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Cipher Riddle

Cipher Riddle - 31 December

Can you decode the below cipher?


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Answer Fast Matchstick Puzzle

Answer Fast Matchstick Puzzle - 30 December

Can you quickly find which two matchstick figures is identical?

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Hardest Maths Equation Puzzle

Hardest Maths Equation Puzzle - 29 December

Can you replace alphabets by the numbers to make all the below equations true?

ZY = XZ - WV
UT = YV - ST
WY = ZU - RZ
QX = PX - QV
QL = LQ - WP
SV = XT - YR

Note: You can using only 8 digits. (i.e. more than one alphabets will be mapped to same numerical value)

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Incorrect Boxes Label Puzzle

Incorrect Boxes Label Puzzle - 28 December

There are three boxes which are labeled as Rs100, Rs150, and Rs200. One box contains two notes of Rs. 50. The second box contains one note of Rs50 and one note of Rs100 The third box contains two Rs. 100 notesAll boxes are labeled incorrectly.

What is the minimum number of boxes you must check in order to label all boxes correctly?

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Cycle Puncture Maths Puzzle

Cycle Puncture Maths Puzzle - 27 December

Mr. Rooney, who lives in a village was a cycling enthusiast, so he decided to go to town to watch a movie. He travels by his cycle at a constant speed for 2hours, but suddenly his cycle got the puncture. It took Rooney 10 minutes to change the tire. Now Rooney travels at 30km/her for the rest of his journey. Mr. Rooney reaches for the movie 30 minutes late. He thought if he does not get the puncher than he will be late by just 15 minutes.

How much distance Mr. Rooney traveled?

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Car Maze Riddle

Car Maze Riddle - 26 December

Which point will car reach?

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Day Who Am I

Day Who Am I - 25 December

I am Huge on Sunday and Saturday.
I am small from Tuesday to Thursday.
I do not exist on Monday and Friday.
Who am I?

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TV character Rebus Puzzle

TV character Rebus Puzzle - 24 December

Can you identify the famous TV character from the rebus below?

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Bird Riddle For Summer Camp

Bird Riddle For Summer Camp - 23 December

Mrs. Butch was watching a very rare bird "Whooper swan". Soon she was dead.

Explain ?

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Quick Riddle For Camper

Quick Riddle For Camper - 22 December

I am the first thing you need while camping.
I am always with the person named Marcos Valencia and Carrick.
But Pogba Zlatan and Rooney thinks I am wasteful and do not need me.
I am the second to the last thing to add when you are making a patch.

What am I?

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Alphametic Riddle

Alphametic Riddle - 21 December

Can you solve below alphametic riddle by replacing letters by number to make below equation true?


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Name Vegetable Riddle

Name Vegetable Riddle - 20 December

Can you name the vegetable which is most avoided in the ships?

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Teacher Student Puzzle

Teacher Student Puzzle - 19 December

The teacher told the student that if he told a lie then he will be expelled from school and if he told the truth than he still is expelled from school.

What can student say to prevent his expelled from school?

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Rock Group Dont Sing Riddle

Rock Group Don't Sing Riddle - 17 December

There is a rock group of four men that do not sing. Name It?

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Office Christmas Party Riddle

Office Christmas Party Riddle - 16 December

Josh Parker organizes an exotic office Christmas party at the beach to his important fellow employees.
Following are the important people that will come to the party
1. Josh Parker
2. Josh Parker 2 girlfriends- Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes
3. The sales head Clay Vanstone.
4. Clay Vanstone 2 associates.
5. Mr. Jeremy and his Secret Tab.

They all need to cross a small river to reach the beach, however, Josh Parker has got just one boat.
There are few rules for crossing the river.
1. The capacity of the boat is limited to just two people.
2. Clay Vanstone associates will not stay with Josh Parker without Clay Vanstone.
3. Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes will not stay with the Clay Vanstone without Josh Parker.
4. Mr. Jeremy would never leave the Secret Tab alone.
5. Secret Tab counts as a person.
6. Only Josh Parker, Clay Vanstone or Mr. Jeremy can drive the boat.
7. The two girlfriends Carol Vanstone and Tracey Hughes will not stay with the Clay Vanstone without Josh Parker.
8. No Associates would stay with Josh Parker without their Clay Vanstone.
9. Mr.Jeremy will not leave the Secret Tab alone.

