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Best What Am I Riddle

Best What Am I Riddle - 31 October

What am I?

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Haunted House Riddle

Haunted House Riddle - 30 October

To spice up your Halloween, you decide to enter a haunted house with your girlfriend. As you enter, an eerie silence embraces you and you can see nothing because its dark. You fumble your way and try your luck to find the switches, but it turns out to be a waste as there is no electricity connection to the house.

When you decide to turn back, the door closes on you and you are trapped in the house with your girlfriend who has now started panicking.

While you are trying to console her, an evil laughter takes you by surprise. Then, you see a faint figure who tells you that you have three doors in front of you and you must take one of them; it is the only way to free yourself. The figure describes that the first door opens up to a compact space filled with a swarm of deadly bees and you will be stung endlessly by them. The second door opens up to the electricity chairs. You both will be strapped to the chairs for five minutes and exposed to high voltage electricity. The third door opens up with a pit that has no bottom and you will keep falling endlessly into nothingness.

While this leaves you all panicked, which door will you choose if you have no other choice?

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What Am I One Liner

What Am I One Liner - 29 October

I have eight fingers and two thumbs but I do not live. What Am I?

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Find Hacker Statement Riddle

Find Hacker Statement Riddle - 28 October

Chelsea football website was hacked by one of the players. Jose, the coach of Chelsea has shortlisted five players as the possible hacker.
Each suspected player made three statements from each suspected player and out of which two are true and one is false.

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) I know nothing about hacking.
C) Costa did it.

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) The website was attacked by one of the players.
C) I hate Shelly

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) I have never seen Oscar in my entire life.
C) I am sure Costa did it.

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) I am sure Oscar did it.
C) Terry was lying when he said he did it.

A) I have not hacked the website.
B) I am sure Hazard did it.
C) I used to be friend with Remy.

So who hacked the website?

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Science What Am I

Science What Am I - 27 October

I am the child of the water, yet when I return to the water, I die.
What am I?

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Quick Thinking Question

Quick Thinking Question - 26 October

Neha is twentieth from the bottom in a queue of 100 girls.
What is her position from the top of the queue ?

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Change In Water Level Riddle

Change In Water Level Riddle - 25 October

A few friends are enjoying their sea voyage in a boat full of apples. On the way, they felt hungry and thus decided to eat the apples. Together, they ate two dozen of apples. When they have eaten the apples, will there be any change in the water level?

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Algebra Rebus Riddle

Algebra Rebus Riddle - 24 October

Can you decipher below algebraic riddle?

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Spatial Science Riddle

Spatial Science Riddle - 23 October

We have four gears with below features

=> Both Gear A and D has 60 teeth
=> Gear B has 40 teeth
=> Gear C has 20 teeth
=> Every two minutes, Gear B makes 25 full turns.

What is the relative speed of Gear A and Gear B?

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Wine Bottle Interview Riddle

Wine Bottle Interview Riddle - 22 October

I have nine bottles of wine and one of the nine bottles is poisoned.
I need to find the poisoned bottle with two facts
(1) Poison is deadly, only a sip will cost death
(2) I have two mice to do so.

How should I do it?

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Toughest Matchsticks Problem

Toughest Matchsticks Problem - 21 October

By including only four matchsticks in below picture, you have to make "Four Triangles And Two Squares".

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Swan And Lion Riddle

Swan And Lion Riddle - 20 October

A swan sits at the centre point of an impeccably round pound. At an edge of the pond stands a monstrous lion holding up to eat up the swan. The lion is afraid of water and, therefore, plan to catch the swan as soon as it reaches the short of the pound. Speed of swan is one-fourth of the speed of lion, moreover the lion always runs in the direction round the shore which brings it closer to the swan the fastest.

Both the swan and the lion can change directions in any given time.

The swan realizes that only chance to escape is to reach the shore without getting caught by the lion and then get into the safe forest lake which is just next to the pound.

By what method can the swan successfully escape?

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The Miser Loan Puzzle

The Miser Loan Puzzle - 19 October

A Miser man decided to go for a vacation for a month. He goes to the bank and ask the trip loan of $500. The bank officer asks the man that the loan can only be approved when he mortgage some valuable thing at the bank. Miser man mortgages his only car whose worth was a whopping $80000. Bank officer laughed at him and approve the loan instantly. After vacation when the miser man returns, bank officer asked him "Are you an idiot, why your mortgage such an expensive car for such a short loan?". Miser man replied with some reason and bank officer agreed that the miser man is actually not an idiot. What did miser man replied to the bank loan officer?.

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complete the sequence puzzle

Complete the sequence puzzle - 18 October

Can you complete the sequence puzzle?


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What Word Its It

What Word Its It - 17 October

What is It?
* It's a nine letter word.
* Exact opposite of phrase "friendly and outgoing"
* It contains the word "over".
* It starts will a vowel.

