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True Or False Statement Puzzle

True Or False Statement Puzzle - 29 December

All Marigold are flowers.
Few Flowers are used to make colors.
Therefore, some Marigold are used to make colors.

True Or False?

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99 More Than 100

99 More Than 100 - 28 December

When 99 is considered higher than 100?

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Humourous Riddle

Humourous Riddle - 27 December

How much words can a pen with half refill write?

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Running Goose Puzzle

Running Goose Puzzle - 26 December

There is a wide field of corn. A goose finds its way into the field and starts running. Can you find out till which point the goose can run into the field?

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Christmas Trick Teaser Puzzle

Christmas Trick Teaser Puzzle - 25 December

You visit a home for specially-abled children on the occasion of Christmas where you meet with 50 children. You have a box of chocolates containing 50 chocolates exactly.

What if you were asked to one chocolate to each child in a manner that one chocolate still remains in the box? Is it possible?

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Nine Coins Image Riddle

Nine Coins Image Riddle - 24 December

Nine marbles are arranged in the image below. Can you slide two marbles to form a square?

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Who Am I Teaser

Who Am I Teaser - 23 December

I got 13 hearts but have no body or soul. Who am I?

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Short Logic Trick Teaser

Short Logic Trick Teaser - 22 December

John Terry was drowned by he was not wet. How?

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Hard Matchstick Riddle

Hard Matchstick Riddle - 21 December

By adding four matchstick, can you divide the square shown in picture into two equal part?

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FAQ Trick Teaser Riddle

FAQ Trick Teaser Riddle - 20 December

Is it possible to build a house that has all its walls facing the south direction?

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Disgusting Humor Riddle

Disgusting Humor Riddle - 19 December

How many words can a quill made with the feather of a pigeon write with a 100ml bottle of black ink?

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Classic Impossible Riddle

Classic Impossible Riddle - 18 December

On a cold night while roaming around in the street, four friends try to get under a small umbrella. The four of them manage to remain dry even with the hustle.

How can that be possible?

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What Is It Smart Riddle

What Is It Smart Riddle - 17 December

When I got four, I have it none.
When I got two, I have it some.
When I got none, I have it all.

What is it?

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Should I Bet Puzzle

Should I Bet Puzzle - 16 December

Over a bottle of wine, your friend bets you $10 that he can convert your $50 into $100. Now, you both might be too drunk, but will you accept the bet?

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ii over oo Riddle

ii over oo Riddle - 15 December

What does below riddle means?
 i i

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Which One Is Taller Riddle

Which One Is Taller Riddle - 14 December

As a part of a college activity, 200 hundred girls are arranged in 10 rows with 20 girls in each one of them. Now, the shortest girl from each column is selected and the tallest from those 20 girls is named P. The girls return to their original places.

Then, the tallest girl from each row is selected and among these 10, the shortest girl is named Q.

Can you find out which one of P and Q is taller?

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Classic Rebus

Classic Rebus - 13 December

What does below rebus means?

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Statement Equation Riddle

Statement Equation Riddle - 12 December

A + B = C
D - C = A
E - B = C

Based on the above equations, can you find out the outcome for:
D + F ?

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IPL Riddle

IPL Riddle - 11 December

Who are happiest people in IPL match?

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Cross Pit Of Fire

Cross Pit Of Fire - 10 December

A man wants to cross the pit of fire which is 25 feet in length and he has 2 planks(fire resistant) of 19 feet length.

How can he cross the pit of fire alive?

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Fine The Switch Riddle

Fine The Switch Riddle - 9 December

In the picture below can you find the correct switch that will turn on the bulb?

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What number I am thinking of

What number I am thinking of - 8 December

I am thinking of a five digit number such that:
First and last digits are same, their submission is an even number and multiplication is an odd number and is equal to the fourth number. Subtract five from it and we obtain the second number. Then divide into exact half nd we get 3rd number.

What number I am thinking of?

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Hard Card Probability Riddle

Hard Card Probability Riddle - 7 December

A fresh card pile is taken out of a box (the pile has 54 cards including 2 jokers). One joker is taken out and then the cards are shuffled for a good amount of times. After shuffling, two piles are made by dividing that one pile.

What is the possibility that one of the piles will have a card sequence from A to K in order?

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Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle

Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle - 6 December

Below toothpicks/matchsticks indicate the group of fishes moving from west to east direction. Can you make them move from east to west by just moving three toothpicks/matchsticks?

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Car Driver Eye Color Riddle

Car Driver Eye Color Riddle - 5 December

You are a cab driver who pools passengers. You pick 3 people from a destination and drop 1 after an hour. 2 people climb aboard at the same time and you drop 3 at the next destination. After some time, you pick 2 passengers only to drop 1 after a short distance where 3 more passengers climb up the cab. You leave the rest of the passengers one by one to their destination and then come back home.

Can you tell the eye color of the cab driver?

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Shoes Count Riddle

Shoes Count Riddle - 4 December

All Hardeep shoes are green except two.
All Hardeep shoes are red except two.
All Hardeep shoes are pink except two.

How many shoes do Hardeep have?

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Dice Date Riddle

Dice Date Riddle - 3 December

There are two dices with empty faces in front of you and a marker. You can mark any number on each of the faces of the two dices, but you have to display all the 31 days of the month using the two of them.

Which numbers will you mark on which dice so that you can easily depict all the dates of the month?

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Hidden Animal Name Rebus Riddle

Hidden Animal Name Rebus Riddle - 2 December

Can you identify the hidden rebus in the image below?

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Wine Bottles Maths Riddle

Wine Bottles Maths Riddle - 1 December

In a classic wine shop in Flobecq, Belgium, list of three most popular wines are:
- The cost of 1 French wine bottle: 500$
- The cost of 1 German wine bottle: 100$
- The cost of 20 Dutch wine bottles: 100$

Homer Simpson entered the wine shop and he needs to buy
- All three types of wine bottle
- Needs to buy Dutch wine bottles in multiple of 20.
- Need to buy 100 wine bottles

Simpson has only 10000$. How many wine bottle(s) of each type, Simpson must buy?

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