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Hidden Animal In Picture Riddle

Hidden Animal In Picture Riddle - 15 December

Can you find the hidden animal in the picture below ?

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Make Equation Correct Riddle

Make Equation Correct Riddle - 14 December

Can you replace each alphabet with the number (1 - 9) to make below equation correct ?

AB * C = DE - F = GH / I

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Decipher Teacher Favorite Movie

Decipher Teacher Favorite Movie - 13 December

Chemistry Teacher : "Hi Johny".
Johny : "Hi Teacher, What is your favorite movie ?".
Chemistry Teacher : "Indium Cerium Platinum Iodine Oxygen Nitrogen" .
Ten seconds later.... Johny replied I got it.

Do you ?

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Replace Shape Puzzle

Replace Shape Puzzle - 12 December

Can you replace the X (both small and big x) with the numbers between 1 to 19 such that all the rows of 3 numbers between X (big x) sum to 23 ?

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The Winchester Family Riddle

The Winchester Family Riddle - 11 December

Mr. and Mrs. Winchester have six sons and each son has one sister. 
How many members are in Winchester family ?

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Direction Picture Riddle

Direction Picture Riddle - 10 December

Which direction does the below image pointing to ?

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Roman Number Equation Problem

Roman Number Equation Problem - 9 December

Considering below equation holds

V + II - VI = 10
IV - X + VIII = 20
IV - VII + VI = 30

Then, I + II + III = ?

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Stupid Peepal Tree Riddle

Stupid Peepal Tree Riddle - 8 December

In a pool party, can you guess what does the Peepal tree wear?

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Family Relationship Puzzle

Family Relationship Puzzle - 7 December

There are six people in a family namely M, N, O, P, Q and R.

R and O are brother and sister.

N is the brother of Q husband.
P is the father of M and grandfather of R.

Can you calculate the number of male members in the family?

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Name The Hidden Bird Riddle

Name The Hidden Bird Riddle - 6 December

Can you Find and name the hidden bird in the picture below ?

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Football Sports Riddle

Football Sports Riddle - 5 December

In a picnic session, a footballer was practicing. During his play, he busted lips and ears and broke ribs and thighs. However, he was still able to play a professional match on the very next day.

How can this be possible?

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The Logical Apples Puzzle

The Logical Apples Puzzle - 4 December

An apple seller is hosting a competition. He offers 1000 apples and 10 boxes to the people who pass by. The challenge is to put those 1000 apples in the 10 boxes in such a manner that if he asks for any amount of apples, the person is able to directly give him the boxes or a combination of boxes. If the person can do it, he promises to give a thousand apples for free.

If you happen to pass by the apple seller, will you be able to win a thousand apples?

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McDonald's Halloween Riddle

McDonald's Halloween Riddle - 2 December

McDonald announces special prize in the USA on the occasion of Halloween for kids.

Vanilla Cone costs 60 cents
Cheeseburger costs 65 cents
Filet-O-Fish costs 54 cents

How much does Happy Meal Cost ?

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Replace Question Mark Equation

Replace Question Mark Equation - 1 December

Can you replace question mark to make the below equation true ?

16 ? 14 ? 4 ? 6 = 62

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Six Letter Who Am I

Six Letter Who Am I - 30 November

I am a six letter word.
The first four letter is me.
The second and last letter are the same.
The fourth second and last letter are payment.

Who am l?

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QuickFire Odd One Out Riddle

QuickFire Odd One Out Riddle - 29 November

Can you find the odd one out from the below words ?

First Second Third Forth Fifth Sixth Seventh, Eighth Nine Ten Eleven Twelve.

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Alex Parrish Escape Gun Puzzle

Alex Parrish Escape Gun Puzzle - 28 November

Alex Parrish was so frustrated to be the suspect of being a sleeper terrorist that in her bathroom she shoot herself right between the eyes with a revolver. The revolver and the bullets were real. Minutes later Alex Parrish walks out from the bathroom unharmed.

How can this be possible ?

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Simple MatchSticks Equation Riddle

Simple MatchSticks Equation Riddle - 27 November

You need to remove two matchsticks to make below equation correct ?

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Rebus Decode Riddle

Rebus Decode Riddle - 26 November

Can you decode the below rebus ?

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The United States President Puzzle

The United States President Puzzle - 25 November

The United States 22nd and the 24th president got the same father.
Their mother is also the same.
Both are not twins but born at the same time.
None of them are adopted.
Both are male.

