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Warm Cold Puzzle

Warm Cold Puzzle - 31 July

Can you maneuver word "warm" to form word "cold" in four steps? In every step, you can replace one alphabet each such that every time the new word created is an acceptable English word.

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Confused Judge Riddle

Confused Judge Riddle - 29 July

Judge knows that Aladin was killed by her girlfriend Jasmine but the judge was not sure whether to punish her or not. Why ?

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Answer This Fast Riddle

Answer This Fast Riddle - 28 July

What you cannot hold it but it is yours?

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Trick Statement Riddle

Trick Statement Riddle - 27 July

Anmol is looking at Nikita, but Nikita is looking at Mayank. Anmol is married, but Mayank is not. Is married person looking at the unmarried person?

A) Yes
B) No
C) Insufficient information

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Robbers Coin Puzzle

Robbers Coin Puzzle - 26 July

Seven Robbers loot the bank and hide the coins at a deserted factory. They decide to divide the money equally next morning. Two greedy robbers decided to cheat the others and reach the factory at night. They equally divided the coins between them, one coin left. So they called another robber and then they decided to divide equally among three. Sadly again one coin left. Same thing happened for 4th 5th and the 6th robber.
However when 7th robber reached in the morning, they are able to divide the coins equally.

How many coins were there in total?

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QuickFire Talk Riddle

QuickFire Talk Riddle - 18 July

How can one talk without saying a single word?

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The Stairs Riddle

The Stairs Riddle - 17 July

You need to climb ten stairs. At every stair, you can either take one step up or you can jump two steps up.

In how many different ways you can climb 10 stairs?

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Escape Strategy Riddle

Escape Strategy Riddle - 16 July

Your bike crashed into the dark forest and suddenly you saw and deadly panther and jaguar. You got just one bullet.
What is your escape strategy?

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Button Confusion Trivia Riddle

Button Confusion Trivia Riddle - 15 July

A very interesting trivia question for all.

Why do men shirts have their buttons on the right side and women have buttons on the left-hand side?

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Fun With Matchstick Riddle

Fun With Matchstick Riddle - 14 July

In the image below, you can see two glasses and two matchsticks. You need to move four matchsticks in such a manner that the crosses come inside the glasses.

Note: you cannot move the crossed.

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Feet But No Legs Riddle

Feet But No Legs Riddle - 13 July

I have feet, but no legs. Which animal Am I?

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Famous Counting Legs Riddle

Famous Counting Legs Riddle - 12 July

I am standing in California palace. The palace has five soldiers. Every soldier has five rooms. Each room has five big tigers and each tiger have five small tigers. Each tiger has four legs.

How many are there in total?

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Popular Algebraic Equation Puzzle

Popular Algebraic Equation Puzzle - 9 July

0 0 0 = 6
1 1 1 = 6
2 2 2 = 6
3 3 3 = 6
4 4 4 = 6
5 5 5 = 6
6 6 6 = 6
7 7 7 = 6
8 8 8 = 6
9 9 9 = 6

You can use any mathematical symbols in the space provided to make all above algebraic expressions true.

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Murder Or Suicide Puzzle

Murder Or Suicide Puzzle - 8 July

Be seeing the image below, you need to identify if it is a murder or suicide?

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English Vowel Trivia Puzzle

English Vowel Trivia Puzzle - 7 July

There are many words that contain all vowels. Do you know the shortest English word possible that contains all vowels?

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The Shirt Colour Puzzle

The Shirt Colour Puzzle - 6 July

Mr. Yellow, Mr. Black and Mr. Brown, three best friends since kindergarten meet in a function after 5 years. The three of them are wearing either a Yellow, Black or Brown shirt.

After giving each other a friendly hug, Mr. Black says, "Hey, did you notice that we are wearing a different colored shirt than our names!"

The man wearing a Brown shirt said, "Wow I certainly did not notice that but you are right Mr. Black."

Based on this conversation, can you find our who was wearing which colored shirt?

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Complete The Numeric Sequence Puzzle

Complete The Numeric Sequence Puzzle - 5 July

Complete the numerical sequence by replacing the question mark with the correct numbers.

5+3+2 = 151022
9+2+4 = 183652
8+6+3 = 482466
5+4+5 = 202541
9+5+5 = ??????

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Gambler Girl Friend Name Puzzle

Gambler Girl Friend Name Puzzle - 4 July

What is the best name for Gambler Girl Friend?

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Most Famous Apple Puzzle

Most Famous Apple Puzzle - 3 July

A cowboy and a doctor were deeply in love with a local girl named "Jessica". The cowboy needs to go to the nearest town for a competition for a week. Before leaving for the competition, he gave Jessica 7 apples, one for each day. Why he gave Jessica apples and why seven?

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Simple Picture Rebus Puzzle

Simple Picture Rebus Puzzle - 2 July

What does below rebus puzzle means?

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What turns polar bears white

What turns polar bears white - 1 July

I can turn polar bears white.
I can make anyone dance.
I can make everyone cry
I can make your hands clap
I can make you thin.
I can make you smile.
I can make you smile

Can you guess the riddle?

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