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Find Three Numbers Riddle

Find Three Numbers Riddle - 16 October

Find three number such that?

* When we multiply three numbers, we will get prime number.
* The difference between second and the first number is equal to third and second.

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John Watson Time Puzzle

John Watson Time Puzzle - 15 October

The train leaves from New York City every 40 minutes from Boardman station. A man told John Watson that the train had left 15 minutes ago and the next train to New York City will leave at 9:40 p.m. At what time, man convey this information to John Watson?

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Pizza Price Problem

Pizza Price Problem - 14 October

In a pizza parlor, you have to pay a certain amount to add extra toppings. Now the price for toppings are given in a pair below. Can you find out what each topping costs?

Corn & Jalapeno $7
Mushrooms & Extra Cheese $6
Paprika & Tomatoes $2
Onion & Jalapeno $5
Green chilly & Paprika $4
Tomatoes & Onion $3
Extra Cheese & Paprika $5

Please note that the toppings are priced w.r.t. whole dollar increments (no fraction prices).

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which number should replace the question mark

which number should replace the question mark - 13 October

Can you replace the question mark with the correct number?

6 30 870 756030 ?

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Correct Matchsticks Equation

Correct Matchsticks Equation - 12 October

Remove two matchsticks to make below statement true.

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Count Legs Puzzle

Count Legs Puzzle - 11 October

A calamity took a toll on 100 people who were brought to the same hospital. Out of the 100 patients, a few had lost their one leg. From the rest of the patients, half lost both their legs.

Can you calculate how many legs in total do the patients have now?

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Analyze The Logical Pattern

Analyze The Logical Pattern - 10 October

What you read below is true and follows a pattern:

7 + 7 = 2
8 + 8 = 4
8 + 5 = 1
6 + 9 = 3
10 + 11 = 9

Can you analyze the pattern and find out the answer for:
4 + 9 = ?

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World War One

World War One - 9 October

Two mates Timon and Pumba were talking about their families. Timon told some nice stories concerning his unafraid grandfather who fought for the Kingdom in "World War One". Timon told that his grandparent is so brave that he was awarded a bravery medal with words "For our unafraid troopers In war One" embedded into it. Pumba is aware of that his friend is lying. How ?

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Wacky Word Rebus

Wacky Word Rebus - 8 October

For this puzzle, you might have to find logic in something illogical. But hey, its fun and a healthy little break from your strenuous puzzle solving sessions.

Can you decipher the meaning in the following cluster of letters?


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Cool Words Riddle

Cool Words Riddle - 7 October

_ _ _ IE _ _
_ _ _ IE _
_ _ IE _ _
_ _ IE _
_ _ _ _ IE

Like you see, some letters have gone missing from these words that contain the IE pair at some or the other place. The letters that will be used to fill the blanks are given below. Use them and form meaningful words. Can you do that?

A, C, D, F, H, K, L, M, N, N, O, R, R, S, S, S, T, T, Y and Y.

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what number comes next in the sequence

what number comes next in the sequence - 6 October

Checkout the number list below and find what number comes next in the sequence?

111 , 113 , 117 , 119 , 123 , 137 ?

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Who Is The Killer

Who Is The Killer - 5 October

A murder took place on the Baker Street. The murderer seemed a fan of Sherlock Holmes evident with the notes he/she left behind at the house at different locations.

When Sherlock Holmes arrived, he found out that the victim was a lady named Martha. She was shot and there were five suspects:

The notes that were left by the murderer were placed at different places and had a little description on them:
The first note was found in the compound.
The second note was found in the art room.
The third note was found in the restroom.
The fourth note was found in the underwater room.
The fifth note was found in the smoking lounge.
The sixth note was found in the makeup room.

All the notes had only one thing written on them:
"The clues are where you find the notes."

On examination, nothing was found anywhere. Can you help Sherlock to decipher this puzzle?

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Send Ring Safely

Send Ring Safely - 4 October

Shane and Rose are madly in love with each other. To remind Rose of his pure love, Shane wants to send her a ring through post but in their country where burglary is quite prominent, any package that is not locked comes under the risk of being stolen for the contents.

Shane and Rose possesses many padlocks but neither one of them has the other key.

Can you find a way Shane can send the ring to Rose safely?

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Blonde 911 Riddle

Blonde 911 Riddle - 3 October

At dull night when the blonde was dozing, she heard an odd clamor and she saw that there were bizarre man with a gun simply outside her home. So she raced to telephone to call a police, however, she cant dial 911. Why?

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Relationship Logic Puzzle

Relationship Logic Puzzle - 2 October

In a boat, the father of a sailor son is sitting with the son of the sailor. However, the sailor is not present on the boat.

Can this even be possible?

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Rebus - 1 October

Decipher below rebus.

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