Who are they ?

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New Answer Every Time Riddle

New Answer Every Time Riddle - 24 November

There is a riddle which can be asked all day with a different correct answer each time. What is the riddle ?

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Count The Blocks Riddle

Count The Blocks Riddle - 23 November

Can you count the number of blocks in the picture below ?

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Answer Fast Equation Riddle

Answer Fast Equation Riddle - 22 November

20 % 5 = 24

21 % 7 = 33

42 % 6 = 67


66 % 6 = ?

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Spot Man In Coffee Bean Riddle

Spot Man In Coffee Bean Riddle - 21 November

Can you spot the man between the coffee bean in the picture below ?  ?

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Coffee Rebus Puzzle

Coffee Rebus Puzzle - 20 November

What does below rebus identifies ?

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Festive Offer Discount Puzzle

Festive Offer Discount Puzzle - 19 November

On the occasion of Christmas, Major online seller companies in India is offering big discount on Iphone7 as below.

: Flipkart offers Flat 65% discount
: Amazon offers 10% discount over and over again.
: eBay offers RS 45,000 off.

If the original cost of iPhone is Rs. 70,000 Which is the best offer for you ?

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Answer Fast Cricket Race

Answer Fast Cricket Race - 18 November

Indian cricket team organizes a Vijay, Ishant, Dhoni, and Kohli has participated.

The results are as follows

Vijay beats Ishant
Dhoni beats Kohli
Kohli beats Vijay

Who came first in the race?

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Hot Cold What Am I

Hot Cold What Am I - 17 November

I am quite hot but become too cold if you remove first two letter. What am I ?

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Unlisted Phone Number Riddle

Unlisted Phone Number Riddle - 16 November

In the city of Brain Teasers, 2% of people do not list their phone numbers. Now if we select random 20 people from the phone directory, then how many people selected will have unlisted phone numbers?

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Fun Algebra Puzzle

Fun Algebra Puzzle - 15 November

The following alphametic has only one solution. Can you find it?

PS: You may start the number from 0.

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Playing Cards Logical Riddle

Playing Cards Logical Riddle - 14 November

Let us do a fun activity. Take three piles of cards - one with 11 cards, second with 7 cards and the third with 6 cards and place them on a table.

The challenge is to move cards in a manner that each pile has 8 cards by the time you are done.

The rules are:
1) You can add to any pile but you must add exactly the amount of cards the pile already has. Suppose that a pile has 7 cards, then you will have to move exactly 7 cards from another pile to keep above it.

2) All cards should be taken from the same pile at one time.

3) You have only 3 moves.

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Geography Rebus Riddle

Geography Rebus Riddle - 13 November

Can you solve the below geography rebus by decoding the below rebus ?

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Missing Letter In Circle Riddle

Missing Letter In Circle Riddle - 12 November

Can you crack the logic with which the letters in the attached figure are connected and find the missing letter in the last circle?

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Number Pyramid Puzzle

Number Pyramid Puzzle - 9 November

In the attached picture, you will find a pyramid formation, that is made up of ten circles. If you can move only 3 circles, can you turn it upside down?

We have numbered the coins so that you can comment the numbers as answers.

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The Classic Bank Riddle

The Classic Bank Riddle - 8 November

In a certain bank, a man deposits a certain amount. According to the bank policies, the amount will get doubled up in a year but as the service charge, they will also deduct Rs. 65 by the end of every year.

If after the 6th year, the amount becomes 0, what do you think is the original amount he deposited in the bank?

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Dollar Quarter Equation Riddle

Dollar Quarter Equation Riddle - 7 November

A quarter is one fourth of a dollar but Mr. Brainteaser has changed the equation as below :


Can you replace each letter by a digit to make above solution correct ?

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Upsc Interview Puzzle

UPSC Interview Puzzle - 6 November

Can you make the below equation true by using any three numbers from "1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15"?

( ) + ( ) + ( ) = 30

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English Verb Riddle

English Verb Riddle - 5 November

Can you name any English verb that becomes its past tense by simply rearranging the alphabets ?

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Picture Number Series Problem

Picture Number Series Problem - 4 November

Can you replace the "?" in the picture table below with the appropriate numbers.

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Spot The Cat Puzzle

Spot The Cat Puzzle - 3 November

Spot the cat in the picture below ?

