#1 - Replace Question Mark Riddle

Can you find out the number that should replace the question mark with a valid reason?

Replace Question Mark Riddle

The number that will replace the question mark is 0. This is because, in this number pie, the diagonals add up to 25.

#2 - Profit Or Loss Riddle

Johanna purchased a portable music player for $100 through a deal. She sold it to Sindy for $125. After a year, she bought it back from Sindy at $150. Upon using it for a month, she sold it to Suzzanne for $175.

Can you calculate if this entire deal was profitable or a loss for Johanna?

In the first deal, Johanna made a profit of $25 from Sindy.
In the second deal, Johanna made a profit of $25 again from Suzzanne.

Therefore, the entire deal was profitable for Johanna and she made a total profit of $50.

#3 - The Password Riddle

A system error causes the change of Sumit net banking password. To sort this out, he calls the customer care. The following is the conversation he has with the executive:

Sumit: My password is changed.
Custom Care Executive: We have kept your password distinct this time. It has 8 letters out of which, 3 letters are same as previous.
Sumit: Okay, thanks.

Can you determine the old as well as the new password of Sumit net banking account after reading the conversation carefully?

The original password was "changed" and the new password given by custom care executive is "distinct".

#4 - Coolest Maths Riddle

For a performance, a few dancers are arranged in a row. Nancy is standing in the middle of the row at the 6th position.

Can you find out the total number of girls in that row?

Since Nancy is the middle at 6th position, there should be 5 girls on both her sides.
5 + 5 = 10
Counting Nancy as well, the total number of girls in that row = 10 + 1 = 11

#5 - Humor Paint Riddle

An artist while painting a scenic beauty, decides to paint three layers of blue color on the sky.

Which layer will go on the first?

Of course, the second layer will go on "the first" layer.