In a pizza parlor, you have to pay a certain amount to add extra toppings. Now the price for toppings are given in a pair below. Can you find out what each topping costs?

Corn & Jalapeno $7
Mushrooms & Extra Cheese $6
Paprika & Tomatoes $2
Onion & Jalapeno $5
Green chilly & Paprika $4
Tomatoes & Onion $3
Extra Cheese & Paprika $5

Please note that the toppings are priced w.r.t. whole dollar increments (no fraction prices).

We know that each topping is round priced to whole-dollar increments.

Now if you see the price of Paprika and Tomatoes i.e. $2, you know that they both must be priced $1 since we cant go into fractions.

Now, you need to apply simple mathematics to find out the price of the remaining ones. For example
Extra Cheese + Paprika = $5
Extra Cheese + $1 = $5
Extra Cheese = $4

Using this way, you will find our the prices are as follows:
Tomatoes $1
Paprika $1
Green chilly $3
Onion $2
Extra Cheese $4
Mushrooms $2
Jalapeno $3
Corn $4