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13 Hearts Riddle

13 Hearts Riddle - 2 November

I have 13 hearts, yet never alive. Who am I?

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Baby Name Puzzle

Baby Name Puzzle - 1 November

Priyanka is pregnant and currently has 6 sons
Dousik Reka

What will she name her next child boy ?
A. Noah
. Liam
C. Tinku
D. Mason

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Answer Me Fast Riddle

Answer Me Fast Riddle - 31 October

Before Balboa discovered the Pacific ocean, which was the largest ocean before that ?

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Happy Diwali Maths Riddle

Happy Diwali Maths Riddle - 30 October

Replace the alphabet with the number such that below equation hold true.


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Oneliner Ice Cream Riddle

Oneliner Ice Cream Riddle - 29 October

Where do you go to learn how to make the ice cream ?

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The Number Seven Riddle

The Number Seven Riddle - 28 October

Can you make the number "7" even without the use of mathematical operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division ?

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Relationship Numbers Riddle

Relationship Numbers Riddle - 27 October

Can you replace the question mark with the correct number, given the pair of numbers exhibits similar relationship?

? : 3839 :: 11 : 1209

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Monkey Squirrel Eagle Race

Monkey Squirrel Eagle Race - 26 October

A Monkey, a squirrel, and an Eagle are racing to the to the top of the mango tree. Assuming all these animals are in perfect shape, Which animal will reach to Banana first ?

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Which Number Riddle

Which Number Riddle - 25 October

Which number should replace the question mark in the picture below ?

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Football Riddle

Football Riddle - 24 October

In a football game , Chelsea defeated Mani 2 - 0 but no man from either side scored. How can this be possible ?

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Cricket Puzzle Question

Cricket Puzzle Question - 23 October

It is a strange cricket match in which batsman is getting bowled in the very first ball he faced. Assuming no extras in the match, which batsman will be not out at the end of the inning ?

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The Month Rebus

The Month Rebus - 22 October

Can you guess the name of the month by looking the below rebus ?

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Ghost Room Puzzle

Ghost Room Puzzle - 21 October

Which room is the ghost always afraid of ?

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Square Root 12345678987654321 Puzzle

Square Root 12345678987654321 Puzzle - 20 October

The square root of number 121 is "11". What is the square root of the number "12345678987654321." ?

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Easy Picture Rebus Riddle

Easy Picture Rebus Riddle - 19 October

what one word does below rebus identifies ?

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Hard Prison CupCakes Riddle

Hard Prison CupCakes Riddle - 18 October

Bea Smith , Vera Bennett, Franky Doyle and  Doreen Anderson  were in Wentworth Prison for murder. But their behavior on the jails is appreciated by the warden and the warden decided to give all these 4 prisoners 11 cupcakes. They all like cupcakes and they had all cupcakes in no matter of time but they do not know how many cupcake each individual had. 

Therefore Bea started the conversation 
Bea : "Hey T-Vera, did you had more cupcakes than I had ?"
Vera : "I do not know girl, Hey Franky, did you had more cupcakes than I had ?".
Franky: "I do not know"
Doreen replied instantly
Doreen: "I know how exactly how many cupcakes each of you had?"

So can you tell how many cupcakes each of them had ?

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Ice Cream and House Number Riddle

Ice Cream and House Number Riddle - 17 October

A small town is visited by an ice-cream truck every day. On the first day of February, the truck visits as usual and 5 children, one from each of the first 5 houses on the street buys an ice cream that is of the different flavor from each other along with a completely different topping.

Go through the details below and find out which child lives in which house and bought which ice-cream flavor with which topping:

1. Jim lives between the child who bought the Raspberry topping and the child who bought mango ice cream.

2. Joyce, whose house has an even number, bought the cherry topping. Nancy does not live next to Joyce.

3. The blackcurrant ice cream had no topping.

4. The child who lives in house number 2 had the butterscotch ice cream. The child in house number 3 did not have chocolate ice cream.

5. Mike had banana ice cream. He hates banana cherry.

6. The child who had the cashew topping lives in house number 5. Dustin does not live in house number 4.

Please note that the odd numbered houses and the even numbered houses are located on the exactly opposite sides of the street.

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Nice Who Am I Riddle

Nice Who Am I Riddle - 16 October

I am dry when I go inside, but wet when I am pulled outside.
The longer I am inside, the stronger I get
When I am completely out, I am wet and I literally sag
Who am I ?

