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Safe Delivery Maths Problem

Safe Delivery Maths Problem - 30 November

Manoj was a very careless driver, so his owner Ganpat gave him an offer that he will get an incentive of Rs30 for every bottle-box he delivered without breaking it and he will be charged Rs 90 for every bottle-box he broke.Ganpat gave Manoj 100 bottles-box to deliver. After delivery Ganpat paid Manoj Rs 2400.

How many bottles-box did Manoj break?

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The Superhero Riddle

The Superhero Riddle - 29 November

The rock knocked me which was underneath me. I was wearing tights and rock did not hit me. Who am I? What is underneath me?

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Short Stupidest Riddle

Short Stupidest Riddle - 28 November

What house can fly?

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Good Toothpick Riddle

Good Toothpick Riddle - 27 November

You can move only two matchsticks. Will two moves be enough for you to make eight squares of three different sizes?

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Husband Wife Steps Puzzle

Husband Wife Steps Puzzle - 26 November

Husband and wife were jogging in the morning. To match every two steps of husband, wife required three steps. If Both of them start with the here right foot. After how many steps do their left foot be together?

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OneLiner Humor Riddle

OneLiner Humor Riddle - 25 November

When it's bad luck to meet a white cat?

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Akbar Birbal Story Riddle

Akbar Birbal Story Riddle - 24 November

Trying to tease Birbal, Akbar gave him one gold coin and ask him to buy
* something for him to eat
* something for him to drink.
* something to feed the cows
* something to plant in the garden
and most important you need to buy only one thing.

What must Birbal buy to silence Akbar?

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OneLiner Relationship Riddle

OneLiner Relationship Riddle - 23 November

If Ruth daughter is my daughter mom, who am I to Ruth?

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QuickFire Trick Teaser

QuickFire Trick Teaser - 22 November

I have 50-inch long bedsheet, I need to create 50 handkerchiefs each size of 1-inch. I take one minute to cut 1-inch handkerchief. So how long will it take to cut 50 handkerchiefs?

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Supernatural - Who Are They Puzzle

Supernatural - Who Are They Puzzle - 21 November

They Fight against the vampires.
They know their spell.
They fight against demons.
They are the most famous ghost hunters
They always do together as they are brothers.

Who are they?

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Train Tunnel Logic Problem

Train Tunnel Logic Problem - 20 November

Rahul decided to meet Simran so he boards a local train from Bombay station. Just after the station there is a 1km long tunnel. The train starts and is now accelerating. Rahul is a claustrophobic guy, so what is the best position for him to sit?

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Popular Matchstick Donkey Riddle

Popular Matchstick Donkey Riddle - 19 November

If you see the matchsticks arrangement in the picture, you will be able to notice a donkey shaped figure. Can you move 2 matchsticks in a manner that this shape is rotated or reflected, but it remains intact? Please be careful about the tale, it should point upwards only.

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Popular Toll Bridge Tax Puzzle

Popular Toll Bridge Tax Puzzle - 18 November

You have to send 3,000 grapes 1,000 kilometers from grapecity to appleland. Your truck can carry 1,000 grapes at a time. Every time you travel a kilometer towards appleland you must pay a tax of 1 grape but you pay nothing when going in the other direction (towards grapecity).

What is highest number of grapes you can get to appleland?

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Small Who Am I Riddle

Small Who Am I Riddle - 17 November

I taste better than I can smell. Who am I?

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Popular Algebraic Equation Riddle

Popular Algebraic Equation Riddle - 16 November

Can you solve the popular algebraic equation by replacing alphabets with a digit and equation must be true as well?

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Talking Parrot Riddle

Talking Parrot Riddle - 15 November

Michael went to a parrot shop in Florida when the parrot owner told him that his parrot is so unique that he repeats everything he hears. Michael got excited and immediately bought the parrot. Michael went home and spoke many words, but parrot does not repeat anything.
He went again to parrot shop and complaint to the shopkeeper, but shopkeeper never lied. Explain?

