followed while crossing the river. There can be only two people in the raft while crossing. The daughters cannot be with their father unless there is the presence of the mother. The sons cannot be with their mothers unless the father is present. Unless the guard is on the board, the criminals cannot be with any of the family members. Only the adults like the father, the guard, and the mother knows to use the raft.

How will they cross the river?

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The Imported Chocolate

The Imported Chocolate - 10 August

Rohit went to buy some expensive, foreign chocolates. He only had Rs 100 with him. When he reached the shop, he got to know that on those chocolates, there was a 15% import duty and 5% VAT.

How much worth chocolate should he buy so that he can accommodate it in Rs 100 ?

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One Liner What Am I

One Liner What Am I - 9 August

The more it dries, the wetter it becomes. Can you tell what it is?

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Logic Container Time Puzzle

Logic Container Time Puzzle - 8 August

A large container is kept in open under the rain. Every passing hour, the water collected inside the container becomes double it was.

In ten hours, the container is filled completely. Can you calculate how long would it have taken to be filled half?

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Solve Who Am I Riddle

Solve Who Am I Riddle - 7 August

I am a mother. However, I never give birth.

I am a father. However, I never nurse my children.

Wandering is not possible for me, but standing still happens occurs rarely.

Who am I?

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Photo Plexer Puzzle

Photo Plexer Puzzle - 6 August

Can you solve the photo plexer logic ?

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Algebra Rebus

Algebra Rebus - 5 August

Solve algebra rebus ?

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How Many Chicken Maths Problem

How Many Chicken Maths Problem - 4 August

A farmer sold a few chickens to four different customers on a particular day. It was such that each customer purchased half of the remaining chickens and a half chicken more.

Can you find out how many chicken were sold by the farmer on that day if we tell you that the fourth customer bought a single chicken ?

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Algebra Cipher Puzzle

Algebra Cipher Puzzle - 3 August

If "P" means "-", "Q" means "/", "R" means "+", and "S" means "*" then find the value of the following:

21 Q 7 R 9 S 10 P 13

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Blind Who Am I

Blind Who Am I - 2 August

I have a eye but still cannot see.

Who am i ?

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Hard Square Count

Hard Square Count - 1 August

Can you calculate the total number of square in the given figure?

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