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Clash Royale Bomber Cost Puzzle

Clash Royale Bomber Cost Puzzle - 15 October

In "Clash Royal" App Game, Warrior "The Bomber" is a very good defensive options. It can be purchased from the card shop.
The cost of the bomber is quite interesting.
The Cost of 1st bomber is: 2
The Cost of 2nd bomber is: 4
The Cost of 3rd bomber is: 6
The Cost of 4th bomber is: 8
The Cost of 5th bomber is: 10

i.e to buy 5 bombers you need 2+4+6+8+10 = 30 coins.

How many bombers can you buy using 1000 coins ?

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Ice Cream Seller Ridde

Ice Cream Seller Riddle - 14 October

On occasion of Diwali (a Hindu festival), the local ice cream seller is selling ice cream at an 80% discount. But, he got just two flavours, vanilla and cocoa-chipped. He is selling vanilla at Rs1 and Choco-chip at Rs2. However, he is giving just one ice cream to each person.
Shruti went to the shop and give the seller Rs.2 and without asking her the seller gives her Choco-chip ice cream. Next, Anmol comes and also gave the seller the same amount i.e. Rs2. Now the seller asks Anmol which ice-cream does he wants.

Why such a different behaviour towards Shruti and Anmol?

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Funny Campfire Riddle

Funny Campfire Riddle - 13 October

Can you start the fire using two pieces of woods ?

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Cyclic Unique Number Puzzle

Cyclic Unique Number Puzzle - 12 October

There is a unique number which when multiplied by any number from 1 to 6, we will get the new number that contains same digits only.

Can you find that number ?

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Current Temperature Rebus

Current Temperature Rebus - 11 October

The current Temperature can be represented by below textual rebus.


Can you tell us the current time?

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Current Temperature Rebus

Current Temperature Rebus - 11 October

The current time can be represented by below textual rebus.


Can you tell us the current time?

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The Physics Tea Riddle

The Physics Tea Riddle - 10 October

On a beautiful Sunday morning, You ordered a hot team to your hotel room and suddenly you remember an important thing that needed to be done right now will take around 3 minutes to complete. Like most people you like your tea to be hot while drinking so, when should you pour cream in the tea ? 1. straight away 2 Just people, you drink the team 3. Its do not matter

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Brick Optical Illusion Puzzle

Brick Optical Illusion Puzzle - 9 October

This is a classy optical illusion puzzle.

What more you can find except bricks in the image below?

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Distance Time Riddle

Distance Time Riddle Solution - 6 October

Before the start of the car race, Tony Stewart and Jamie Mcmurray have the same amount of fuel in the car. With this fuel Tony Stewart can drive for 4 hours while Jamie can drive five hours.
After a time they realize that amount of fuel left in Tony car is 1/4th of the fuel in Jamie car.

For long they are racing ?

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The Prime Number Riddle

The Prime Number Riddle - 5 October

What will be the best approach to finding all the prime numbers less than 75 that leave an odd reminder when we divide them with 5?

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TrickTeaser Trader Riddle

TrickTeaser Trader Riddle - 4 October

A boy collects white sea shells from the sea and brings them home every night. When he has enough of them, he decides to sell them to a trader.

The trader is ready to buy the shells and he asks the boy about the quantity. At this, the boy starts calculating. He has a giant box that contains 3 mini boxes. Two of them have another mini box inside. If the giant box can hold 50 shells, how many brown shells can he sell to the trader?

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Cake cutting Puzzle

Cake cutting Puzzle - 3 October

You need to cut a round cake into eight equal pieces with just 3 cut. Can you do it?

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Simple Popular Rebus

Simple Popular Rebus - 2 October

What does below rebus means ?

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Unique Words Puzzle

Unique Words Puzzle - 1 October

What is the unique property of the following words ?
* Revive
* Banana
* Grammar
* Voodoo
* Assess
* Potato
* Dresser
* Uneven

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Secret Code Riddle

Secret Code Riddle - 30 September

You need to unlock a secret code using following clues

Clue-1 : 0 7 9 (One of the numbers is correct and is placed in its correct position)
Clue-2 : 0 3 2 (Nothing is correct)
Clue-3 : 1 0 8 (Two numbers are correct but not placed at its correct position.)
Clue-4 : 9 2 6 (One number is correct but not placed at its correct position.)
Clue-5 : 6 7 8 (One number is correct but not placed at its correct position.)

