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Coolest Maths Riddle

Coolest Maths Riddle - 23 March

For a performance, a few dancers are arranged in a row. Nancy is standing in the middle of the row at the 6th position.

Can you find out the total number of girls in that row?

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Replace Question Mark Riddle

Replace Question Mark Riddle - 22 March

Can you find out the number that should replace the question mark with a valid reason?

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Humor Paint Riddle

Humor Paint Riddle - 21 March

An artist while painting a scenic beauty, decides to paint three layers of blue color on the sky.

Which layer will go on the first?

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Profit Or Loss Riddle

Profit Or Loss Riddle - 20 March

Johanna purchased a portable music player for $100 through a deal. She sold it to Sindy for $125. After a year, she bought it back from Sindy at $150. Upon using it for a month, she sold it to Suzzanne for $175. Can you calculate if this entire deal was profitable or a loss for Johanna?

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The Password Riddle

The Password Riddle - 14 March

A system error causes the change of Sumit net banking password. To sort this out, he calls the customer care. The following is the conversation he has with the executive:

Sumit: My password is changed.
Custom Care Executive: We have kept your password distinct this time. It has 8 letters out of which, 3 letters are same as previous.
Sumit: Okay, thanks.

Can you determine the old as well as the new password of Sumit net banking account after reading the conversation carefully?

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