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5 Hats 2 Colors Puzzle

5 Hats 2 Colors Puzzle - 12 September

In the land of Geopolizza, three men were captured by the infamous monster, The riddler. So, the riddler buries the three men, named 1, 2 and 3 in such a manner, that 1 is in the front, 2 in the middle and 3 in the back. They are buried neck deep, and cannot move, not even their heads. He shows them 5 caps, two of which are red and 3 of them are white. He then switches off the lights and places a hat on top of their heads. The situation is such that no one can see their hat color, 1 is facing the wall and cant say anything, 2 can see 1 and 3 can see both 1 and 2. Then he tells the rules of his game: "If either of you three can tell the correct color of your head, I will let all of you go. However, if any of you answer wrong, all 3 of you will instantly die. Time is 3 minutes."
Upon 2 and half minutes passing, A shouts the answer and all 3 are released free. How did he know the correct answer ?

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  1. since the person 3 can see the color of the hats of both 1 and 2, if he see 2 red hat then he can instantly say his hat is white.but he didnt say anything that means color of hats of person 1 and person 2 are either both of them has white hats or one of then has red and other one white.
    now person2 can see person 1 hats .if the color hat is red he can say color of his hats is white due to above logic.but if he see that person1 hat is white he cannot be sure because the his (person2) hat can be either red or white

    now both person3 and person2 are quiet then from the above logic person1 can be sure the color of his hat is white and can say it loudly

  2. Person 3 can see both person 1 and person 2. If both of their (1's and 2's) hats are red then P3 would have easily said that his hat is white. But because p3 didn't say anything, means that 1's and 2's hat might be either red & white or white & white. Person 2 didn't know the color of his hat because he already must've thought the simple logic mentioned above. If p1's hat was red then p2 would have easily found his hat's color after thinking why p3 was silent. So 1's hat is surely white. P1 must've found out his hat's color, after thinking why p3 and p2 didn't say anything, through the above mentioned logic. So, there you go! Solved!
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