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Easy Matchsticks Equation Riddle

Easy Matchsticks Equation Riddle - 29 September

You need to move one matchstick to make below equation correct.

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Hatty Potter Puzzle

Hatty Potter Puzzle - 28 September

Ponder upon a creature who exists in disguise
Who deals in mysteries and has nothing to tell you except lies
Now think about what is constantly the final thing to mend
What is the middle of the middle and the end of the end?
Now ponder upon the sound you must have often heard
When you were looking for the hard-to-find word
If you can tie them all together and answer this
Tell me what living creature you will always loath to kiss?

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Fill In The Blanks Riddle

Fill In The Blanks Riddle - 27 September

A _____ restaurant chef was _____ to made food as there was _____.

Can you solve the riddle by replacing blanks by a word (in three different ways) ?

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Stupid Funny Riddle

Stupid Funny Riddle - 26 September

One Night, a Cook, a Cobbler and a Fisherman went to a dinner together and asked the manager to split the bill equally among them. When the bill arrived, it was for four people.

How can this be possible?

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Quick Riddle To Ask

Quick Riddle To Ask - 25 September

At his own home, a man watches a beautiful lady killed. He cried but does not do anything about it. Why?

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Popular Horse Algebric Equation Problem

Popular Horse Algebric Equation Problem - 22 September

Can you solve the equation by finding the value of
A) Horse
B) Cowboy boot
C) Horseshoe

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The Lottery Riddle

The Lottery Riddle - 21 September

Chances of Mr. Button winning the local lottery in 8%. All participants lined up and Mr. Button is 3rd in the row. The first two participants lose the lottery.

What is the chance of Samuel Mr. Button now?

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The Disappearing Mango Tree Riddle

The Disappearing Mango Tree Riddle - 20 September

There are many trees in my garden. One such tree is a mango tree and obviously, there are some mangoes on it. Using the Slingshot I try to get some mangoes. After half an hour there are no mangoes on trees and no mangoes with me.

How come ?

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Smart Equation Problem

Smart Equation Problem - 19 September

1 + 9 + 8 = ? considering, 28 + 8 + 92 = 10

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Good Missing Number Series

Good Missing Number Series - 18 September

Can you find the missing number in the series below

1 5 9 2 6 10 3 ? 11 4 8 12

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Short Who Am I

Short Who Am I - 17 September

When you say goodbye, I am what you need to tie.
I come as a couple and go wherever you run.
Who am I?

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Hidden Mobile Rug Vision Riddle

Hidden Mobile Rug Vision Riddle - 16 September

Can you find the hidden mobile that is lost in the rug?

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Maths Picture Pyramid Problem

Maths Picture Pyramid Problem - 15 September

You need to fill number in the bricks in the image below such that the top brick is sum of two brick below it.

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Famous 10 Castles Puzzle

Famous 10 Castles Puzzle - 14 September

In a time long back, there lived a king who ruled the great kingdom of Trojan House. As a part of the renovation of the kingdom to meet future security needs, he asked his chief architect to lay down a new play in a manner that all of his 10 castles are connected through five straight walls and each wall must connect four castles together.

He also asked the architect that at least one of his castle should be protected with walls.

The architect could not come up with any solution that served all of King’s choice, but he suggested the best plan that you can see in the picture.

Can you find a better solution to serve the king's demand?

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Never Stop Running Riddle

Never Stop Running Riddle - 13 September

I never stop running even when I stand still. If I am formed by joining two identical bodies together, can you guess who I am?

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Trivia Murder Mystery Riddle

Trivia Murder Mystery Riddle - 12 September

A person was found dead on a big green land with no trees or building around. When the police arrived, they found a piece of rock lying next to him and the man was wearing clothes comprising of red, blue and yellow colors.

Can you tell who the person is and what was the cause of death?

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Missing Key Picture Riddle

Missing Key Picture Riddle - 11 September

Can you find the key in the picture below?

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Hard Number 100 Riddle

Hard Number 100 Riddle - 10 September

By using all numbers, i.e. 123456789 and subtraction/addition, operators number 100 can be formed in many ways.
Example 98 + 7 + 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 + 2 - 1 = 100

But if we add a condition that use of the number 32 is the must. Then there are limited solutions.
One of such solution is: 9 - 8 + 76 + 54 - 32 + 1 = 100

Can you tell any other solution?