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Four 3's Biggest Number

Four 3's Biggest Number - 14 November

What should be the biggest number being formed using Four 3s according to you?

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Dancing Girls Count Puzzle

Dancing Girls Count Puzzle - 13 November

Niharika is practicing her dance steps along with her friends. In a particular sequence, all of them form a row. At that point, Niharika is standing on the 4th position from either end of the row.
Can you find out how many girls are practicing together?

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Classic who Am I

Classic who Am I - 12 November

I have teeth, but I don't bite. Who Am I?

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Digit Pattern Puzzle

Digit Pattern Puzzle - 11 November

Which digit occurred maximum times between the number 1 and 1000?

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Stairs Colour Riddle

Stairs Colour Riddle - 10 November

My cousin lives in one story house in Antarctica. His house is made the of-of sandstone. what is the color of stairs?

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Toothpick Equation Riddle

Toothpick Equation Riddle - 9 November

By moving just one toothpick(matchstick), you need to make below statement true.
Can you do it?

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Quick Murder Mystery To Solve

Quick Murder Mystery To Solve - 8 November

It's been the first day of the school when a young girl was found raped and murdered. Police suspect four male teachers as on the killer and ask them what they were doing in the morning in time 8:00 am.

1. Wayne: I was reading the newspaper.
2. Terry: I was checking chemistry papers
3. Bridge: I had locked myself in my room as my wife left me.
4. Cole: I dropped my wife to her office.

Who is the killer?

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Who Am i Movie Puzzle

Who Am I Movie Puzzle - 7 November

In one of the popular batman series movie "Batman Forever", there was a riddle that goes like "Tear me off and then scratch my head and I was red then and now I am back. Who am I?

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Tricky Situation Riddle

Tricky Situation Riddle - 6 November

My girlfriend and I took a flight to the United States and were able to reach the destination in two and a half hours.

After spending some quality week together, we flew back to our home. However, it took us 150 minutes this time even though the plane flew at the same speed.

Can you find out how?

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Popular Card Interview Puzzle

Popular Card Interview Puzzle - 5 November

A pack of cards has 40 cards. You are blindfolded. Out of 40, 25 cards are facing down while 15 are facing up. You have been asked to divide this pack of cards into two decks - so that each deck contains an equal number of face up cards. Remember, you are blindfolded.

How will you do it?

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Famous Two Barber Riddle

Famous Two Barber Riddle - 4 November

In a particular village, only two barbershops exist.

The first shop has a handsome barber with a neat haircut who is handsomely dressed in clean clothes and is extremely humble with his body language. The place is clean and looks hygienic.

In the second shop, you can find a barber with shabby clothing. His hairs are weirdly cut and his clothes still have the stains from last night dinner. The place is not clean as well and reeks a bit.

You visit the village for the first time and decide to get your haircut. Which barbershop will you like to go for that and why?

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Direction Treasure Riddle

Direction Treasure Riddle - 3 November

Benjamin Franklin Gates was searching the treasure in the sacred town of Owlna, Uttaranchal (India) when suddenly he encounters three way road points towards North, West, and East. Benjamin does not understand where to go. And suddenly notices a local boy. According to the old saying, a boy from Owlna always reply truthfully, but answer only one question of people they dont know. What does Benjamin Franklin Gates ask the local boy to figure out the correct direction?

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Baker Street Murder Mystery

Baker Street Murder Mystery - 2 November

A crime was committed at baker street. Ibrahim Dakota who was shot at stomach was the main suspect. Sherlock questioned the suspect. The conversation started as

Sherlock: Whats your story Ibrahim? 
Ibrahim: I was walking around the baker street and suddenly a man from back shot me. I ran as fast as he could to save my life". 
Sherlock: That is enough (and ask the police to arrest him). 

Why sherlock things he is the murderer?

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Matchsticks Tower Riddle

Matchsticks Tower Riddle - 1 November

Can you move 4 matchsticks and yet the tower structure remains the same.

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