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Direction Treasure Riddle

Direction Treasure Riddle - 3 November

Benjamin Franklin Gates was searching the treasure in the sacred town of Owlna, Uttaranchal (India) when suddenly he encounters three way road points towards North, West, and East. Benjamin does not understand where to go. And suddenly notices a local boy. According to the old saying, a boy from Owlna always reply truthfully, but answer only one question of people they dont know. What does Benjamin Franklin Gates ask the local boy to figure out the correct direction?

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  1. whether direction E is right and west is wrong?
    If the statement is right the boy will say yes then east is correct dir
    if the statement is wrong the boy will say no then west is the correct dir
    if both east & west wrong he will kept quite and North will be the correct direction

  2. question says boy will answer only one question,but does not say he will only answer in yes ans no .So he can directly ask the boy for the direction for sacred town