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Popular Logical Barrel Puzzle

Popular Logical Barrel Puzzle - 9 September

We have shown you a regular water barrel. Without using any measuring device can you check if barrels is more than half filled or less than half filled ?

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Funniest Blonde Riddle

Funniest Blonde Riddle - 8 September

A blonde put eye liner on her head. Why?

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Who Is The Spy Puzzle

Who Is The Spy Puzzle - 7 September

Jane Doe, a top MI6 Cop is found in Times Square with almost no memory and mysterious tattoos on her body. She just remembers that she had embraced this tattoo so that she can remember who is the spy that was responsible for the blast in London.
MI6 had shortlisted 6 suspects and ask jane if she can identify with them who is responsible for the blast. She doest not remember anything but when she look into her tattoo she was able to identify the spy.

Following are the suspects name
1. Kurt
2. Edgar
3. Tasha
4. Oscar
5. Bethany

Tattoo found on her body was "ymarspseneptunehtssaturniravenuscso"

Who is the spy ?

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Find Panda Pills Riddle

Find Panda Pills Riddle - 6 September

Find the hidden panda in the image below?

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Byomkesh Bakshi Mystery Puzzle

Byomkesh Bakshi Mystery Puzzle - 5 September

Byomkesh Bakshi was visiting his friend Ganpat Negi. He found out that his friend wife had just killed a burglar in self defence. Bakshi asks Ganpat about what happened and he told that "His wife were watching television when suddenly the bell rang. She thought that it is her husband Ganpat but she found the burglar who attacked her instantly and she got so frightened that she killed the burglar immediately with the knife. Byomkesh Bakshi asked the police to arrest here friend wife. Why ?

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Matchsticks Equation Riddle

Matchsticks Equation Riddle - 4 September

By moving exactly three matchsticks can you make the below equation true.
It can be solved by 3 ways.

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Short Who I Am Riddle

Short Who I Am Riddle - 3 September

I shrink every time I take the bath. Who am I?

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Classy Statement Puzzle

Classy Statement Puzzle - 2 September

Maria and Martina are strange women. One of them always lies on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and tells the truth on all other days of the week while the other lies on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and tells the truth on other days of the week.

Today, following statements were made.
Maria: I lie on Saturdays.
Martina: I will lie tomorrow.
Maria: I lie on Sundays.

Which day of the week is today?

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Hardest Chess Board Puzzle Ever

Hardest Chess Board Puzzle Ever - 1 September

This is a hardest chess board puzzle that I have been asked.
In the picture below you can see that white army is arranged. You need to add black army on the board such that no piece is under any threat.
Note: Army comprised of
1 king
1 queen
2 rooks
2 bishops
2 knights
8 pawns

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Correct Dress Probability Problem

Correct Dress Probability Problem - 31 August

A mother bought three dress for her triplets daughters(one for each) and put the dresses in the dark. One by one the girls come and pick a dress.
What is the probability that no girl will choose her own dress?

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Hard Missing Number Series

Hard Missing Number Series - 30 August

Can you complete below number series by replacing "?" with the correct number.

10 # 10 # 20 # ? # 110 # 300 # 930

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Find Company Name Pictogram

Find Company Name Pictogram - 29 August

Can you find company name from the pictogram below?

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Test Critical Thinking Interview Question

Test Critical Thinking Interview Question - 28 August

This is the interview puzzle asked to my friend in an interview of "blackrock".
As shown in the picture below, There is a circular car race track of 10km. There are two cars, we called them Car A and Car B. And they are at the exact opposite end to each other. At Time T(0), Both cars move toward each other at a constant speed of 100m / seconds. As we know both cars are at the same speed they will always be the exact opposite to each other.
Note, at the center, there is a bug which starts flying towards Car A at time T(0). When the bug reaches car B, it turns back and starts moving towards the car A. The speed of bug is 1m/second. After 5hours all three stop moving. 

What is the total distance covered by the bug?

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Good Age Riddle

Good Age Riddle - 24 August

Lena Dunham , Allison Williams, and Jemima Kirke are 3 daughters of a good mathematician "Geroge".
When I asked George the age of their daughters. He replied "The current age of her daughters is prime. Also, the difference between their ages is also prime."

