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Classic Hardware Store Riddle

Classic Hardware Store Riddle - 12 April

Cerci Went to the nearby hardware store in Westeros to buy something for here home. Below is the conversation between two:

Cerci : How much for the one?
Shopkeeper: It is $2
Cerci : How much for the Eleven ?
Shopkeeper: It is $4
Cerci : How much for the Hundred?
Shopkeeper: It is $6.

What is cerci buying?

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  1. 1 in binary is 1 in decimal for $2
    11 in binary is 3 in decimal for $4
    100 in binary is 4 in decimal for $6
    dont know what she s buying but shes getting a pretty good deal on it.

  2. She is buying house numbers.
    1 =$2 for one number
    11 =$4 for two numbers
    100 =$6 for three numbers
    $2 per number