#1 - The Escape Plan Riddle

As shown in the picture below, we can see a boy hanging on the tree branch to save his life. There are various ways in which he can die like1. A snake hanging toward right waiting to bite the boy.2. A roaring Lion near the tree.3. Two crocodiles ready to attack if boy reaches near water.The tree is chopped to some extent, so can fall as if he moves a lot.Can you give this boy an escape plan?

The Escape Plan Riddle

Hold the snake and throw it towards the lion that will scare the lion for some time. Take the opportunity and jump near the axe, pick it and kill the lion and then feed lion to crocodile and walk away alive.

#2 - Classic Hardware Store Riddle

Cerci Went to the nearby hardware store in Westeros to buy something for here home. Below is the conversation between two:

Cerci : How much for the one?
Shopkeeper: It is $2
Cerci : How much for the Eleven ?
Shopkeeper: It is $4
Cerci : How much for the Hundred?
Shopkeeper: It is $6.

What is cerci buying?

House Number @price : $2 per number.

#3 - Cant Be Wet Friends Riddle

Six Friends Rachel Monica phoebe Joey Chandler and Ross were going to church. Suddenly rains come and all except Ross runs toward shelter. All these who runs got wet while Ross stays still and do not get wet.


Ross was in the coffin. Four were carrying the coffin and fifth was marching in front for clearing the way

#4 - MatchStick Odd One Out Riddle

Out of four image whoch one is odd one out ?

MatchStick Odd One Out Riddle

3rd image is odd one out.Reason: only 3rd image we can find one rectange(rest have 2).

#5 - 64S on CB Riddle

If 24H in a D => 24 hours in a day.
What is "64S on CB" stands for ?

64 squares on the chess board.

#6 - Odd One Out Maths Riddle

Solve this maths riddle by finding the odd image from the rest.

Odd One Out Maths Riddle

Image-3Only the third image is not symmetric to vertical axis as shown in pic below.

#7 - Pj Riddle

There was a strange boy who was born before his father. How can this be possible?

The boy was born before(front of) his child. (funny... duh)