How old are the daughters ?

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Oldest Riddle Heard

Oldest Riddle Heard - 23 August

This is the oldest riddle that I have heard.

Once there was a man who is travelling with a Tiger , goat, and grass.
He needs to cross the river that can carry the maximum of two i.e Man + one of Tiger goat or grass. But the problem is "If he takes lion with him, the goat will eat grass and if he takes grass with him, the lion will eat goat".

How can he ensure safe delivery of all three?

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Matchsticks Equation Puzzle

Matchsticks Equation Puzzle - 22 August

You need to move four matchsticks to make matchsticks equation true.

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Smart Algebra Equation Riddle

Smart Algebra Equation Riddle - 21 August

Aakriti = 742
Lavesh = 622
Shruti = 620
Anmol = 522
Sonal = ?

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Charley Wilma Killing Riddle

Charley Wilma Killing Riddle - 20 August

why despite killing dozens of people Charley and Wilma were not punished?

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Strange Birthday Puzzle

Strange Birthday Puzzle - 19 August

Today, I celebrated my 32nd birthday but I was born in 1971.
How is this possible ?

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Charity Tennis Match Puzzle

Charity Tennis Match Puzzle - 4 August

In Dubai at the charity event, Federal and Nadal played exactly five matches. Both wins exactly an equal number of matches.

How is this possible?

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Missing Rs1 Puzzle

Missing Rs1 Puzzle - 3 August

I have Rs.50 and i spend in the way below.

Where is missing Rs1?

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Oneliner Who Am I

Oneliner Who Am I - 2 August

The more place I go, the less you can see. Who am I?

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Find The Thief Riddle

Find The Thief Riddle - 1 August

Can you find the thief by just looking at the picture below?

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Warm Cold Puzzle

Warm Cold Puzzle - 31 July

Can you maneuver word "warm" to form word "cold" in four steps? In every step, you can replace one alphabet each such that every time the new word created is an acceptable English word.

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Confused Judge Riddle

Confused Judge Riddle - 29 July

Judge knows that Aladin was killed by her girlfriend Jasmine but the judge was not sure whether to punish her or not. Why ?

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Answer This Fast Riddle

Answer This Fast Riddle - 28 July

What you cannot hold it but it is yours?

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Trick Statement Riddle

Trick Statement Riddle - 27 July

Anmol is looking at Nikita, but Nikita is looking at Mayank. Anmol is married, but Mayank is not. Is married person looking at the unmarried person?

A) Yes
B) No
C) Insufficient information

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Robbers Coin Puzzle

Robbers Coin Puzzle - 26 July

Seven Robbers loot the bank and hide the coins at a deserted factory. They decide to divide the money equally next morning. Two greedy robbers decided to cheat the others and reach the factory at night. They equally divided the coins between them, one coin left. So they called another robber and then they decided to divide equally among three. Sadly again one coin left. Same thing happened for 4th 5th and the 6th robber.
However when 7th robber reached in the morning, they are able to divide the coins equally.

How many coins were there in total?

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QuickFire Talk Riddle

QuickFire Talk Riddle - 18 July

How can one talk without saying a single word?

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The Stairs Riddle

The Stairs Riddle - 17 July

You need to climb ten stairs. At every stair, you can either take one step up or you can jump two steps up.

In how many different ways you can climb 10 stairs?

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Escape Strategy Riddle

Escape Strategy Riddle - 16 July

Your bike crashed into the dark forest and suddenly you saw and deadly panther and jaguar. You got just one bullet.
What is your escape strategy?

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Button Confusion Trivia Riddle

Button Confusion Trivia Riddle - 15 July

A very interesting trivia question for all.

Why do men shirts have their buttons on the right side and women have buttons on the left-hand side?

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Fun With Matchstick Riddle

Fun With Matchstick Riddle - 14 July

In the image below, you can see two glasses and two matchsticks. You need to move four matchsticks in such a manner that the crosses come inside the glasses.

Note: you cannot move the crossed.

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Feet But No Legs Riddle

Feet But No Legs Riddle - 13 July

I have feet, but no legs. Which animal Am I?

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Famous Counting Legs Riddle

Famous Counting Legs Riddle - 12 July

I am standing in California palace. The palace has five soldiers. Every soldier has five rooms. Each room has five big tigers and each tiger have five small tigers. Each tiger has four legs.

How many are there in total?

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