#1 - Wine Bottle Interview Riddle

I have nine bottles of wine and one of the nine bottles is poisoned.
I need to find the poisoned bottle with two facts
(1) Poison is deadly, only a sip will cost death
(2) I have two mice to do so.

How should I do it?

Lets, say the Mice are Mice1 and Mice2 and Bottle are WineBottle1,WineBottle2....WineBottle9

== Step A ==
Mice1 drinks WineBottle1 WineBottle2 & WineBottle3
Mice2 drinks WineBottle1 WineBottle4 & WineBottle5

If both mice dies, WineBottle1 is the poison bottle.
If only mice Mice1 dies, Either WineBottle2 or WineBottle3 is the poison bottle.
If only mice Mice2 dies, Either WineBottle4 or WineBottle5 is the poison bottle.
If nobody dies, Posion is in WineBottle6 WineBottle7 WineBottle8 or WineBottle9

== Step B(If nobody dies) ==
Mice1 drinks WineBottle6 WineBottle7
Mice2 drinks WineBottle6 WineBottle8

If both mice dies, WineBottle6 is the poison bottle.
If only mice Mice1 dies, WineBottle7 is the poison bottle.
If only mice Mice2 dies, WineBottle8 is the poison bottle.
If nobody dies, WineBottle9 is the poison bottle.

== Step2: (Only Mice1 dies - Either WineBottle2 or WineBottle3 is the poison bottle) ==
Mice2 drinks WineBottle2, if Mice2 dies WineBottle2 is the poison bottle else WineBottle3

== Step2: (Only Mice2 dies - Either WineBottle4 or WineBottle5 is the poison bottle) ==
Mice1 drinks WineBottle4, if Mice1 dies WineBottle4 is the poison bottle else WineBottle5

#2 - Best What Am I Riddle

What am I?

I am a riddle.

#3 - Change In Water Level Riddle

A few friends are enjoying their sea voyage in a boat full of apples. On the way, they felt hungry and thus decided to eat the apples. Together, they ate two dozen of apples. When they have eaten the apples, will there be any change in the water level?

When the boat is floating on the water, it contains all the apples. Therefore, the apples have already displaced the water equal to their own volume. Now, it does not matter if they eat two or four dozen of apples, the water level will remain the same.

#4 - Toughest Matchsticks Problem

By including only four matchsticks in below picture, you have to make "Four Triangles And Two Squares".

Toughest Matchsticks Problem

Done as shown.

#5 - The Miser Loan Puzzle

A Miser man decided to go for a vacation for a month. He goes to the bank and ask the trip loan of $500. The bank officer asks the man that the loan can only be approved when he mortgage some valuable thing at the bank. Miser man mortgages his only car whose worth was a whopping $80000. Bank officer laughed at him and approve the loan instantly. After vacation when the miser man returns, bank officer asked him "Are you an idiot, why your mortgage such an expensive car for such a short loan?".

Miser man replied with some reason and bank officer agreed that the miser man is actually not an idiot.

What did miser man replied to the bank loan officer?.

Miser man tells the loan officer that he takes the loan to keep his expensive car safe and he also saves money on parking.

#6 - Complete the sequence puzzle

Can you complete the sequence puzzle ?



zodiac signs are : Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

#7 - What Word Its It

What is It?
* Its a nine letter word.
* Exact opposite of phrase "friendly and outgoing"
* It contains the word "over".
* It starts will a vowel.


#8 - Find Three Numbers Riddle

Find three number such that ?

* When we multiply three numbers, we will get prime number.
* The difference between second and the first number is equal to third and second.

-3 -1 1

-3 * 1 * -1 is prime.
Difference between second and first number is equal to third and second = 2

#9 - which number should replace the question

Can you replace the question mark with the correct number?

6 30 870 756030 ?


6 * 6 - 6 =>30
30 * 30 - 30 => 870
870 * 870 -870 =>756030
756030 * 756030 - 756030 => 571580604870

#10 - Analyze The Logical Pattern

What you read below is true and follows a pattern:

7 + 7 = 2
8 + 8 = 4
8 + 5 = 1
6 + 9 = 3
10 + 11 = 9

Can you analyze the pattern and find out the answer for:
4 + 9 = ?

Here, the first number represents the time in AM. The second number is the number of hours you have to add in that time to get the time in PM.

7 + 7 = 2
Can be written as
7 AM + 7 hours = 2 PM (7 + 7 = 14:00)

Following the same pattern,
4 AM + 9 hours = 1 PM (4 + 9 = 13:00)
Or, 4 + 9 = 1